He doesn't want to lead me on?

For 2 months me and this guy have been flirting a lot at college. He asked me to register for class with him so we could sit together. He used to not wear his seatbelt. I told him it was dangerous. Now he wears it all the time. I texted him to remind him to go to class. He said he wasn't going to, but when he got it he jumped right out of bed and realized he better. He's always offering to do nice things for me. I thought all this means he cares about my opinion.

After school we eat (he pays) ,we go to his house. When we first started to flirt he asked me to hang out outside of school, but it never happened Because he works a lot.

I noticed a change. He stopped being really flirty over Christmas break when we'd text. We didn't get to see each other.

We were at lunch 2 days ago and he said he pays because I helped him with some homework and this is how he's thanking me. So, I asked him if he minded hanging out with me and he said "we're buds. This is what friends do." He acted confused by my question. Then he started opening up to me and said he and his ex have been on and off for 4 years. She's far away at a different college. He said she hurt him a lot/cheated on him, but he still cares about her and they went through a lot together in high school. He said she doesn't trust him even though he's never cheated. He said she's the only girl he's ever been serious with. But he said he's loved her and one other girl. I asked him if they're together now and he said no, that they're like best friends. He said any girl he's gotten with has screwed him over. I told him I got screwed over. I told him how this guy lead me on and it hurt.

After lunch we were laying in his bed watching tv. He was tickling me and flirting like usual. He said "I'm gonna be honest with you. I really wanna kiss you right now, but I don't wanna lead you on" and I said "why? because of what I said about the guy leading me on before?" he nodded his head.

I found out looking at his Facebook that he was hanging out with his ex and their friends over Christmas. I'm thinking they must have talked or something. Then yesterday, he posted a picture on Facebook of the Valentine's day gift his ex sent him. He said it was "the best present ever." If they're not together like he said 2 days ago, why'd she send a gift? Then, today he liked my profile picture I just added. He's never liked any of my pictures. I don't know if that matters.

I thought he cared about me. I thought he was just taking it slow because I'm shy. But, the thing he said about leading me on is bugging me. He opened up about his ex, then he tells me he wants to kiss me, but doesn't want to lead me on?

He is a nice guy. Any one would say it about him.

Why did he open up to me about his ex? Why is he doing so many nice things for me? If he wanted to kiss me is just attracted to me, but nothing else? If he's paying me back for helping him with homework by buying me lunch, wouldn't it be easier to just give me the cash?
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I saw him today and when we went to lunch he started asking me about hanging out this weekend. He didn't say alone, but he asked me to come watch him play at his soccer game, then he said he and some friends were going to a club and wanted to know if I'd go with them. I'm not sure if he feels sorry for me because I'm really shy and he's the only friend I have or if he's trying to make an effort to see if he likes me. I'm not sure how to take this. Any thoughts?
He doesn't want to lead me on?
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