Why did this guy lead me to believe something was going to happen with he and I, then just start ignoring me?

I have very little dating experience. I'm an 18 year old female and I just now had my first date this past Valentine's Day. I've just now experienced my first kiss, the first time I cuddled with a guy, the first time I received any affection from a guy, and the first time I spent the night at a guy's house (nothing happened) this year. So I don't understand a lot of male behavior.

I’m really upset right now because I really liked this guy and got excited about the possibility of he and I, only for him to completely ignore me. We were getting to know each other for about three months. At first, everything was great! We were making time to talk to each other every single day, in depth conversations where we were both very open and shared personal information, yet flirted and made each other laugh a lot. He has always been very busy with college, as a student on a scholarship who’s taking junior classes his sophomore year and the captain of his sport team. Yet, he would always make time to reply to my texts even if it took hours and he would always say “Whenever you can, we’ll hang out. I’ll make time for you and drop whatever I have to do for you.”He knew from the beginning that he wasn’t going to be getting in my pants because I told him that I’m a virgin and I’m not just giving my body to anyone. Him being Arab, from a very respectable, conservative culture, he respected that and encouraged me to stay a virgin. He would always say I should give it to a guy who loves me and I don’t have to loose it and that sex is overrated. Anyway, he gradually started not replying to my texts and not making an effort to call or text as much. So naturally, I thought he was losing interest. At this point, we had only been on one date and hung out a total of four times over two months. I wish we would have hung out more, but I was so shy and awkward that I stayed texting where I had a comfort zone :/

Basically, he had very hot and cold behavior. He wouldn’t reply to my texts, but then he shaved the first letter of my name into his head. I straight up told him “If you don’t want to talk to me anymore, than you should have just said so!” He told me he did want to and that he missed me, he had just been busy. Yet later that night, I saw him at the club. He admittedly treated me like his girlfriend. Every time we were together, he would act like we were a couple! The last time I hung out with him, we were watching movies at his house . He was cuddling with me, rubbing my back, offering back massages, he had picked me up 30 min away at 1 a.m. because I said I wanted to see him! He talked about how excited he was to get to know me better. I was falling asleep next to him then he told me to lay on his chest. I fell asleep in his arms and he took me out to breakfast. I texted him later that
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I texted him later that day saying thanks for everything and he never replied. I tried calling him the next day and he never called back or picked up. My friend saw him at the club that Thursday ? I’m confused about this behavior. Can you please explain it to me? I’m really upset because I genuinely liked him a lot and even now I can’t help but still like him and kind of miss him
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Logically, the only explanation that makes sense is he didn't want to get attached because we're both in a crappy situation where we both have to move. Yet, that may just be me wanting to believe that to salvage any bit of hope I have for him being a good guy...idk what do you guys think? Sorry this question is so long! I didn't want to leave out anything important
Why did this guy lead me to believe something was going to happen with he and I, then just start ignoring me?
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