Will he treat his new girlfriend better than me?

I was with my first boyfriend for almost 6 years. He broke up with me due to long distance reasons we struggled with for 2 years. He did want me back but I turned him down out of fear and met someone new. I've been with my new boyfriend for a few months now and he treats me a lot better than my boyfriend. He makes me very happy. The break up wasn't bad and we kept in touch.

I noticed my ex wouldn't talk to me as much any more. Found out he had a girlfriend of 1 month. I'm wondering if he treats her better than me...

He always had money issues and I had to deal with it

He only did what he felt was right in his eyes even though I was hurting

He was kinda selfish in bed and thought about his needs mostly

He was rarely affectionate. He was very sweet in the beginning, but most times he wasn't.

He did seem to have feelings for me even when I had a boyfriend but it seems he is finally moving on since he found someone new. He wants to keep in touch still and not cut ties but he said for us to talk less. I'm just going to cut contact until I feel I have no feelings whatsoever.
Will he treat his new girlfriend better than me?
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