Have you ever simped?

This applies to both girls and guys. I know I have lol

Anyways I do want to do a mini opinion on this. Most people have simped in one way or another, whether following the urban dictionary definition or even simping as the idea it has become— deeply crushing on another person in hopes to make them smile, like you back, or just to treat that person with a deep respect and admiration. Some people don't do it period but some people do it and don't even realize that they are doing it. Yeah I can tell when guys try to simp for me, obviously online on like discord or social media because I can't talk to guys in real life lol, but honestly I think it's fine. Like if I thought a guy was cute and maybe deserved some attention I would do the same. Hopefully that makes sense lol. Anyways thoughts of the day, and make sure to have a good one. : )

Also polls are anon so like please vote— I'm actually curious.
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Have you ever simped?
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