How can I stop craving female attention?

I love flirting with women
I already have a friends with benefits, so it’s not completely about sex..

I love the attention, The little flirty conversations, checking each other out,
The strong sexual tension & eye contact

I’ve been getting mushy with this girl named Jessica at work,
She’s not even necessarily my type,
I like bigger women, she’s tall & thin.
her butt is decent, I’ll give her that.

Her voice is sexy too and when I walk behind her, she lifts the back of her shirt to try and show off her butt, which is very sexy..

Then this other girl at work started hitting on me first, i’m more attracted to her then Jessica Tbh. She’s more on the thicker side

How do I stop this? It’s an addiction
How can I stop craving female attention?
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