Should I send her nudes or not?

My girlfriend sends me nudes..
Tons of nudes.. Daily..
My girlfriend likes being on camera she takes a billion selfies, she's one of those girls..

I literally don't even ask for pictures, she just sends them out of boredom.. Like 50..
Random pictures..

Anyway when she's sending me all these nude pictures, should I send them back?
She does not ask for them, when I send them she doesn't really say anything, but she does view them.
She did tell me that she loved my penis, but when a girl says that, I know they're saying it because we like hearing it.. Girls aren't
penis-crazy, they don't care much for dick pics, but should I respond with nudes?

She will send me nudes regardless of me sending them back, but I just don't want her to feel like its a one way street...
If ask to send her nudes she'll say yes, but only because she thinks I get off by sending them..

I hope you understand what I'm saying..
Yes send nudes back
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Don't send them, wait until she asks
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Should I send her nudes or not?
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