What is actually wrong with most women in today's society


 What is actually wrong with most women in today's society.

I know there are still some women out there who respect themselves out there, but more often than not I see a lot of shameful things coming from our gender.

Women today truly lack dignity, morals, and class. I just do not understand how it became socially acceptable for women to talk like trash, look like trash, and act like trash. As ladies, we should have a sense of poise and self respect. All most women do now is leave nothing to the imagination for men, speak like they are uneducated, and shit on other females. For thousands of years we have been looked at as the weaker sex, and the women that I come across today absolutely make us look weaker than ever before. We, as women, have not fought for our rights for equality just to obtain it and have today's "new age" women show we really didn't deserve them.

Ladies, what ever happened to supporting one another's strength rather than knocking each other down. To drag another woman down for whatever no good reason is weakness. It clearly shows that you are not a strong confident female. Then on top of it, you show your bodies, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. But you expect to be respected? All your doing is seeking attention. Men see you as easy. Just a piece of meat. You're promoting lust rather than love. Don't be surprised when every single man that enters your life decides to kick you're classless ass to the curb.

Now, you also have the women to talk like they are straight from the hood. Listen I grew up in the hood and I still had grown up using proper grammar. I still knew how to present myself in a professional and classy way. Of course, if the occasion calls for it, I can certainly curse like a sailor and when I was younger fight whatever battles I had to face. But never the less, I have always known how to present myself. I will not shit on another woman because of her looks or success. I will not ruin lives. I will not expose my body on social media. I WILL NOT make a fool of myself or any other woman.

Where women are going wrong:

  • Speaking in ghetto slang: It makes us sound unbelievably uneducated. Using phrases such as "What up, G?" and "Yo she be ratchet!"....seriously girls? I don't care if your black, hispanic, Asian, or white. No self respecting woman would want to sound like that. I can only imagine how proud your mothers are. And the type of men your attracting will be just as uneducated as you sound. Oh, but wait..you're from the hood? Well, honestly that's a poor excuse to talk with such ignorance. Plenty of people come straight from the hood and rose up above the typical stereotypes. So why can't it be you?
  • Using their bodies for recognition: C'mon ladies, do you truly think after making a video of twerking in your bedroom with just a pair of heels and booty shorts on you're going to attract a man who is going to respect and admire you? What your going to get is a bunch of sex driven, walking hard ons trying to get in those booty shorts. They are going to see nothing but an object and think "Hey, she doesn't respect herself, so why should I?" or "It's clearly easy enough to get some from her, I already saw her half naked online." Yes, because that's what I want in a man, someone who thinks I'm easy as hell. And might I add, easy girls are boring to men.
  • Wanting a loser: Now see this one goes hand in hand with what most of you ladies attract. You girls always want the bad boy or thug. But why? Is that what you feel you deserve? Someone who will treat you like you're his "ride or die" chick for a little while and then treat you like garbage, cheat, then kick you to the curb once he gets bored with whatever you though to had to give? No. Every single one of you deserves respect and love. Some of you just need to hold yourself with a hell of a lot more class and self respect so you can attract a decent guy.
  • Trashing other women: Now I totally understand that their are just some people you will never get along with/like. But there is no need to go out of your way to literally ruin anothers's life. We constantly degrade, belittle, and quarrel with other females due to jealousy, insecurity, or what have you. But it truly makes us look weak. we all have the same issues to deal with. Gender inequality, Relationship issues, family issues, or the way we appear to men or the world for that matter. And instead of seeing women support one another we're to busy causeing shit over who said this or that or what a person has done. We are all in the buisness of being female so we all deal with the same issues. It doesn't make us look like we can run nations or cure cancer if we can't even properly deal with petty issues and we're constantly waging war against one another.

So if we can't even take each other seriously then how is the rest of the world going to? If we're constantly making fools of ourselves rather than holding up with class and intelligence then how will we ever be able to come together and make a difference in this world like the women before us have? As long as women continue to act like this we will only ever be considered accessories to the world rather than assets. Is that really the legacy you want to leave for you're daughters to inherit? Because I certainly don't. As a mother to a 3 year old daughter, my aim is to raise a strong, independant, successful woman. A leader. Someone who is proud to be herself and values intelligence.

As women, we are our own worst enemies and only we have the ability to change the way we are perceived.

What is actually wrong with most women in today's society
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  • udolipixie
    "I just do not understand how it became socially acceptable for women to talk like trash, look like trash, and act like trash. "
    Likely when it seemingly became socially acceptable and encouraged for males to do so. And when anyone voiced complaints they got told boys will be boys.

    I may not engage in the behaviors you listed however see no reason for other gals not to be classless if they want when it is seemingly accepted, encouraged, excused, and overlooked in males. Until I see males being held accountable and responsible for the same behavior I see no reason to play favorites and hold gals to a higher standard.
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    • dartmaul15

      @udolipixie so you want to encourage the vicious sycle? Then by all means do so, just don't complain when the sycle completes and bites you in the ass.

      SOME guys behave like that. Others do not. All you achieve by playing that game is making the guys that do not behave like that simply turn around and walk away. Leaving you with the guys that behave like that.

      Just sayan

    • udolipixie

      "so you want to encourage the vicious sycle?"
      I don't consider it a vicious cycle but to answer your question "Yes" to me I find it suited for things to be 'fair' and in my observations getting more to engage in a 'negative' behavior is more efficient and effective than getting less to engage in a 'positive' behavior.

      "Then by all means do so, just don't complain when the sycle completes and bites you in the ass."
      I won't as I would see no reason to complain as both genders would be behaving similarly to a similar extent.

      "SOME guys behave like that. Others do not. "
      How many do not is a tossup. One could say some gals behave like the Asker stated and others do not... yet all I see from males is kudos on her for posting this (which I don't see you posting on with some gals behave like this others do not). It seems to the guys that enough gals behave like this where they regard it as the majority. Well for me enough guys behave like this where I regard it as the majority.

    • udolipixie

      " All you achieve by playing that game is making the guys that do not behave like that simply turn around and walk away. "
      Again to me the guys that do not behave like this are a minority... so less of what I already see as minor is not a big deal to me. In your opinion that is all I will achieve by playing that game. In my opinion what I will achieve is the genders engaging in similar behavior at a similar level... and I can grasp how upsetting that may be for you as I find males do not want to be treated like how males treat gals.

      I'm not one for males getting a pass and encouraging gals to be 'good'. For me it's either both are 'good' or both are 'bad'... no higher standards.

      "Leaving you with the guys that behave like that."
      Again in my observations enough guys already behave like this to the point where it seems those that do not are a rarity. It seems you're under the impression that I'm seeking some lifelong or long-term intimate relationship with a male... I'm not

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Almageste
    You got balls, I like that.

    Anyway, I relate pretty well to your Take, and I would even say that it's the same for men ; feel like we've lost sight of what a man is. (yeah can't believe I've actually said this sentence... I look like an murican (y) )
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  • Rawrzz
    Yo bra. Clearly, you have never heard bonafide ghetto slang. It's like a different language, at times.

    In short, you sound like a supercilious control freak who grew up rich. Not ghetto. "All women should behave as I see fit." Control freak, for sure.

    Maybe that girl who's twerking her ass respects herself more than you do. Perhaps your personal idea of self-respect and "morals" isn't an all pervasive one?

    Class is a ridiculously dirty word to me. "Conduct yourself with class." In essence, "I don't like poor people."

    Do you know where class comes from? Because you really seem to like that word. Socioeconomic class. Meaning how much money you're born into and what social status that puts you at. If you want to make it your life's goal to further educate the poor and the lower/middle class, go right ahead. Vote for Bernie Sanders. If you want everyone to act more mature, as it were, then you're going to have to supply their needs early in life to where they don't grow up in the lower *classes*.

    Looked at as the weaker class. There's that word again. Well, if you believe women have been oppressed for thousands of years, then women are undoubtedly the weaker and stupider sex. After all, they're the only group of people who were oppressed forever without fighting back. In a history spattered with the remnants of fallen dictators and bloodbaths waged for freedom, by every other oppressed group there was. Or. Perhaps women weren't oppressed and didn't feel the need to rise up. At least, not until the Industrial Revolution made everything 1,000 times more safe, where no war was necessary to gain their freedom from oppressors who waited until most women said they wanted certain freedoms, then went "Oh, well, okay. If most of you want them." Horrible oppressors one and all.

    You are weaker, in many ways. You're stronger in other ways. It just so happens that women were largely too weak to do a man's job, in history. And they really didn't want to, either. Hell. That's the reason 93% of workplace deaths are still male, today. So why have women been viewed as the weaker sex? Because they don't die as much as we do or do the dangerous and fucked up jobs. It has nothing to do with intelligence or behavior. It had to do with protection of the more biologically valuable gender.
  • Mishae
    You seriously say don't trash other women yet that is exactly what you're doing in your essay. You come across as if all women are low class except you. I resent your implication that you are cool and no one else. If you are so cool how you end up with a 3-year-old daughter. He apparently you are full of mistakes and you are yelling at everyone else because of them. The idea is to be in control of your own life. That goes for men or women. You obviously have never been control of your own life and you are yelling at us. It doesn't matter if I'm naked it does not matter if I have sex with guys, what matters is I am in control of my own life. I have no children I am in school I'm getting an education so that I can make a better life for myself. There are thousands like me know tens of thousands. I don't speak ghetto and I use proper grammar just like tens of thousands of women. Stop lashing out at everyone because your life has not turned out the way you want. Oh I would like to know if you in your infinite wisdom ever heard of the birth control pill. Or the IUD or the condom?
    • "you talk about me not having control in my life but here you are commenting on an internet forum because you for whatever reason feel entitled?"

      What does this even mean? What does having control over one's life have to do with being entitled because she commented on your post?

      How does her comment make her entitled? Anyone can comment on your post and I imagine getting feedback was one of the reasons you posted this take in the first place.

      Sorry, I'm just trying to understand your position and the entitlement accusations don't make sense to me.😅

    • Mishae

      Thank you for your support. While I apologize to the my take owner regarding children, (I misread the entry and somehow the word husband was skipped.) I still maintain that it is the owner who somehow feels entitled. She projects that entitlement on to me and I don't know how she does that or why she does that. My opinion stands. She is the one who is high and mighty and somehow feels entitled. Congratulations for working yourself out of the ghetto but that does not give you the right to tell everyone off on how they should act. I grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant, 706 a Nostrand Avenue over a small hardware store (my father's). I know exactly what the owner is speaking of. I'm now at University working for a PhD but I understand why people are the way they are and I certainly can't criticize. I resent her high and mighty attitude. None of the reasons and feelings that I have were presented in my first put down of her essay. Now I presented a background of why I resent

    • Mishae

      So now I presented a background of why I resent her comments. People have it rough in the ghetto and part of what they do is called coping. It may not be I society's way of coping but honey there's a reason for everything.

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  • mutedaisy
    I'd be take this post seriously if it weren't written by Adam Samberg in drag.

  • RomansToPhilemon
    I agree with you completely. My biggest thing I can't stand with women today is how they act so much like a guy. Many I come across, know, and meet cuss up a damn storm all the time. A little bit here and there is fine or tolerable, but damn near every time you say something, really?

    When I come across a respectable girl, I have no idea how to act sometimes because I am so used to having to act a different way with most girls. They are just everywhere now days, it's like it's normal. And I don't like it.

    And don't mind the catty bitches down below. Like I said. They are EVERYWHERE!!! lol
    • Exactly! honestly it doesn't bother me that some girls disagree with me or don't understand that my take was not a malicious attack against women. But I figure I have to be on to something when there are men out there agreeing. But hey, everyone has an opinion on what they like and don't like. It's all in preference i suppose.

  • kaylaS91
    I honestly find someone telling me to change my behaviour because what I'm already doing isn't sufficiently 'lady like' to be extremely oppressive.

    I actually find the whole 'independent woman' shtick to be counterintuitive in the context you used it. Saying it's great to be a self-sufficient woman, making it on her own. But then using this self-given title in an elitist manner; as ammunition to tear other women down?
    • IceEverest

      See my comment, I said the same.

  • IceEverest
    Why can't girls be just as free and open as us boys.
    Why can't they enjoy trashy guys and trashy behaviour?
    Why can't girls trash someone of their own gender just like boys trash boys. Anyone who gives shit should be trashed irrespective of gender.
    I think you are again putting

    "THIS ISN'T LADY LIKE' rules.
  • Doffydood
    This. I like this. Obviously guy's aren't without their own problems, but it's nice to see someone who isn't afraid to state problems that girl have. Good job! :)
  • BellePepper
    You're trashing other women while one of your main points is to *not trash other women*. This is what not trashing other women looks like. Maybe you could try it some time. https://youtu.be/ZQu3E0gU0ww
  • justbanANNAz
    SO refreshing to see.
    thank you for keeping it real. this is it.

  • redeyemindtricks
    Interesting, this. This entreaty against "knocking each other down"... right after a paragraph of, essentially, knocking other women down. Well isn't that fantastic.

    Where'd you grow up?
    • CoolSky01

      well someone has to trash the bitches

  • ManOnFire
    But not just these problems. Women don't have any respect for men either. Women are taught that it's okay to look down on men or disparage them because of "years of oppression," and to not have to recognize us as beings who should be respected. It seems to be that women think men have to prove themselves as angels before we're allowed to be respected.
    • nemer26

      False, you respect me I respect you. I would never do otherwise. I have a son and daughter and wouldn't want either one to disrespect someone or be disrespected.

    • ManOnFire

      @nemer26 Those may be your values, and I don't disagree with them, but they're not some other women's values.

    • nemer26

      So maybe it should be "Some women don't have respect..." Just sayin :)

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  • abundantlyrich
    Its learnt behaviour from their environment... And parents
  • nemer26
    Ya know what's interesting? I sometimes swear, I sometimes wear dresses for special occasions that make me feel sexy. I've probably been with a loser or two, but that can happen to ANYONE. I try hard not to pass judgement on others, because life is hard enough. I'd probably help someone in need with no problem but that could be because I don't have my nose so high in the air. A classy lady is someone who is grounded and kind. I have a feeling you have yet to truly be humbled by your life experiences. And the guys on here that are agreeing are a small fraction of the population.
  • benthurber
    I had to look over at a female acquaintance two weeks ago and explain that in one sentence she swore more than I do in a month... and I fix wrecked buses for a living: where busted knuckles and smacking your head off of metal parts is always the plat du jour.

    There are many like her: 20-something, college educated, professional employment... and completely classless. They also tend to be perpetually single or in-and-out of relationships, unstable, have little self-awareness, and are angry at everything.

    I see no problem with this, personally. It helps sort out those I consider wife material or not.
  • bluenose1872
    Your listing the symptoms without looking at the cause. It's corporate funded society control. No-one should live the way they feel like living. Thats not freedom, thats out of control. Women are being told to free th selves from the shackles of their old oppressors and chase their dreams. Problem is it's like a bullied boy who finds suddenly he can fight and over compensates and becomes a bully himself. Women are getting mixed up with being responsible members of society and doing whatever they like. They all want the spotlight to show the others how liberated they are. Look at miley cyrus. Her dad must watch her through his fingers. That's why marriage rated are in the gutter. No man wants to marry a whore who demands things all her own way. Society is creating not a bunch of responsible members of society but a generation of arseholes basically that no-one wants to know
  • SuitAndTie
    Thank you for writing this. I'm so glad a female finally decided to speak up.
  • candyaurora
    Seems like most Eastern women are still classy ladies according to you :D
  • ManuelMarquez
    Bravo. Great take
  • skeptic007
    very good very good
  • Sabretooth
    the root of the problem is poor parenting,
    • ArtDent

      Babies having babies

    • Sabretooth

      @ArtDent they allow girls to get away with too much. the result? feminism.

    • ArtDent

      Yeah well, whatever. Nobody says we have to have anything to do with them

  • willdublin
    that's cool, but then it's fine not to.
  • Anonymous
    You talk against trashing other women and then you do just that LOL. You criticize girls who don't dress or talk the way you consider appropriate. But you don't get to decide that for them - they get to be who they want to be. I, for one, don't disrespect girls because of the way they dress or their social media. If they treat others with kindness, if they are a genuine person, that's what matters.