Indian Food is Not Just About Curry!

What's the immediate though that comes to mind, when you hear 'Indian food'?

Is it Curry (Thank you, dumb Stereotype)?

If it is,

Then Read, you featherbrained chimp! Cuz,

Indian cuisine is not just about curry. It combines the widest varieties of ingredients and multiple styles.

But first, learn what's actually curry!

Curry is a dish made by combining multiple herbs and spices with water acting as the base and vegetables and/or meat added in the last stage of preparation.

This looks like curry! It is called Shahi Paneer.

This dish is called Dosa.

Fermented rice flour, roasted on an iron plate, then stuffed with spicy potato mash and rolled.

Its not curry. It doesn't even looks like curry, not even close. But then again, you might know better.

Below is the menu of a luxury Indian restaurant, Deewan

How much of it is curry?

Indians don't eat curry and nan everyday!

This one is Kashmiri Pulao

This is not curry either.

We have also learned many different arts of making food long ago, when everyone else was busy making simple stews.

Chinese neighbours, Arab traders, Turk Invaders.....everyone introduced something new and we learned to make it our way.

This called Chow main. Learned it from the neighbours. We made it the 'Veg Way'.

This is called Kebab. We made it even better.

American food is not just burger, Japanese food is not just Sushi and Ramen, Middle east is not just about kebab.

Indian food is not just curry, its a hell of a lot more.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • most men in japan just crave sushi or ramen though.

    my mom is really into indian cuisine and makes samosas and stuff

    • I see. Is Indian food thought to be too spicy and oily in Japan?

    • by some people yes but maybe half the population likes spicy food so it's becoming more popular. still ”japanese style” curry is what a lot of people stick with because they're so vanilla.

Most Helpful Guy

  • "What's the immediate though that comes to mind, when you hear 'Indian food'?"

    Actually it's not curry, although that might be second. What comes to mind is a lot of heavy, starchy foods or protein rich foods in thick sauces. Like no crispy fresh veggies. No fruit. Just heavy foods like legumes, potatoes, etc.

    What also comes to mind is don't get those sauces on your clothes because some can seriously stain and you can't get the stain out no matter what.


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What Girls Said 8

  • OMG!!! I worked in a India restaurant, and I love India food. Its very good, just thinking about it is making me hungry.

  • Indian food looks amazing to me! The only thing I probably can't handle (although I've never tried proper Indian food) is the combination of so many spices in one meal - seems to overwhelm the senses and I can't actually taste the actual food.

    • It takes getting used to. The spices tend to alter their taste and 'spiciness' with different kind of edibles.
      For example, the spices become mild when used with paneer (extracted milk solid). But with potato, the same spices will become explosive.

  • Good food is good food regardless if you think it's some type of stereotype. Sure, no one cuisine is just about the one thing, but if people like what they like, and in this case, if that happens to be curry, to have thought of curry doesn't make them featherbrained chimps as you put it, but correct in that curry is a part of Indian cuisine and that they like it.

    • Well, I was trying to make a point. I apologize for being rude.

    • Duly noted. Other then that, this is actually an informative take for those that don't know about the many dishes. I enjoy both cooking and eating Keema Mater, Aloo Gobi, and Butter Chicken very much.

  • Lol true
    Pani puri, thepla etc is yummy

  • looks delicious

  • I knew indians don't just eat curry, I just had no idea what their other foods looked like.

  • Yummy

  • Spicy in general. I have the foods I wonder. Especially golgappe and kheer and pani puri. looks delicious.

    • Is not kebab turkish food?

    • According to Sevan Nişanyan, an etymologist of the Turkish language, the word kebab is derived from the Persian word "kabab" meaning "fry". The word was first mentioned in a Turkish script of Kyssa-i Yusuf in 1377, which is the oldest known Turkish source where kebab is mentioned as a food.
      However the dish has been mentioned in texts all over the world, much before what we call 'Ottoman Empire' was created.

    • oh understand

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