My ex-girlfriend vandalized my truck because I cheated and hit her. What should I do

So I cheated on my girlfriend (well, ex-girlfriend now) a few weeks ago with this girl I met at a nightclub here in Dallas. I was really drunk when it happened, and it was only once. I mean I'm only 23, guys my age are entitled to make these kind of mistakes right? Well low and behold, she found out about it through one of her friends who happened to see me. She confronted me about it, and started slapping me, I wasn't going to take that, so I hit her a few times and knocked shoved her against the kitchen wall. Anyway, she left me, and I thought it was the end of it.

So earlier, me and one of my buddies came back from a job out in Midland (I work in the oilfields and have to go out to West Texas and the Panhandle alot), and I discovered my 2008 Silverado which was parked outside my apartment completely f***ed up. My ex girlfriend did it. She smashed the windscreen in, smashed all the headlights and taillights. She also keyed it repeatedly all over the paint, and slashed all 4 of my tires. She broke the passenger and driver windows and ripped off one of my doorhandles, as well as tearing up my leather seats. She also ripped out my spark plugs and battery. To make it worse, the little bitch wrote on the hood in sharpie marker "JD IS A CHEATING LYING HICK". My neighbor claims he saw her and her friend tow my truck off and bring it back a few hours later like that. She left me a note in an envelope on the seat saying this was her way of thanking me for helping her see the light about me, and not to f*** with her or lay my hands on her again". To make it even worse, I had some of my work clothes in the truck still. She destroyed and cut up a pair of my work boots, and a pair of my cowboy boots I had in there. They look like they've been ran through the garbage disposal. She also cut up a pair of Wranglers that I had laying on the floor of the truck that I forgot about. I mean I don't care about the boots and jeans so much, its my f***ing truck though.

She's destroyed it, I can't even drive it in this condition and I need it for work or I'm unemployed. I need it to go to out to the oil fields and other jobs. My work will fire me if I don't got a truck for the things we gotta do there. She's screwed me over bad. I don't even know how to tell my insurance about the truck, let alone the Dallas Police. If I call Dallas PD, she might tell them I hit her too, then I'll be in jail. She's made my truck an eyesore. Its just sitting outside my apartment like that and I don't know what to do now about it. I am so f***ing tempted to go over to her place and pound some sense into the little bitch. It was only one time I slept around on her, and she's done this to my truck now. Can I get her for the damages to my Chevy and clothes? I have to be in Abilene Monday for a job fixing an oil pipeline, and I needed my truck for it but can't drive it now no thanks to her. I can't even go out tonight anywhere either now. I don't know what to do about this.
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I'm also worried that if my bitch ex-girlfriend reports me for hitting her, I won't be allowed to possess a firearm in Dallas County or anywhere else in Texas for that matter. I keep a handgun in my apartment for protection.
My ex-girlfriend vandalized my truck because I cheated and hit her. What should I do
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