Guide to a Proper Filipino Cuisine Experience Part Two (Dessert Edition)

Here's part one if you're looking for it: Guide to a PROPER Filipino cuisine experience This time I'll be talking about the desserts....
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Guide to a "Proper" Filipino cuisine experience

There are other myTakes about the food of their country so I'm also giving it a shot. Introduction Just in my opinion, I just find...
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Healthier juice made with crystals

I was recommended these little crystals, they go in juice and give it a soda like flavor. I call them crystals but they're just...
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Is Japanese/Korean cuisine really that good or is it just a bandwagon effect (or the marketing)?

This question's description is so long so I'm just gonna turn this into a "MyTake Question" A little trigger warning I respect every...
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The Ten Greatest Food Debates You'll Ever Have

Food is a very personal thing as obviously ultimately only you can eat something for yourself and either decide if you enjoy it or not,...
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My Phobia of White Sauces: How it began, progressed, where it is today and my prognosis for the future

I say no to mayo, sour cream, ranch, cream cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, Alfredo sauce, bleu cheese dressing, thousand island...
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Funny Rant: Chocolate sucks

Okay, so I want to address and offend the girls in this establishment. So allow me to go off my tangent, chocolate sucks so much and...
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What is your favorite Southern US Food/Soul Food dish?

Mine are Fried Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese

What is your favorite Mexican food?

Me gustan los tacos, taquitos, Arroz con pollo, Y Nachos con queso

If you could make your ideal salad, what would the ingredients and dressing be?

Mine would simply be... Kale, halved cherry tomatoes, and some diced red onions with either an Italian, cilantro lime, or honey...

What's your McDonald's order?

Love me a McSpicy or some chicken nuggies with a coke Zero sugar and of course fries. There's not much I can have on the menu without...
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What FOWL is the TASTIEST?

Following up on "tasty" posts by G@G's resident agriculturalist @purplepoppy... Which of the following FOWL do think is the TASTIEST?
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Which sheep looks the most delicious?

Following on from yesterday's cow question. Which of these sheep looks the most delicious? With the odd exception like "salt marsh...
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What cow looks the most delicious?

I thought this might be fun. The UK has several beef breeds and I've picked four of the most well-known. I don't know about other...
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Are you good at cooking fish, or are you a crumy chef?

This guy, George Crum, was called out in a New York paper in 1889 as the best chef in the country. One of his dishes was lake bass.....
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Is beans and rice a thing?

I always have rice and beans weekly. We also have some Turkish yoghurt ( Greek yoghurt for you) with it.
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