He drew a heart on my arm. What does it mean?

So I like this guy, and well he flirts a lot with me, and asks me to go places with him ALL the time, even invited me to his house twice... then yesterday My friends were like so you and __ ;) and he was like I don't like __ (me) and they were like oh shut up, its so obvious that you do... then he kinda was silent (from what I heard)... then today He told me to sit by him, like usual, and I was like OK... so then after like 15 min of class were talking, and he's asking me my favorite foods, music, yadda yadda... then I drew a smiley face on his hand... he decided to draw on me back... but he drew a heart... on my arm... and I was like awwh thanks :) then he took my pen and started playing with it... and when I reached for it back, he kinda put his fingers around mine, and we had a tiny moment :) anyways DOES he like me? and why did he draw the heart?
He drew a heart on my arm. What does it mean?
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