If he doesn't like me, why does he always compliment me?

I work with this attractive guy and I have a huge crush on him. I know that he doesn't like me but his behaviors puzzle so me. Whenever he sees me he would smile at me, ask me how is my day, do things for me and help me out as much as he can. If he sees me dress nice he would tell I'm cute and adorable. he walks by me he would say hmm you smell so nice. I know he doesn't like me but why say all this to me?


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  • By saying "he doesn't like you" what exactly do you mean? On what basis do you make this judgment? Give examples of behavior you think means he doesn't like you.

    Because it sounds like he is being nice to you.

    This doesn't add up.

    • He doesn't like me as he doesn't find me attractive at all. I know that he doesn't find me attractive because he never answer my texts. But in person he is different like he would tell me I looked very cute, smile at me and always do think for me like open the door for me and clean the area for me when he knows that I have to clean it later. He is my fb friend too and if I posted pics he would tell me straight up in person that he thinks it cute. But he never answer my texts:(

    • You know a good way to find out EXACTLY how he feels would be if you asked him "why don't you ever answer my texts?" This way, you would know what the real story is here. Him not answering your texts doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't find you attractive. Maybe he doesn't respond because he has a girlfriend and doesn't want her to accidentally see your texts on his phone or something. Don't beat yourself up if you don't know the real reason.

    • He is single. I did ask him before why he doesn't answer my texts and he said sometime he doesn't have his phone with him because he is in a band so when he practice he leaves it in his bag. He said he tried to answer my texts. I told him I'm not going to text him anymore he was like no don't do that I'll try to answer your texts I promise. But I don't believe him so I don't text him anymore. I told him since I'll stay clear of him too and for someone reasons he tried to be near me a lot.

  • He probably says them because they are true. What makes you think he doesn't like you? Why would he waste his time complimenting you if he doesn't like you. I'm sure he does like you but I could not if he is interested or not in you.


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