Does a bad haircut deserve a refund?

Guys and Gals what do you think?

Spent $45.00 on a haircut. I asked for it to basically be trimmed up a little but it came out a lot shorter than a trim and the stylist cut tons of texture into it even though I didn't want that.

I knew I didn't like it when she was done cutting and I was getting worried in the middle of the cut.

Part of me says: "Hey it's only hair"

Another part of me says: "If it didn't matter I would just cut it at home with utility scissors for free. And they ARE running a business.

I feel timid about asking for a refund but when I think about how much I liked my long hair and that now I have to wait for six or more months for it to grow out again I think I should expect a refund because I didn't just get a trim I got a whole different haircut that I don't like.

Maybe this is sad to say but I feel like the best part of me is missing.

This should be under the behavior section but I'm just sticking it here because people don't look under that tab as much.
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Okay, never mind I already know I'm gonna complain to them. Now I'm just digging for moral support.
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Got my refund, and 100% worth doing because, Finally put my finger on exactly what this haircut is--THE BIG LEBOWSKI haircut. You know the one that Jeff Bridges had. I LOOK like I need a haircut. Like I had a man's hair cut that is overgrown.



That dumb girl that made me look like Jeff Bridges should bite me FOR WASTING MY TIME and ruining my hair for 8 months until it grows back. Ugghhh.
Does a bad haircut deserve a refund?
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