10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

Here I will be sharing 10 Kurdish dishes describing the cuisines, ingredients for the foods and what they taste like.Kurdish Foods that everyone must try

10. Neesik 10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

This is like a type of lentil soup that tastes kind of like Chili its a bit spicy, but tastes really good there are a few other spices insides it as well as dry chick peas sometimes. Here are the ingredients in how to make it.

* 1 tablespoon of chicken stock

* 1 diced red onion

* 1 cup of red lentil

* 2 teaspoons of rice

* 1/4 teaspoon of cumin

* 2 tablespoons of cooking oil

* 5 cups of hot water mix everything into the bowl then boil it and keep stirring every 5 minutes for 20 minutes.

9. Quaboori or brinji sor 10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

This one is pretty obvious its rice, but turned into a reddish color well more of orange, but you get the point. Describing the taste of this though is kinda hard if you've ever had Filipino red rice before it kind of tastes like that. The two main ingredients you need are tomato paste and rice obviously lol. So here are the ingredients.

* match up the rice with the right amount of water, use 1-7 times as much as your rice amount

* before that though make the rice by filling up the rice in a glass, then dump it into a colander, then put into a pot, then put a lot of water into it, then let it boil which should take about 7-10 minutes it shouldn't be too soft though. When soft enough turn the heat down to almost minimum and start heating it up to around one dl of oil into another pan, then remove the water from the rice shake it well until all of it is gone and throw it back into the colander. When the oil is really warm toss it over the rice, lastly mix it so the oil and tomato paste in the rice and lid it with a towel under the pot so it absorbs all the steam let it stay on with low heat for about 10 minutes.

* onions is preferable if you want to add it chop about half an onion

* mix onion with one full spoon of tomato paste and fry them together

* add salt in with the tomato paste when you put in in the pot, do a taste test with the salt to see how much you want

* once the water in the pot starts boiling which should be turned into maximum heat add the rice and turn the heat down

* mix it for a little bit, close the lid then wait for 15 minutes before mixing it again a little more while turning the heat down a bit more to the same thing again close the lid and wait 10 minutes then wallah.

8. Shifta are these the real life Krabby patties? 10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

This is a burger usually made from beef it kind of smells like pizza and if made right is really soft its an amazing burger you could literally eat the meat by itself without anything else. Here are the ingredients and steps in how to make it.

* ground meat

* small chopped onion

* 2 medium sized cloves of chopped garlic

* 1 piece of celery chopped into small pieces

* 1 small bunch of chopped parsley

* salt and black pepper

* pinch of cumin

* 1-2 tablespoons of tomato paste

* few tablespoons of flour

* oil for frying

* Knead the meat with all the chopped vegetables until its like a dough, add the flour and knead again, when your able to form a patty and it sticks without falling apart then you did it right. Finally start frying them with the oil in the pain in batches until they turn brown and crispy and that's it.

7. Madda which is Kurdish Pita bread 10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

This type of bread can be made in a couple different ways such as even putting it in a tandoor (clay heated hole). It has a certain unique type of taste it has a similar taste to pita bread, its usually eaten with breakfast like things such as plain yogurt, eggs, and black tea. Here are the ingredients and steps of how to make it.

* 4 cups of flour

* 2 1/4th teaspoon of yeast

* 1 teaspoon of salt

* 1/4 cup of water

* dough

* Knead the dough with salt, water, yeast, flour and let it rest for 45 minutes to an hour, next cut the dough into pieces in a rounded shape but not squished the dough should be rolled into a circular sheet on a mini table.

After that it is preferable to take it out to continuously turn it over onto a long flat wood, move the edges that need to be baked this should take about 1-2 minutes for each naan (bread). Make sure you are gentle when removing the bread, lastly cover the bread with a cotton fabric and sprinkle it with water then cover it again when preserving it instead of putting it in a fridge.

6. Brinji maraga patata 10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

This food is always eaten with white or yellow rice (biryani) in Kurdish culture. This tastes better than what it looks like this is especially for you if you love potato. This is a type of red lentil soup I guess if you will used with tomato paste to make that red color and potatoes its pretty easy really. First make the white rice though to do that just follow the instructions on the top at number 9 the 2nd Aterix where I talk about how to make brinji sor except instead this time don't add the tomato paste. The ingredients for maraga patata are as follows.

* 4 medium potatoes skinned off and cubed

* 2 cups of water

* a small pinch of salt and citric acid

* half a teaspoon of turmeric power

* tomato paste 1-2 tablespoons

* oil 3 tablespoons

* Boil the potatoes until they are half cooked, next add a tablespoon of oil to the potatoes in water, afterwards add the salt, citric acid, tomato paste, and turmeric powder with the lid off until half cooked and then close the lid until its cooked.

10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

This right here is a lot like the Kurdish naan pita bread, except here you fry them instead of putting it in a oven. It tastes really good and if you've ever had a flan cake or sweet bread then you'll have an idea of what this will taste like. The ingredients are as follows which are very similar in how to make the naan bread.5. Naan Saji (zarobi)

* salt 1 teaspoon

* yeast 2 1/4 teaspoon

* dough

* 1/4 cup of water

* do the same thing in n 7 where you knead the dough with all the ingredients inside except this time let it rest for a couple of hours and cover it with a bag. And this time just fry them in a pan pretty easy.

4. Brinji Qasey (dry apricot soup) 10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

This soup tastes a lot better than it sounds this is one of my favorite dishes like top 3. The soup tastes light, but is hot and the dry apricot inside after cooked tastes really good. Ingredients of course :) here they are and since you know how to make white rice now we will skip that.

* abut 2 pinches of salt

* 1 tablespoon of sugar give or take

* 2-3 tablespoons of water

* 3 tablespoons of oil

* 1 tablespoon of tomato paste

* 2-3 pinches of citric acid

* dry apricots

* now add all the ingredients together in a bowl except the citric acid that will be last, afterwards boil it into a pot after almost 30 minutes then mix the tomato paste in there until the color dissolves, add the citric acid in there and do a taste test to see if its not too sour and not too sweet, finally once it boils and looks like the picture on top take it out and your finished.

3. Brinji fossolya 10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

This type of soup is also eaten with rice this is made from north American beans so if you've had that you have a good idea.

* 1 dl of corn oil

* 2 tablespoons of of tomato paste

* 1 teaspoon of salt

* half an onion

* 7 dl of water

* North American beans

* First put the beans in water the night before and let them stay until an hour before dinner is supposed to be ready. When you have 1 hour left to go boil them until they almost get soft with only a bit of salt inside the water and since your boiling them later for another 15 minutes you don't want them perfectly cooked or they'll become all mushy later so take it off the heat. Okay so put 1 dl of corn oil into a casserole bowl, chop half an onion, then after the onions have become yellow put 2 tablespoons of tomato paste in there and remember you want to boil this. Let it sit there for about 30 seconds, then pour 7 dl of water with 1 teaspoon of salt and dump the beans in there. Next put the lid on with the heat up to medium for 15 minutes, lastly put in a glass of water with two more teaspoons of salt. Once it looks like the picture on top turn it off and there ya go bon appetite.

2. Jeepa (Ser u Pe) 10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

Also called Ur u ruvi in Turkish this is a sheep's head, arms intestines, and legs or a cow's head, arms,intestines, and legs. They stuff this in rice and sew the pieces together as you can see in the picture they even sometimes eat the animal's eyeballs, tongue, and brain lol not for the feint heart. This food is definitely not for everyone, but I gotta be honest personally to me I've only had this meal a few times in my whole life I found it delicious, but it takes a lot of work to prepare and I don't know the full exact ingredients so I will just tell you the basics about it.

* cow or sheep

* cooked white rice

* clean the meat and remove the ear and eyeballs and actually everything besides the intestines because honestly that's the only delicious part, but some people eat all the parts its up to you.

* then once you boil the stomach you cut them into several pieces or however many pieces you wish, then sew them and close them up with strings while putting rice inside them as well.

1. Dolma (Yaprakh) 10 Delicious Kurdish Foods Everyone Should Try

This food is widely known and made in many different countries even European countries, but they all have their own moderation and variations to it. This is a very tasty food and can be made with different types of spices whether you want it sour our spicy or everything in between its up to you have fun and play with the spices. This food consists of several different vegetables with rice and sometimes small pieces of meat stuffed inside.

* onions

* eggplant

* grape leaves

* squash

* tomatoes

* green pepper

* rice mixture

* tomato paste

* dill, cilantro, and garlic

* 4 tomatoes diced

* citric acid or lemon juice

* salt

* olive oil

* sumac

* water

* To cut the peppers cut through the top and stop before you get to the end then carve the inside out. Then for the tomatoes do the same except carve the inside out with a spoon and put it in a bowl, then un peel all layers in the onions, then for the eggplant cut about half of the inside make sure the eggplants are big enough and carve out the insides, for the grape leaves rinse them out those just need folding when you stuff the rice in them, and carve the squash's insides out as well.

To prepare the whole rice mixture first put your stove up to high, next put 2 tablespoons of olive oil in it, let it warm up then add the ground meat into it, this is all put into a deep dish pan next add your chopped onions and garlic into it, before that turn down the heat to medium, then stir it all together, afterwards add 1 half cup of long white rice into the pan mixture with 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, with the dill, then add salt with it, then add some citric acid in there with sumac make sure its sour not salty, lastly mix it in all together. Then stuff the vegetables with the rice mixture make sure with the grape leaves you only put half a spoonful in there. Lastly put the grape leaves on the bottom make sure you put a plate on top of the pot not it should be big enough to cover it, add 2-3 glasses of water inside the pot and boil the pot to high for 45 minutes to an hour and now you have dolma.

Why not try Kurdish food?

Thanks for reading my Kurdish food recipe myTake. #Kurdishfood


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  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. holy shit these look awesome lmao. It's so cool you included the recipes. I will cook some of these for sure! I had a friend who was a jewish kurd, and there is like a traidition of jewish-kurdish cuisine, and she gave me some recipies once. I never ended up making it though >< but yeah, really interesting. I love learnig about food


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  • My grandmother makes those beef patty things, I usually don't like beef but those were fucking delicious.


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    • Nice! you should :). And no I am too scared to cook, I just found most of these online or from asking my mom lol.

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  • There's no such thing as "ur u ruvi" in Turkish...

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    • I'm turkish and i haven't related any of these dishes with our cuisine. Except yaprak dolma, which is a turkish dish and here blondfrog posted its kurdish version We cook it in a different way. And brinji fassolya. Looks like kuru fasulye, and it's originally a Greek dish.

    • @Medieve Yes exactly :)

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