How do I move on a mutual crush with my ex-boss?

I worked for a man for 2 1/2 years. Had a lot of problems with bullying and jealousy from other members of staff. He tried to help me to leave with my dignity in tact.

The chemistry between us was intense. He would constantly stare at me and look me up and down and stare at my legs and my breast. He would gaze deeply into my eyes.

At first I use to wonder why he did this. I thought it was because he new of my problems. He tend started to grown on me. I would have numerous dreams e.g. hi giving me a ring, stating that he wants to be with me, inviting me to his house, erotic dreams.

I left nearly a year ago and our paths now rarely cross. He did try to prey out of me whether I was married. I did not answer. (Are you Miss or Mrs?) I felt embarrassed when he asked.

I have no got a new Cabin Crew job and I want to use this opportunity to phone him as he recommended (at work). I have found this hard as I do not like calling my old work place. I would like to try to initiate a meeting but do not want to be too forward. I am also setting up a training academy that I thought he would be useful for advice.

Before I left, I asked whether he would mentor me as I wanted to use that as an opportunity to stay in touch. He enrolled on the training but the organization linked him with someone else. I was gutted. They were short mentors and I have already had one. He asked them to let me know what he is available for support whether I need it (how sweet).

I really want to know how this guy feels about me after all this time. I feel he knows how I felt as he once asked me to be a little more discreet which baffled me as he was the one doing all the flirting and embarrassing me in front of my work colleagues. He asked me to meet him after work rather than during the day. I felt so embarrassed and could not respond. Now you understand why I find it hard to ring him.

He does not know how available I am or how I really feel about him. I am in the process of coming out of a bad relationship.

Any words welcomed.
How do I move on a mutual crush with my ex-boss?
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