Acts like he likes me, just wants to be friends.


thanks for checking out my question!

I met this guy about two months ago..

we met on the web and met up. Things were going really well! The first night we met, he told me that he moves REALLY REALLY slow.. and I liked that about him. We spent some time together in the next couple of days and it was obvious that we really hit it off and enjoyed each others' company. One night I slept over at his place and we had been drinking. We ended up making out and that was it. Nothing more than kissing. No touching etc. I asked him if he liked me.. and why had he made no move? and he said that he did like me and that he was really shy and likes to move slow... The next day, it seemed cool. I kissed him in the morning and then he kissed me when I dropped him off at work.

Then he got weird. After that, he stopped texting me as much and got distant. Sensing that something was up, I confronted him (over Facebook chat.. lol). He said that he thinks I'm cool and he is attracted to me but he wants to be friends.. He just thinks we are too different.. which I don't get, Because I totally thought we were hitting it off...

I really like him.. so this sucked to hear.. but I just said.. "alright, I am interested, but I totally understand. Don't feel bad, and don't be stranger!"

After that we didn't talk for almost a week and then my cat died. We are both BIG cat lovers, so he knew I was really upset and invited me over and spent the night with me and made me feel better etc.. After that he started talking with me more and more.. and he ended up inviting me over and cooking me dinner. This sucks even more. I am finally getting over my crush on this guy.. and then he cooks me dinner and starts chilling with me even more and flirting and I get hope again.. ughh

Anyway, this past weekend, he invited my girl friend and I over. His roommate has a crush on her and we both thought it would be cool to try and "set them up"... but he suggested that the four of us hang out, watch movies and drink.. At this point I am thinking this is entirely friendly..

we were all chilling at first.. then me and him ended up hanging out alone.. Because he said he wanted to give his roommate and my friend time alone.. I was like.. aiight. cool. then we went outside.. I was cold and he gave me his jacket.. holds the door open for me.. stuff like that!

Then he suggested that we go up to his room, it was late and we were drunk and tired. We are just lying in bed.. and he grabs my hand and starts holding my hand and rubbing it.. and then he starts cuddling with me and spooning with me etc.. I am so confused!

Why is saying he wants to be friends.. but then cuddling with me and holding my hand the entire night? and rubbing it and being all cute?

We chilled again last night for Halloween and he slept over in my bed.. and absolutely NOTHING?! advice?
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He just moved here about 10 months ago from the states by the way. And, he is really motivated in his job and works a lot of the time. He's focused on his career... could that be part of it?
Acts like he likes me, just wants to be friends.
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