Why does my co-worker treat me differently??

A male co-worker has treated me different from other co-workers. I stupidly thought it was cause he liked me. When he carried on being really different towards me I asked if I could talk to him via a social network site. He unfriended me straight away. After months of things being awkward at work, I asked him in a message if we could sort things out and be friends. But I never got a response. But I still got stares from him (stares when he would look into my eyes and refuse to break the stare and copying my body language).

Over time, while I've tried to work him out, I have developed a crush on him. 4 weeks ago I sent him a message explaining his behavior has made me feel uncomfortable and that I liked him. I left him my number incase he ever wanted to sort things out. But I have not heard anything, and things are even more awkward.

I am married which is complicated, and he knows that I am married.

He speaks to everybody I work with, but from day one has stared at me but won't talk to me like other co-workers. I have never flirted with him or asked him out.

How would you deal with the situation? As I am finding this is getting to me and finding it uncomfortable at work.

Why does my co-worker treat me differently??
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