Today is Pretzel Day!

Hey Folks. Im back.. with pretzels!

Today is Pretzel Day!

The favorite salty snack. Good at baseball games, or even on the streets of New York City!

History of Pretzel Day

Sometime during the Middle Ages, Catholic Monks were trying to figure out what to do with these bits of leftover dough. Clever as they were, they came up with the pretzel, folding the dough into the shape of praying hands, or the knot representing the Holy Trinity, depending on who you ask.

Since then the pretzel has evolved into a much loved treat has seen many uses, including representing marriage (where the term ‘tying the knot’ came into prominence) and finally into modern day as a popular addition to concession stands at carnivals and events of all kinds.

The origin of the hard pretzel is a bit more recent, and is among the ranks of other great accidental discoveries like the potato chip. You see, apparently when you leave a pretzel in the oven too long, it will bake into a crisp and crunchy bit of deliciousness. The baker was so pleasantly surprised with the result that he took the time to perfect the recipe, and now they’re a hugely popular snack!

So when you are at your bar or watering hole, doing some drinking. get some of this tasty snack to go with your favorite beverage!

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