Healthier juice made with crystals


I was recommended these little crystals, they go in juice and give it a soda like flavor.

Healthier juice made with crystals

I call them crystals but they're just symbiotic clusters of yeasts and bacteria. The yeasts produce alcohol and starch (the structure of the crystal) and the bacteria produce acetic and lactic acid.

I add them to bottles of juice and they fizz up to make a kind of alcoholic juice.

They produce a juice that has about 2% alcohol.

I wouldn't call it cider because it just tastes like carbonated juice.

Healthier juice made with crystals

But what I really like about them is how healthy they are. It actually decreases liver weight, and makes your liver healthier and helps burn off that FUPA.

The drawback is that the crystals need to be fed everyday. They could go unattended for about ten days in a bottle of juice though so it's not too bad. At that point though it'd be about 8% alcohol and taste as such, like shit.

Healthier juice made with crystals
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  • iBeowulf
    Small amounts of alchohol can help remove excess fat from the liver, thus the counterintuitive effect of small amounts of alchohol being good for the heart and liver, due to a temporary increase in liver enzymes, outside of antioxidants found in juice or beer.
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  • I_want_a_moustache
    I’m dumb at first I thought this was about adding meth to juice
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  • TrueConfection
    It sounds healthy, kind of like a version of kombucha. I tried it kombucha twice, but couldn't get past the yeast flavor. Maybe why I never cared for beer. Do you taste the yeast from these crystals?
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  • Tiptoetamm
    Omg thank you I've been looking good a good alternative to soda I haven't had and soda in year or so
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  • andreasderjuengere
    Interesting. Juice in itself actually is 'healthy' already. Where do you see an added benefit other than taste?
  • karaspara
    Isn't that how they make booze in prison?