This girl is annoying me

Listen, I admit I'm a quiet guy, but I do talk to people. There's this girl in my class who constantly bothers me: says stuff like "you never smile", "you never get excited", "you never talk, say something". Sometimes with a poke.

The worst thing is that I NEVER talk to her or try to. Instead, she'll see me down the hall, scream my name, and come and hug me or punch me. Then make one of these comments. It irks me because there ARE people I talk to, who I like, and they're not her. I think I'm more annoyed also because "being social" is something I worked hard and now I'm at the point where I'm not awkward and people don't perceive me as such so comments like hers just kind of brings down the whole operation.

It got to the point where she and her friend kept saying how I'm "invisible" and that they "forget I'm even there". Oh, and her friend said she didn't even know my last name because I'm so invisible and when this girl said what it was, her friend couldn't believe that she knew it, like it's the biggest secret and surprise in the world that someone could know my last name. So the girl just made up some excuse why she knew it.

Seriously, just because I don't talk to her or her group doesn't mean I don't smile or talk at all. It just means I don't do it to HER.

I'm frankly just annoyed. Sorry if I seem too sensitive, but seriously I dealt with this for nearly 7 months without worrying about it and now it's getting more and more by the day.

The obvious thing to say is that she has a crush on me, but she has a boyfriend so that can't be the case.
This girl is annoying me
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