30 Things Cooks Say

30 Things Cooks Say

1. I made this myself...

2. ...from scratch...

3...only took me 16 hours

4...you're welcome!

30 Things Cooks Say

5. You can tell that's not good butter. Now THIS, this is real grass fed cow butter. See how yellow it is? You don't get that from the store.

6. I haven't been to a McDonald's in 15 years. It's not real food my friend.

7. ...and then you hold it down and split the ribcage.

8. I need a double oven.

30 Things Cooks Say

9. I need a gas range.

10. I need more counter space.

11. I need a new kitchen.

12. I need a new house, so I can build my dream kitchen from scratch.

30 Things Cooks Say

13. Shhhh! Food Network's on!

14. If I were on that show, I could have totally made a better fish dish than that.

15. I need you to get out of my kitchen while I'm cooking.

16. Did you seriously just ask "me" if I made this?!?

17. I wish someone would cook for me.

18. You don't know how to cook? How have you survived this planet?

30 Things Cooks Say

19. Yokes on you! Jello from the other side. Romaine Calm.

20. Here, let me do it. Nah, nah, I got it. I got it. I SAID, I got it.

21. I don't measure.

22. What recipe? It's all in my head.

23. Have you seen his kitchen, I'm not eating in there.

30 Things Cooks Say

24. Thanks for the cookbook, but I already have this one, and that one, and that one.

25. When you got to the farmer's market, ask for John in Booth 3.

26. You don't need to buy dessert, I've got one I made in the freezer.

27. This is my chart on the whiteboard of what all I need to cook for Thanksgiving.

30 Things Cooks Say

28. These are definitely homemade!

29. Yes, I do own a kitchen torch.

30. I made this with love.


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  • A woman who cooks? That's novel... and refreshing.

    Seriously though, nice take. :)

    • We exist! I cannot tell you how many marriage proposals (albeit fake ones) I've gotten just by telling someone I love to cook. LOL!

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    • LOL, exactly like that! I always am under the assumption that more of us cook simply because I do, but looking around at my female friends, out of my 10 closest, only two cook.

    • LOL. Well you're one of the good 20% for sure!

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