How do you get a girl to give you a hug?

I am a very shy guy and I am lonely sometimes I feel like I just need a hug it really helps my confidence out a lot when I get a hug because I don't get hugs that often.

What should I do If I am too shy to ask a girl for the hug.


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  • Find an excuse to hug them, don't wait for girls to hug you! Last week I was visiting my sister's college. I was just talking with her roommate and teasing her a bit. Right before we were about to leave, the girl asked me for my facebook email, as she wanted to keep in touch. I refused unless she gave me a "quality" hug, of which she thought was hilarious. I told her she "failed" on the first attempt and insisted she try again. Next time I told her it was "acceptable" with a big grin. Then and only then did I give her my email.

    Girls like guys who are capable of being physically affectionate outside of expecting sex. If you feel good vibes for a girl, find an excuse to get her to hug you. Make sure they "earn" whatever it is you are doing for them with a hug. My free hug count over that weekend was about six or seven. Demand a hug with a huge smile and you can't go wrong. Silly girls, they fall for it every time! :D

    • What if I am kid of shy about asking for the hug or going about it. I really feel like I need a hug because when a girl gives a good hug it can make the worst day ever feel a little bit better.

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    • I have given you more tools than you need to work with. If you do not wish to invest the energy into taking action to reducing and eventually eliminating your social fears, I can not help you. The decision is ultimately yours. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Until you want a hug more than you want to protect yourself from irrational fears, you will remain hugless. You're not happy now, so you have nothing to lose.

    • It is just such an emotional blow when I get rejected. I am seriously afraid of girls in a way.

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  • just go for it! -hugz you- I know it is only a computer hug but still... I don't mind handing out hugs. just hug the girl. when you say "see you later" hug her. you might learn thatshe likes you!

    • "Where's my hug?"

      That's a great line and works well. Three simple words. Say it with a smile and don't talk yourself out of a great hug. :)

  • Ask for one! Lots of guys I know say "can I have a hug?" or "where's my hug?" it's casual and will get you a hug lol. But it also depends on the girl-some girls just don't do hugging whilst others like it, I just hug everyone all the time but I'm a huggy person but not every girl just gives out hugs to guys.

    • I wish I knew you then I really need a hug right now.

  • well, then make it casual. it all depends on how long you two have been friends. if you have friends for more then 6 months, then it is safe to ask. all you have to do is when you guys seperate, hug her. she will probably smile and hug you back.

  • spontaniously!

    • Can you elaborate on that?

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    • I can tell you are a methodical person. There's nothing wrong with that. Still, there are somethings in life that don't need to be hyper-analyzed. Hugs are one of them. You are talking yourself out of it at every step of the turn. I've given you two tips now on how to hug, apply them and don't worry about being "shy". How hard is it to hold your hands up and say "hug attack"? You can't seriously tell me that's going to kill you. It is in your mind. No more thinking. That's an order.

    • I have nothing more to say. Re-read my advice and take action. Remember, everything worth winning in life requires some risk. I hope and pray that you come to the realization that most women love an affectionate guy and that the few rude ones that deal with you harshly are not reflective of the whole. Take that to heart, I wish you the best.

  • Hug her and she'll automaticaly hug you back, unless you're a stranger to her :)

    • What if I don't really talk to that many girls.

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    • Talking to girls and meeting them scares me though.

    • If it scares you to talk to a girl, then it seems like you would be terrified to hug one. :/

      You can't just hug a girl that you don't know very well.

      Suck it up, grow a pair, and do what God made you to do... talk to girls!

      You can't just come to us online and whine about being lonely when you're unwilling to do anything about it.


      We aren't animals, we WON'T BITE!

      We really like it when guys talk to us, so grab a glass of confidence and drink up! (:

  • You should just slowly get closer to her and give her hints that you really need a hug right now😊I hope I was help

    • Hi I just want to know what hints I can give her to make her want to hug me. I don't want to seem pushy, I just want a hug sometimes.

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