5 Favorite Exotic Foods You Gotta Find and Try

1. Pani puri or fuchka

5 Favorite Exotic Foods You Gotta Find and Try

I love this one.

It is a street food/snack in South Asia. They sell it in USA too. Just go to any South Asian grocery store, and you will see them in packs.

However you will have to make your own fillings; spiced mashed potatoes.

Also, the tamarind juice (a.k.a khatta pani) doesn't come in the box.

Fun fact: Spiced Mashed potatoes (include salt) + crushed potato chips + homemade tamarind juice tastes exactly like pani puri.

It can get spicy though.

2. Chotpoti

5 Favorite Exotic Foods You Gotta Find and Try

Everyone cooks it differently. So it might not always look like this.

Chotpoti is a Bengali roadside dish made of chickpeas and tamarind sauce (homemade.) It is sour, spicy and hot if you eat it hot.

You can add whatever you like to it: potatoes, onions, boiled eggs (on top), cilantro, red pepper flakes, etc.

My mom makes it every holidays. This is just our little tradition.

Sometimes I take pani puri crust and crush them on top of this dish. Other times, I use chotpoti as a filling for pani puri instead of mashed potatoes.

3. Lassi

5 Favorite Exotic Foods You Gotta Find and Try

I have no idea what this is made of to be honest but my goodness! It tastes delicious.

I had lost my appetite the last time I visited my country but somehow this was the only thing I could not stop drinking.

4. Chitoi Pitha with spicy bharta (mashed goodies)

5 Favorite Exotic Foods You Gotta Find and Try

I don't know what this one is called in English. Perhaps milk chitoi, or steamed rice.

This one is also another Bengali snack. The mashed goodies, which is the green "sauce" in the picture, is spicy. They also make a different type of sauce which looks red. That one is even more spicy and that's my favorite one.

5. Rasgulla

5 Favorite Exotic Foods You Gotta Find and Try

They are so soft! When you grab it with your fingers, they literally dab down and when you put it in your mouth....mmmh..no words!

They are sweets but not really sweet in taste compared to other South Asian sweets.

Sadly, there are so many types of rasgullas. So pick carefully. They don't all taste the same.


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  • I love trying new foods. I think Andrew Zimmern has the best damn job in the world... travel all over the world with the express purpose of trying countless types of food and drink.


    • Thank you !
      and lol that does sound like a cool job

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  • Yummy take. I have tried both indian local's and USA's food is completely different. Maybe its because sellers adapt their products according to region. I prefer local ones, significantly tastier.😋

  • cool take

  • food: meat


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