I was rejected by my friend, but she's sending mixed signals?

I've known this girl for 2 years now, but we have become really close in the past 5 months. We had started going to the movies, hanging at the mall, etc. (she even asked me to go to the mall with her first). She is very shy and reserved, and, noticing that she talked to me more than other males, I thought she saw me as more than a friend. I told her that I really liked her, and I wanted to start a relationship. She told me I was really sweet, but she didn't see me like that. She asked could we still be friends, and I said okay. A bit hurt, I've been going to more social events to try and occupy myself. She then told me she wanted to keep that conversation private, which I don't understand. But now, after only 1 week, she has texted me more so than before I asked her out. She says she wants to focus on school, which I understand, but why talk to me even more when I'm trying to move on. In all honesty, it doesn't feel all that great hanging with someone who doesn't share your feelings. Does she just miss all the attention I gave her? (I still talk to her, but not as much), or is she just trying to be friendly? Thanks in advance.
I was rejected by my friend, but she's sending mixed signals?
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