Does this mean he still thinks about me?

There was this guy I met back in the fall ( last semester ) who sparked my curiosity. We met in a smaller class and he would always make eye contact with me while talking. Sometimes it got kinda awkward. Sometimes we’d even have funny discussions before class and joke around and laugh together. One day I smiled at him while he was jokingly debating with someone else and he kept looking at me and smiling back while still talking to the other person.
He always paid attention to me in class the most. He talked with other people but I think him and I engaged the most. Even when we had discussions in class, it usually ended up just being us talking or him explaining something to me ( he’s very smart lol ).
We usually sat in a circle and one day we sat in normal row seats because we were gonna watch a movie in class and he chose to sit right next to me. We got there early and was like “it’s gonna be nice to be watching a movie” and I said something then told him I had to call my boyfriend.
Immediately after when class started he mentioned his long distance relationship to the professor and said it was hard.
When he said “girlfriend” he kind of looked at me.
I saw him before class once and made eye contact and said hi but he made eye contact and kinda slightly smiled but I don’t think said anything.
Once I was talking to the professor outside and he walked out and our eyes met until I looked away.
It’s a new semester and we don’t have any classes but have the same major so we’re in the same building! I see him around and I was in the hallway on the phone and saw him walk past. Our eyes met and he kinda smiled and waved at me and I did the same!
Does this mean anything? Could he be interested?
Does this mean he still thinks about me?
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