Why won't most guys ask out a girl taller than them?

OK OK so I know that guys don't ask out girls taller than them because they wanna feel more manly and can only do so if they are with girls who are shorter than them, but scientific studies say that height is irrelevant to guys in terms of being attracted to girls because guys see curves in a girl (i.e a nice rack and bottom and curvy thighs) because its a sign of femininity and fertility & girls are the ones who look for height & build in a guy because its a sign of power and security that the man can protect and provide for her and her kids, so why dear Lord why guys still get intimidated by tall girls and don't ask us out, the other day my guy friend was telling me that hey Mia your never gonna find a guy if you keep your standards too high by dating only tall guys so I told him that I would give a shorter guy a chance if he ever asks me out which has never happened, I mean yeah I can't date sum1 who is really short but I can ignore 3 or 4 inches max, because I'm 183 cms (6ft and half) not every1 is tom cruise who is 5'8 and can marry nicole kidman who is 6ish and katie holmes who is 5'10. So if a girl has got the curves but is just taller why should it be an issue, another friend of mine gave an excuse that short girls are easier to handle in bed like you can pick em up etc & are better in bed is that true? help you guys by giving your 2 cents on dis issue.
Why won't most guys ask out a girl taller than them?
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