Traditional Khmer Cuisines (Part II)

Hello everyone :) This is part two of myTakes about Traditional Khmer cuisines.

First Part: Traditional Khmer (Cambodian) Cuisines

This myTake will show casting some desserts that are very popular to eat in Cambodia :D!!

A lot of the desserts consist of coconut milk/cream, palm sugar, sugar and more SUGARR!!! XP

So here we go..!!!

Num Chak Kachan: Coconut Cream jelly cake

Traditional Khmer Cuisines (Part II)Rice flour, water, coconut cream, palm sugar and salt, this jelly-like textured cake is traditionally eaten coloured (red or green and white). With 4-5 layers of colour this dessert is vibrant, tasty and frequently made and used during special Cambodian occasions.

Num Ansom Chek: Sticky rice and Banana Wrap

Sticky rice, yellow mung bean and one sweet banana are rolled in a banana leaf and steamed for an hour. This dessert is extremely popular, although it is time consuming; it is absolutely worth the wait. Marinaded pork belly strips can replace the sweet banana if you’d like a heavier savory dish instead.

Baw Baw Pot: Sweet Corn and Tapioca Porridge

Sweet corn and tapioca pearls cooked in coconut milk. The two ingredients are made to be reduced into a syrup like texture. The texture is thick and gluggy, but sooo delicious *drools*

Lort: Pandan flavoured jelly in a sugary coconut sauce

Long strips of green worm looking jelly, covered in a sugary coconut sauce. Not overly sweet, but

a must have in a Cambodian wedding ;) hehe

Nom Lapov: Winter squash steamed in Banana Leaf

Winter squash is a vital ingredient in this recipe. Winter squash, shredded coconut, sugar and salt are made into a puree and wrapped up in banana leaves to be steamed in a steamer. Quite sweet as you have sweetness from the winter squash and the sugar alone. This dessert is great to have before or after dinner/supper.

Domlong Chien: Fried Sweet Potato

Purple Yam fried in rice flour. This dessert is very heavy and fulfilling. But the sweetness is natural from the Yam itself. This is possibly my favourite dessert from them all. The Yam can be replaced with sweet bananas for something less heavy and somewhat light.

Well there you have it! Some scrumptious desserts Cambodian people eat. Thank you for reading and I hope I’d find you on another myTake of mine :D!

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  • Great food, I'm a vegetarian, and I know that most Asian cuisines have lots of vegetarian dishes, I presume Khmer cuisine also has some of the examples, maybe in the third part of the Traditional Khmer cuisine? :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Everything is so mushy looking or has fruit or yams in it :'C

    But the people work with what they have, and these are so bright and different.

    • Haha yeah.. Most of the produce can be found in the wild and nothing goes to waste! ☺️😬

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    • the texture gets me, that's why I can't eat fruit too, that plus the taste, one time I threw up after trying a banana. Lol

    • I understand! I think you're a bit like me when it comes to certain fruits πŸ™ƒ

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What Guys Said 5

  • (Part I) + (Part II) = A huge tease!

    No fair, make me some! I want pork for breakfast & jelly cake! And those little fish pie green-basket looking things! Fried purple yams? Hmm, never had one, but they sure look good, Mooky!

    • Haha you just have to find a Cambodian family nearby to cook you a five course meal

    • Just checked the yellow pages for Cambodian families, nothing! Checked white pages for Mr. and/or Ms. Cambodian... found one,... oddly enough, not Cambodian at all! :( Epic fail!

      But very nicely composed myTake series! :)

    • Haha πŸ˜… silly

  • bro im so jelly XD

  • Omg I love lort and baw baw 😍. Oddly enough, I like that region's desserts but not their main courses, too much of a carnivore I think.

    • You've had lort and Baw Baw before? 😱 Ahha maybe you ain't sweet enough lol it's like jam packed with palm sugar, sugar, coconut milk/cream! *drools*

  • Nice, interesting cuisine I'll have to try it someday.

  • got family in long beach?


What Girls Said 3

  • That's it, Im going to Cambodia lol I have a huge thing for coconut, I have to go and try all those wonderful things πŸ˜‹
    Nice take :)

  • it looks good think i will like it but i think it is sinful

  • Hmm the jelly cake I crave that! And looks so appealing to the fickin eye! πŸ˜›