Do you like "spicey" (I don't mean hot) food?

I meant "spicey" as in food that has lots of spices. Doesn't necessarily have to be hot like pepper hot but they can be. They usually are tho. Like Curry, Kebabs, Tacos, Mexican Mole Sauce, Jollof Rice, Satay, Nasi Lemak, Jamaican Pattie or etc. It's food from South Asia, Southeast Asia (closer to India), Middle East, Africa, Carribbean and South America that has lots of those. I really love those. I wish my country is more familiarized with more spices actually.
Do you like spicey (I dont mean hot) food?
Its ok
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Again i don't mean hot. I meant really seasoned food. I wasn't sure what word to use maybe i might ask this question again someday and use that word.
Do you like "spicey" (I don't mean hot) food?
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