Does my male coworker like me In any way other than as a friend?

I've known this guy for a few months now and can't tell if he's been flirting or is just being super friendly. He's a very outgoing guys and he's nice to everyone, but he's done or said things to me that he doesn't do with any other girls we work with.

Here's some details on why I'm asking:

- He asks me detailed information about myself.
- we are both very dirty minded so we make a lot of sexual innuendo comments to each other
- he's offered to give me a back massage when I was having back spasms, but winked and said that clothes get in the way.
- he's offered to give me a ride from work to he train, which is only a 10 minute walk away and I'm perfectly capable of walking there.
- another coworker once told us to "get a room" and he walked out of there real quick and seemed embarrassed by the insinuation
- I once caught him looking at my boobs because we were standing next to each other and I was absent mindedly pulling the collar of my shirt down. He apologized for looking
- were were working together once and, as we were standing within an inch of eachother, I suddenly felt his fingers (not the whole hand) were lightly but obviously on my butt (Which I didn't mind at all). Then another coworker caught him and he moved his hand and denied he was doing anything.
- he's asked on several occasions to feel my calves.
- he's always asking if I need help doing a task.
- when he walks by me he usually pushes into me as if I'm in his way when there's plenty of room to go around.
- he accidently grabbed me about 2 inches from the crotch area when he was trying to grab a bag away from me. He kept unsuccessfully grabbing and then finally gave up and apologized profusely for going over the boundaries.
- he added himself to my FB
- he always seems genuinely happy to talk to me.
- his friend is always making little comments about us that make it seem like he likes me
- he said I can't sit near him on break bc people will talk, when I asked for details he refused
Does my male coworker like me In any way other than as a friend?
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