Have you ever eaten a daffodil?

In the UK, Marks and Spencer has issued an apology after putting daffodils next to spring onions (scallions) under a sign that said "eat well". Unfortunately, daffodils are poisonous.

Now I've done a bit of googling and found that supermarket are warned to keep daffodils away from vegetables because people are dumb. It's not hard to find examples of people who have eaten them and ended up in hospital.

Now we all know GAG is the site where people ask questions like "Where do things go when I close my eyes?" and "why hasn't my goldfish drunk all its water?" so I thought this is the ideal place to find the type of people who would eat daffodils.

So confession time have you eaten them?
Have you ever eaten a daffodil?
I've eaten daffodils
I know someone who's eaten them
I don't care what doctors say I'll never stop eating them
I made the mistake once
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Have you ever eaten a daffodil?
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