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Is boss flirting or was he spiting my ex?

I’ll skip long details and add the basics-
•I’m 26f. Boss is 45m (married)
•I got hired into airline company with my recently ex fiancé (A&P mech) as janitor while i finish college
•boss hates ex (who was current fiancé til we broke up a few days ago due to other issues). Not sure if boss hates him for knowledge of his drug abuse in past or why, reason was never clear
•Boss goes out of his way to be nice to me. Always initiates a convo with me, holds open the door, calls me dear or sweetie sometimes, very helpful, & jokes with me. Laughs at some stuff i say in response to a question tho I’m not sure why my responses were ever funny. Asked if my ex was a good role model to my son (ex and i don’t share kids together). Also asked if ex and i had kids together before wishing me a happy Mother’s Day. When ex and i broke up before once he asked how me and my ex were doing, and replied with “d’oh! Well maybe that’s a good thing” when we broke up.
•his behavior is confusing cause some days he’s really nice and other days he’s casual and professional.
•he acted like he didn’t know my first name (i go by Sam but my name is Samantha) when female supervisor asked him to grab something for me while on the phone with him. I’m the only female worker there with that name and we don’t have many females at work. He KNOWS my name cause he always says it when we cross paths (Sam of course)
•when ex asked him if he had seen me, he looked dead serious at my ex and said “who?” My ex repeated my name again (Sam not Samantha this time) and my boss said “what Sam?”. Ex replied “my sam”
There IS a guy trainer named Sam but he hasn’t been there for a few days, boss knew this and knew my ex was referencing me as he never needs the trainer guy
Is he flirting with me? I’m curious. Or was he trying to spite my ex? Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I’m not the type to cheat. I don’t like him in that way. I am curious as this behavior is something I’ve never experienced.
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Comment to add; He never speaks to me when I was walking with my ex and we’d cross paths. Without my ex though, he would. Sometimes I’ve caught him staring at me from afar.
Is boss flirting or was he spiting my ex?
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