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So, today's take is over due , my apologies to @AlexEfron who asked for a take about mixed nuts, her it goes.

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Lets go nuts people.


Nuts , a fruit composed of an inedible hard shell and a seed, which is generally edible.

This is driving me nuts
This is driving me nuts

Benefits :

There are many benefits , and for each kind of nuts a different one so I will try to give the most important things here :

- Protein :

A great source for protein , most nuts have a good amount of it.

- Fat:

Most of the fat in nuts is monounsaturated fat, they are good for health and for giving you energy, they can help with weight loss, reduce the risk of heart disease and decrease inflammation.


- Fibers:

All nuts contain fiber, which helps lower your cholesterol. Fiber makes you feel full, so you eat less. Fiber is also thought to play a role in preventing type 2 diabetes.

- Vitamin E:

Vitamin E may help stop the development of plaques in your arteries, which can narrow them.

- Omega-3s:

Are a healthy form of fatty acids that seem to help your heart by, among other things.

These are most of the benefits in general, there are others for specific kinds of nuts too.

Sources used:

Eating nuts:

Most people eats salted and roasted nuts, it is not good thought the salt would have a bad effect( if we take too much), and I prefer them raw because most likely when they are roasted they would use somethings like oil ...etc

*Recommended intake is 28-30 grams, but personally I just eat a handful at least.

My secret recipe:

Not my pic .... I don't have any nuts left today xd
Not my pic .... I don't have any nuts left today xd

I eat nuts everyday , I used to purchase a mix from the store, but it is like expensive (because they put one or two macadamia nuts lol ) I stopped that, and focused on four things (Cashews,whole pecan nuts, raisin and dried raspberry )With yogurt, my god it tastes good , sweet sour it just a great mix I enjoy daily.

There you have it folks , why you should go nuts , I hope you get to eat them everyday , it is a delight.

Peace be upon you all <3


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  • i love eating the freshly honey roasted nuts they sell from the carts! they're so good! there's one of those nut cart that sells them $7 for 5 bags right outside the subway station a few blocks away from where i live, sometimes i buy a lot of them before i go home to share with my family.

  • Nutty mytake, lol, I actually eat a lot of Turkish pistachios and cashews if I’m not eating those , I also like pecans and honey roasted peanuts.
    Fun fact, cashews are the only nuts you can’t buy in the shell because it’s poisonous


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