Signals and how to read them?

There is a girl at my local coffee shop that recently started. She’s very bubbly and talkative. I usually dismiss friendliness in business settings as simple curtesy but she appears genuinely interested. I’ve noticed that she doesn’t treat most other people with quite the same level of interest and goes out of her way to say hi.

She isn’t wearing a ring, but when we got to talking about hiking she mentioned “we”, I do know she has a dog, but in my experience “we” or “our” is a subtle clue to mean either not interested or not single.

It’s very rare that I meet someone I connect with so easily and find this attractive so I’m a little conflicted. Am I reading too much into things or do you think she is just being friendly?

Girls- In general are there situations where being asked out at your job is acceptable? If so, in this type of setting are there any definitive signals you would throw out to indicate interest?

Should I just continue to chat with her and see what happens?
Signals and how to read them?
Signals and how to read them?
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