How does an introvert guy flirt with introvert girl?

So there's this girl in my work who I really like. The real issue though is that she is really quiet - the kind of girl who only speaks when spoken too.

I've started quite a few conversations with her, and once I open the conversation she does seem quite interested to talk more, and it usually turns into quite a cool conversation. But I'm also an introvert, so for me to actually even manage to start a conversation with her is a real task in itself. I'm the kind of guy who thinks about absolutely everything I'm going to say before speaking to her, and only talk to her if the time is right.

Like we will say hi to each other, although I feel like we will never really talk to each other unless I'm the one who has the guts to start the conversation.

I'm always super polite around her, and she's always really polite to me as well, but I just don't know how I can really show her that I like her, or even tell whether she likes me. It seems impossible.

Does the fact that she never really opens conversations with me mean that she doesn't like me? I know that's a totally introvert kind of trait, but as an introvert as well I've at least had the courage to go up and speak to her a few times.

Sure, on my last shift when I eventually leave the place, I will probably be like 'fuck it', and ask her out, but there's no way I could have the guts to ask her out before then due to possibly being rejected and it being super awkward after then.

But how do I flirt with her more than I'm already doing? I feel like I'm already putting myself out there in regards to talking to girls (this girl) that I NEVER normally would.
How does an introvert guy flirt with introvert girl?
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