Is he trying to make me jealous...or just not interested?

QUESTION: Do guys try to make girls that they are interested in jealous if they are unsure as to how the girl feels about him? Or, perhaps in an attempt to make the girl want him more? And if so, what sort of things do guys do to make girls jealous?

[*backstory*---for those interested]

Okay, I have a guy friend of mine, and we've had some tension in the past, but I've liked him for the longest time. I've gotten a few signs within the past year that maybe he may like me also (ie. getting jealous when other guys flirt with me, touching me, playfully teasing me, inviting me places, etc.) , but I just never trusted it because he always seemed interested in other girls at the time!

Well anyway, I just threw a huge house party, and I invited a bunch of guys and girls to my party. He was one of the ones invited. At the time I invited him, he seemed interested in coming. But he kept asking me questions about the party (what time, who the DJ was going to be, if he could invite others, etc.).

Well, the night of my party he came with two girls (one girl in particular I know he's interested in). I was trying to be cordial and upbeat regardless, but he just looked so serious and was kind of short with me. In other words, he was acting very strangely. In fact, he was talking to a girl friend of mine and was smiling with her but standing so close to me he was touching me. It was weird. And when I asked him a question, he was very short and curt with me..and barely even smiled. The whole night he just stayed talking to the girl he was interested in, and didn't even engage in most of the party until the latter part of the night.

While dancing, I noticed him looking over my way when I was dancing with his guy friends. But then later on in the evening (by then I was pissed), he said good bye, but when I wanted to just give him a cordial handshake (like I said...I was ticked off), he pulled me toward him to give him a hug instead. Okaaay...weird!

IDK...he was just acting really WEIRD that night. Does this mean that he was trying to give me the hint that he's interested in someone else now? Or, was he trying to see how I would react to him bringing those girls to my party? He's never done this in the past, and his weird behavior made me wonder what was up with him that night. I almost got the impression that he was feeling insecure about all the guys I had invited to my party. Idk...just the vibe I got. Like he wanted a security blanket or something.

One thing I noticed, my guy friend was the ONLY guy to bring single girls with him to my party. Everyone else just brought friends of the same sex, or friends who were already dating/married. Hmmm...
Is he trying to make me jealous...or just not interested?
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