The Best Part Of Thanksgiving: Stuffing! 👍

The Beginning Ingredients To Nirvana.
The Beginning Ingredients To Nirvana.

Okay... so this is my very first MyTake. I also don't post many questions. Normally I like to post mostly humorous (sometimes serious) responses on other questions or Takes, but this evening, I'm feeling the need to address something that is very important to me...


Whether you're talking about food or snatch, good eating is an essential part of a happy, fulfilling, human existence. It separates us from those silly primates. As we approach one of the greatest eating holidays of the year, I have something extraordinary and wonderful to share...

My one-and-only personal Thanksgiving stuffing recipe.

That's right people. I, the great bearded one, who is always a pillar in this community and morale morale for the masses, am bequeathing the secret ingredient to a successful Thanksgiving: Delicious, mouth-watering stuffing. Please read carefully, follow carefully, and enjoy carelessly!


About 2 hours total time.

4 Pounds Sausage, Ground or Chopped

1.5 Pounds Celery, Chopped, Diced, or Minced

1.5 Pounds Onions, Chopped, Diced, or Minced

1 Pound Soft Cornbread, Diced

1 Pound Soft Potatobread, Diced

1 Jug (~50 Ounces) Martinelli's Unfiltered Apple Juice

Apple Pie Spice

Poultry Seasoning


1 Giant Frying Pan

1 Giant Bowl

1 or 2 Giant Deep-Dish Trays

Fry up all sausage, celery, and onions in pan. Liberally and continuously season sausage mixture with all 3 seasonings while cooking and stirring. Heat up (in oven or microwave) cornbread, potatobread, and apple juice in bowl until all apple juice is soaked up in bread. Liberally and continuously season bread mixture with all 3 seasonings while folding and stirring. Combine, fold, and mix both mixtures in tray or trays while seasoning with everything one last time.

Consume and share until good and fat! Enjoy!

To all of you and all of yours, HAPPY Thanksgiving, GaG!


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  • my mom makes almost this exact same recipe. it’s literally the best part of Thanksgiving, and my plate is probably two small slices of turkey, a scoop of mashed potatoes, and almost a full plate of stuffing hahaha


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