Why You Should Shop In The Inner Aisles

People often assume that the inner aisles of the supermarket are where the junk food is located. While that is true to some extent, it is also possible to find non-junk food items in the inner aisles. Here is a list of things that will prompt you to shop in the inner aisles and not be afraid of them.

Why You Should Shop In The Inner Aisles


Grocery stores may keep seasoning and spices in the middle aisles. Unless you prefer to eat everything bland, you should buy seasoning from somewhere.


This household staple can go with anything savory. It can complement your vegetables and meats. It is a plant-based form of high-energy food, which is necessary to prevent yourself from starvation. Though, it is possible to live without rice. You just need some kind of replacement that is equally high in energy, and that is dough-based foods and meats.


Beans may be sold in the Fresh Produce section, but if they are not sold there, then they may be sold in the middle aisles. There is nothing wrong with bean consumption. But to be on the safe side, it is best to soak and ferment beans for a while, so the phytate can be reduced to a tolerable level.


Flour is especially important in every house, because flour can be made into dough, which can generate a lot of energy in the form of complex and simple sugars. As flour comes from plants, it is usually advised to ferment the dough long enough to decrease the phytate concentration. Without flour and dough-based substances, it is quite difficult to generate enough calories for survival. Your other high-calorie options are meat and eggs, preferably fatty meat and the egg yolks. Some people would argue that you should eat lean cut meat, but that's assuming you're eating a big chunk of meat, like a steak, in the first place. If you cut up one pound of very fatty meat into tiny morsels, then each tiny morsel may act as a calorie-enhancer in your all-vegetable dishes so that you are not undereating and thus starving yourself.

Health Food

Supermarkets cater to a variety of people. While some supermarkets may cater to special consumer niches like Whole Foods Market and its appeal to educated, environmentally-conscious, health-obsessed consumers, other supermarkets try to sell to everyone who has the money to buy their products. So, a special aisle in a supermarket for health food may attract some health-obsessed consumers and fitness freaks. Items in this category may vary widely. They may be coconut water, coconut oil, organic and natural food products, plant-based milk, etc. These things are typically regarded as "healthy", but are nevertheless placed in the so-called dreaded middle aisles.

Cookware and Silverware

Pots, pans, baking pans, parchment paper, and eating utensils are sold in the middle aisles. Unless you plan on eating everything raw or have cookware and silverware inherited from your ancestors, you need cookware and silverware. Certainly, you can buy cookware and silverware from Dollar Tree and pray that they are made of non-toxic materials, paints, and coatings. Though, trying to be so paranoid about toxicity in the environment is futile, because you will die eventually from who-knows-what so it may be best to just enjoy your life in the moment and not worry about such things.


You should not assume that just because something is the middle aisles, it's automatically junk food. It's not always junk food, because supermarkets tend to sell other stuff there too. Smart shopping depends less on the actual location of the grocery items and more on the personal impulsivity of the shopper. In other words, you should not be too impulsive while shopping. No amount of external factors will influence you, if you yourself know exactly what you want and what you refuse to buy.

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