5 Home Cooked Meals to Impress Your Boo

1. A roast chicken with a side of veg

If you've never had the pleasure of being in a house where a chicken has been roasting along side some veg, you are missing out on that most pleasant of aromas wafting through the air. It's guaranteed to make their mouth water and to impress as you pull this golden bird from the oven. It's also one of those things where you have to do little to prepare it, aside from a little seasoning/buttering, and chopping of the veg. I mean, this is mini Thanksgiving right here with leftovers to spare. Throw an easy starch together with this, maybe a side salad, and you've got the meal done up.

2. A steak dinner

Aside from vegetarians and red meat haters, a steak dinner is like the creme de la creme of meat based dinners. A tender steak cooked in butter, herbs, and garlic, seared in the pan with a side of potatoes whether you bake them just right, mash them or scallop them. Master this. This meal will never get old.

3. Grilled shrimp

The great thing about shrimp recipes is that they take so little time to cook, and you get tremendous return on flavor with even the simplest of ingredients because the meat is not dense and takes to marinades well. Even if you do not know how to use an outdoor grill/don't have one, use an indoor grill or grill pan to the same effect to get this most delicious dish for your boo. I mean, just looking at this is sure to get his or her mouth watering, not to mention the beautiful presentation and incredible smell.

4. Vegetarian Gnocchi Pesto

If you are dating a vegetarian, beware! No, not because they don't eat meat, but because they've had enough salad to last a lifetime. Your basic salad is not going to impress them at all. Also people assume that you can just chuck a few raw vegetables at a vegetarian, and that will be enough, but vegetarians eat a lot of very flavorful dishes, seasoned with amazing spices and aromatics. Follow suit. You want your dish to be well seasoned and filled with a lot of visual interest found in a plethora of colorful vegetables. Your dish will be all the more impressive if you are not yourself a vegetarian, but have taken the time to make something they know is for them that is NOT JUST another boring salad.

5. Slow cooker carnitas (pork)

In Spanish, carnitas means, little meats, but this meat has big flavor. It is a Mexican dish originating from the state of Michoacán. You and you boo don't need to stand in line at whatever so called Mexican restaurant when you make this nor will guac be extra here...you can make this yourself! What's beautiful about this, other than the taste, is the spread. Lay out a whole table's worth of ingredients he or she can add to their taco or burrito or salad bowl. This way you know they get to pick whatever they like on their own tacos. It makes for a fun interactive experience where you both will leave full and happy.

5 Home Cooked Meals to Impress Your Boo


I don't know anyone, male or female, on the planet who would not be impressed or excited to eat a meal someone they were falling in like or love with prepared for them with their own two hands...of course that's in theory, because if it's not cooked right, that excitement may soon turn to veiled disgust....SO, if you've never touched a stove in your life, make the meal from start to finish at least one time before 'game day.' You want to work out the kinks, maybe get someone with more knowledge to help you a few times, know how long it takes to actually make the dish, and prepare accordingly. Also you want to make FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAIN that your boo does not have any allergies, especially life threatening ones, are or aren't a vegetarian, or on any other diet that has restrictions to it.

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