My friend asked to hook up when he was drunk?

basically I’ve been friends with this guy for a little over a month now (m18 and f18). He’s been really touchy towards me like getting in my bed and telling me to come over so we can cuddle, making me scooch over so he can share the same chair with me when another one is open, staring straight into my eyes 2 inches away from my face, etc. he also ended up spooning me and I woke up in his arms this morning but last night, we both got drunk and he asked me to hook up with him. I said no and he respected that, but I feel like this changes the dynamic of our friendship a bit. Before, I could’ve just ignored all the touching and pushed it aside but now since he actually asked to hook up, it becomes more direct if that makes sense. So my question is, is this just because he was drunk or does he think about it when sober and blurted it out because of the alcohol? He also for the last few weeks have been talking about hooking up with different girls and asked me if I was getting jealous. (I obviously said no) I know he’s not getting laid like that for a fact because yesterday, he said he swore off girls for the semester so he’s being incredibly confusing.
My friend asked to hook up when he was drunk?
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