Traditional Khmer (Cambodian) Cuisines

Hello all :) I just wanted to share a bit of my knowledge with you all. Down below will be a list of different Khmer cuisines, Cambodian people eat. As both of my parents are Cambodian, I grew up basically eating Khmer food in Australia for a good portion of my life. A lot of the food is cooked from scratch, with Asian ingredients you can easily find at any Asian grocers and balances taste such as salty, sweet, sour and spicy all in one. So I’m very proud to give you an insight..

Bai Sach Chrouk: Pork and rice

Traditional Khmer (Cambodian) CuisinesEaten to kick off your mornings, thinly sliced pork is slowly grilled over warm coals to bring out its natural sweetness. Eaten with lovely broken rice and pickled vegetables with a small bowl of chicken broth, it’s the most favourite meal to eat in Cambodia during mornings. Fried Maryland chicken can replace the pork as an option.

Fish Amok: Fish Mousse Pie

Fish Amok is a mixture of coconut milk and kroeung (Cambodian spices) which consist of lemongrass, turmeric root, garlic, shallots, galangal and finger root. The fish paste is then made into a mousse and cooked off further in an oven. Garnished with finely sliced chillies and coriander, this can be eaten on its own but far much more delicious and traditional when eaten with steamed white rice.

Nom Banh Chok: Fish noodles

Most frequently eaten meal in Khmer cuisines, made using a fish green curry with kroeung (Cambodian spices). Thin rice noodles are served in a bowl, pouring the hot fish broth over, accompanied with fresh mint leaves, bean sprouts, green beans, banana flower, cucumbers and chillies. It’s amazing to have on a cold winter night!

Prahok: Fish dip and Vegetables

Yes! Yet another fish ingredient again :P Prahok is fermented fish paste, with some added Cambodian spices (not kroeung) and is smashed using a water and pestle. This is a dip, so you can use fresh vegetables such as cos lettuce, carrots, green beans, celery, steamed broccoli, bell peppers, chillies and Thai purple and white eggplants (with of course) steamed white rice to eat XD

NHOIM: Cold Salad

A delicious and refreshing salad using banana flower, chopped nuts, onion, lemon and carrot, this dish can be eaten with beef, pork or chicken. You can always have the option of eating it with cos lettuce for further vegetable intake and with rice (traditionally eaten) this cuisine is ideal for a hot summer day.

Yao Hon: Hot pot

A hands on cuisine, which is my absolute favourite! I LOVE IT A HELL OF A LOT! <3

It’s a hot, spicy red/orange-ish broth sitting on a portable burner, eaten with thin rice noodles, assorted meat and vegetables (Imitation crab, squid, thinly sliced beef, prawns, Chinese broccoli, mixed salad, baby endive, meatballs, quail eggs, bok choy, mushrooms). Generously pour the broth over your noodles. Grab any meat and vegetable and put it in the broth to cook it and put it in your bowl with your noodles. Eat by pouring a bit (or dipping) in a spicy fish sauce that is provided with the cuisine. So YUM! (My mouth is literally drooling!)

So there you have it! Some Khmer cuisines that I know from many, many years of eating it all. I hope you enjoyed my myTake as much as I have! My next myTake will just show cast some delectable Khmer desserts :)

Thank you for reading! (*^_^*)

Traditional Khmer Cuisines (Part II)

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  • I would love to try hot pot. Cold salad looks tasty, as does bai sach chrouk, despite the fact that pork is not my meat of choice.

    But any cuisine that is seafood heavy makes me worry. I really, REALLY, do not like seafood. Any of it. I have tried several fish, crab, lobster, shrimp, even squid. Even non-animal stuff, like seaweeds, I don't like.

    There have been exceptions. I had small pieces of tandoori fish (god only knows what kind of fish), that, despite tasting like fish, was seasoned so nicely from the spices I enjoyed it... in very small amounts (2 or 3 pieces), but generally speaking, I have had such a life-long dislike of seafood that I don't want to try any of it. and that bums me out, because there is so much variety. I know I am missing out.

    • Do you think you dislike seafood because of its unusual stench?

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    • yeah. I mean... i'm not overly squeemish, so I'd try something new... but I just generally have no expectation of liking certain things.
      Me and my brother have always been picky eaters. don't know why.

    • Oh that's alright. I guess it depends what you guys were use to when growing up

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  • I grew up just a couple blocks north of Cambodia Town (in Long Beach, CA) so I've had plenty of chances to try most of these things, both from restaurants and from friends' families. Good stuff! Especially hot pot #mmhmm

  • This was awesome!

  • Good Mytake, it looks so tasty :)

  • Oh, I love it, Khmer cuisine is so colorful :D

  • wow those food look delicious!!! there is a laosan restaurant few blocks away from my house. Is Laos and Cambodian food similar?

    • Kind of lovely. Thai food is pretty much like Cambofian food

  • It looks very tasty, I like it :)

  • Might check out some of these dishes. Nice take.

  • I tried Cambodian food once when I visit island in east of Thialand. It is yummy

  • I never had Cambodian. Looks interesting.