I Am Not a Morning Person

I'm sure some people can relate to the feeling of arriving to work (let's say Monday) and your body hasn't fully woken up. Running on Zombie-Mode.

You've sat down for less than five minutes.... Then suddenly you are greeted by a highly spirited , forever cheerful, morning person who simply does not understand:

'You have not had your Morning Coffee yet'

So rather than describing with words - I have chosen illustrate these feelings as shown below:

I Am Not a Morning Person
I Am Not a Morning Person

One must transcend the bonds that bind the world through caffeine...

I Am Not a Morning Person

....Then you may carry on as normal .

I Am Not a Morning PersonI hope you enjoyed my first MyTake and cracked a few smiles as it's meant to be light-hearted!

Keeping it short and sweet

Sincerely ,



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  • I've been an "early riser" for the past year or two, but still am not quite a morning person. Nice Take. 😊


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