Have you ever been sex-zoned? and/or friend-zoned?

Being sex-zoned means that someone only sees you from a sexual perspective. That for some reason, they think you are only good for sex, not for a friendship or anything else.

There is this thing that I hate about the men and women I come across, around 50% of the women I come across sex-zone me, and the other 50% of the women friend-zone me. As for men, straight men do not really like me, too much competition comes between us and it ruins the friendship. With bisexual and gay men, the only thing they want from me is sex.

This is very annoying to me, because I am not interested in friendships without sex, and I am not interested in sex without friendships. I need a strong emotional and physical bond with a friend, only after that do I feel like I am close enough to them. If I do not feel that level of closeness with them, then I am not able to trust them, and feel attached to them, which would lead to me moving on from the friendship sooner or later.

And I need some sort of an emotional bond with a person to be able to enjoy anything sexual with them, otherwise I cannot do it. Without an emotional bond, or mutual admiration of one or more personality traits at least, having sex with a person will feel like I am being raped, and/or that I am raping someone.
Have you ever been sex-zoned? and/or friend-zoned?
Yes, I've been sex-zoned.
Yes, I've been friend-zoned.
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Have you ever been sex-zoned? and/or friend-zoned?
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