10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally


Since Instagram, Tumblr and such related sites came out, photography became the hobby for people who have no idea about actual photography. Photography is actually a form of art, and not a game as it has became right now. Below I will mention 10 things girls should avoid doing when they make an attempt to take a picture.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Bed hair

I guess nobody wants to see a picture with messed up bed hair. So before taking a picture keep in mind to have your hair fixed.

2) Black & White

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

Whilst black and white pictures can be nice and artistic indeed, a girl who posts a picture in black and white gives me the impression she has a pseudo-artistic personality, since chances are she has no idea about photography in general . So better avoid it.

3) Eyes Looking Away From The Camera

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

Technically it might not be unattractive in any way, yet the point of taking a picture of yourself, is to have your eyes focused on the camera. Otherwise it looks pseudo-artistic as well for some reason.

4) Glasses

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

Not only glasses makes you less attractive (in my opinion at least), but they are a bad option for another reason as well. Glasses can change someone's face, so in other words we don't see your actual face. It's not a big deal to take them off, for the sake of a picture. Also AVOID wearing them in order to give an impression of a "smart-librarian" girl. Absolutely pretentious.

5) Other People Included

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

Honestly I don't understand why people do this. Do they want to give us the impression they are social and all? Well since you were supposed to post a picture of yourself, we don't care about other people but you and only YOU. In fact it messes up actual results, since many people (including me) are going to compare your looks with the looks of the other person (especially if the other person is a girl as well). Also in those pictures most people tend to act really goofy and stupid unfortunately, I've noticed.

6) Pets

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

Actually I've noticed this thing has became a trend more or less. Personally I don't approve. In my opinion it makes a girl looking way more immature than she is. Like a 10 year old girl playing with her dog. So if you want to be taken seriously avoid any pets, they don't make you look cute if in case you thought so.

7) Quotes and captions

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

I never liked them and I always considered them pretentious. Please don't do it otherwise for me you're nothing more than a pseudo-intellectual. Nobody cares about those quotes I guess. Also those captions which include small phrases which are often a reference to what you are doing at the moment (example "Going To Work"). Like who cares?

8. Smiling (In certain cases)

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

A smile can be decent, if it's not a silly one. But, if in case you wear braces or happen to have larger gums than teeth or "British" teeth then better avoid smiling, or just smile without showing off your teeth. I doubt most people will ignore this detail, so it won't work to your favor.

9) Snapchat Filters

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

Just AVOID them. Not only they totally destroy your picture, but they make you look less mature than a baby. And I never understood their meaning at all personally. Recently I discovered that the phrase "Puking Rainbows" comes from the Snapchat filter I posted above. Just weird.

10) Stupid Facial Expressions/Hand Gestures

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

Yes, the notoriously annoying duckface. And not only duckface...Sticking out tongue, popping eyes out, victory sign. Avoid them. Even worse if you combine stupid facial expressions and Snapchat filters...well I'd rather not know you. It would be nice if every girl on this planet how stupid it is.

10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Errhh
    HAHAHAH @puking rainbows!!! :D!!! hahahah That one used to be awesome!!! now it's old and it's not so awesome!

    I agree mostly with most of your suggestions.. HOWEVER!!! not all, for example NOT smiling with braces? What IF the person wants to know how they look overall WITH braces and simply smiling with them, as in the real world they WILL be smiling even if they have braces... so why are you suggesting for them NOT to show it? should they close their mouth and try to appear to look better while asking "how do I look", only to get answers that say he/she looks good, and then in real life perhaps look awful when smiling? ... I think they should smile just exactly the way they would on a regular day, so that people could give opinion on if they look weird, ugly, fine or awesome WITH their braces, flaw and all...

    And BED hair IS AWESOME!! haha
    What if someone wants an honest opinion on how they look right when they wake up? I mean that's probably the worse they'll ever look, and it's better to know if they look THAT bad or not, because eventually your S/O will see you in that state... so why should anyone omit posting photos right after they wake up if they want an honest opinion, that's the most HONEST opinions they'll get from how they TRULY look on their WORST :D!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Psi_Unknown
    Hmm, where to start on this topic?

    Bed hair may or may not be as bad. Black and white photos may not be interesting or colorful as color photos, but they have advantages besides the artsy-side; one major advantage is a significant portion of the population has some degree of color-blindness, so black and white photos migth be easier to discern or define or for clarity. Eyes away from camera, not horrible, just not first-person. Other people in photos says a lot; it can distracting, make you seem less attractive in comparison (as stated above), or can be a turn-off depending on how social other people are. Pets in pictures, again, it depends on how much a person likes animals or is interested in that kind of thing. Quotes and captions have problems like distraction (as stated), but can also be hard to read, especially if the font is not clear. Smiling is good all-around for the most part, but I agree that one does not have to fully show their teeth when they smile, not super, big deal though. What is a snapchat filter? Yes, that one example is just... Facial expressions and gestures can work, but they are tricky, and sometimes subtlety works best. (Sometimes pucking one's lips as if one were going to kiss can send a cute, I like you, message.)
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    • Anonymous

      - Fixed hair are always better.
      - Isn't Black/White pretentious though? And never knew anyone who is color-blind.
      - I believe they just do it in order to appear social.
      - I don't like pets personally.
      - Quotes are usually pretentious.
      - Yeah stupid smiles are a turn off.
      - Google "Snapchat Filters".
      - They disgust me personally.

    • I think I know what you mean now, fixed as in not frizzy and all over the place? I suppose a lot of photos could be pretentious; that would not be exclusive to black and white photos, would it? I mean partially color-blind, not completely. Lots of things could be pretentious; I kind of like a few quotes to be honest, but agree that they are distracting (or sometimes hard to read). I can understand and generally agree with what you say though.

    • Anonymous

      All good then.

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  • FallOutBoy2001
    Ah yes. Glasses make people look unattractive and hide their face. That's pretty rude, especially if someone wears glasses, either because they can't see past a their hand without them (both my boyfriend and my coach (Who both look very nice in glasses, thank you very much) or because you get such bad headaches from not wearing them that it's easier to suck it up an wear them (me)

    You know, people like you were the entire reason I wear my glasses as little as humanely possible.
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    • Anonymous

      I "have to" wear glasses too, but I avoid them for looks reasons.

    • I don't wear mine out of the home, so when I'm out of the house I can't read a lot or be looking at a phone for extended periods of time

    • Anonymous

      Yeah same here. At home I wear them because nobody sees me, so it's fine. But out?

      No way! I feel like I'd be surrounded by 1000... cops, if I go out with glasses.

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  • YourFutureEx
    I agree on 3, 7, 9, 10
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  • SweetHomicidalQueen
    "10 Tips For Girls..."
    You mean "10 Things *I* Dislike Girls Doing In Photos"

    This is literally ALL what *you* personally prefer. None of these are proven to make one more attractive or help with their photo taking.

    Now if you said "Take it from a higher angle rather than lower" it'd be understandable.

    I mean look at the difference a simple angle can make:

    Let's see here:
    1. Bed hair is cute in my opinion and some girls/guys just DGAF if you like it or not. So it's your opinion.
    2. B&W filters can be cool, but most of the time it doesn't have any negative or positive impact on the photo they're taking. So useless point.
    3. Eyes looking away may be because it was a good photo but they were distracted by something OR they like the way it looks. So useless point.
    4. That's really rude actually. I have glasses but I guess my selfie is ugly. *shrug* Glasses never really take away or add anything to a photo, it's a face with glasses. So its your personal opinion.
    5. Who cares if other people are included? If the person says "I am the ____ one." then it doesn't matter. So useless point.
    6. Pets are great so your opinion doesn't matter for this. They're not gonna crop out or exclude someone they consider family just cause you don't like it.
    7. Quote and captions, although I agree may be very stupid but hey again it's their choice. So its your opinion.
    8. Smiling is always beautiful no matter what, if their gums are large or have "British" teeth then that's fine. At least they're smiling and not making their appearance worse by frowning. So its your personal opinion.
    9. Yea some may be stupid but this is an opinion. It doesn't take away any beauty the individual may have, it shows their fun personality, even if it is child-like.
    10. Yea stupid facial expressions are dumb but the peace sign or sticking out their tongue is something they feel they look cute doing. They're doing it because they like it, not for you.

    I'm not trying to be a douche but cmon, most of these are personal opinions. That's all you had to say.
    • Anonymous

      1) Cute? How come?
      3) They can delete it, and post a new one.
      4) Are you sure? See the difference between with and without glasses.
      7) Finally we agree somewhere.
      8. But still, I don't like to see her teeth if they are ugly or she wears braces.
      9) Personally I'd never do it, I have some dignity.
      10) Cute? No way.

    • 1. I just think it is.
      3. I DID say if they like the photo
      4. I AM sure, some people look better with glasses, some look better without em.
      8. That's your personal opinion
      9. SC filters doesn't mean they don't have any "dignity"
      10. It's how *they* may feel.

  • chintita
    when ur glasses look exactly like the picture in the example #ouch
    • Anonymous

      Believe it or not, those things are highly popular in our days.

  • This_is_my_username
    DO whatever the hell you want to do in pictures ladies and gents!!

    I guess my smiling is ridiculous in your book?
    • Anonymous

      Your picture is quite edited.

    • LMFAO!! bahahhahah thanks for the laugh.

    • Anonymous

      Is it a lie? Your teeth look fake in my opinion.

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  • KRIEL55
    i somewhat agree, but not exactly.
    bed hair cann look good. my hair is naturally wavey but if i take a shower and go to sleep right away, my hair is curly the next day and i love how it looks. i dont even brush it and people ask how i got the curls. but thats not alwayss the case. sometimes it just looks really messy.
    black and white pictures are alright, but yeah not the best.
    looking away from the camera is okay if someone else takes the picture, but its weird if you took it yourself.
    well glasses are more of a personal preference. i have reading glasses and i only wear them when i read, i dont like wearing them just like that either but i see some people who always wear them and it doesn't make them look bad.
    well posing with friends just depends on where you post it. if its on here, then what is the point? but if its on instagram or something, then its not a big deal.
    owning a pet and taking a picture with it doesn't make you look like a little kid, they aren't toys for kids, they're animals. but yeah if your posting on here, should make it more about you rather then your pet
    yeah some of these quotes are just so cheesy. im like why.
    and i dont care for smiling either.
    snapchat filters are fun, i can see how you shouldn't post pictures while using them in a "how do i look" question because they're clearly misleading, but just to mess with them on snapchat can be fun
    but the last one, YESSSSSSS! this is not 2008, we are not on MySpace anymore, please stop with the duck lips and peace signs already
  • Catalie
    Yessss this is literally what I am thinking whenever someone posts a "How Do I Look" picture. I can't get an idea of what they ACTUALLY look like if it's in black and white or something lol
  • bsophie
    "3) Eyes Looking Away From The Camera"😂😂
    Except from 2,3,4 5 yes i agree
  • Metlahaed
    If this isn't a joke, it is a very bad My Take, and if it is a joke, it is a bad joke too.
    • Anonymous

      It's serious.

  • ManOnFire
    I hate all of the "how do I look?" questions girls post, and the ones disguised in being casual but really just wanting us all to praise their looks. I ignore every last one of them when I see 'em show up in the feed. They've gotta be the most redundant questions asked on here.
  • itsallover
    Why should they only take pictures based on what you personally like or don't like?
  • redeyemindtricks
    dude, you do realize that EVERYONE looks better in black and white, right?
    • Anonymous

      It gives a pretentious feeling for some reason though.

    • IceEverest

      I have one because I wanted to highlight my beard.

  • niahc
    I agree with the not taking pictures with your pets. I won't even notice there is a person in the picture because I'll be too focused on the adorable animal.
    • Kytb0405

      Especially a kitten or puppy 😊

  • archiz
    lol not everyone takes it that srsly. it s not smthng professional or whatever so people wanna be goofy, messy and funny. it reflects sort off their personality or mood. there is nthng bad in being goofy or what so.
    nor anthng bad in trying to be artistic, we are all amateurs after all.
    It s not like they re doing a photoshoot.
    • archiz

      by the way, aren t you the same guy who said he doesn t like braces nor curly hair nor glasses and called me ugly? xD

    • Anonymous

      Yeah exactly that's me. And yeah my opinion about your looks hasn't changed.

      Just some tip though. Avoid showing your teeth in photos. Don't take it as an insult, but take it as advice instead.

    • archiz

      lol I am not offended especially that I don t even know you so I am indifferent.
      you don t like my smile then fair enough it s your personal preference but honestly most of the people that compliment me include my smile mainly as a main quality without me pointing it out.
      So people have preferences and if you don t like it doesn t mean it s genuinely bad and vis versa. For instance if I remember well you like thin eyebrows, I don't. That doesn t mean you have bad taste and that doesn t give me the right to change your opinion.
      got it?

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  • CheerGirl38139
    Not bad. These are among the many reasons that I filter HDIL topic out of my feed. 🙋
  • Outofthegrey
    I have my own version of this, it goes:

    A Tip For Anyone Who Posts Pictures In How Do I Look: Stop.
  • PizzaPrincess
    Brb gonna go take more snapchat pictures. ✌️😂
    • ✌️✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

      Dont be a sore thumb boo 😘😘

    • Anonymous

      Do you know this can be reported as "Spamming"?

    • At OP, I think your entire post on here could be considered as spamming

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  • ImaginativeDreamer
    Meh, I agree about the glasses, but the rest is fine by me.
  • CHARismatic110
    But why do you careeee!

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations, for finding out who I am for the 1000th time.

    • @CHARismatic110 are you serious :O

    • Anonymous

      @This_is_my_username Yes she is. Even if I post just a "Yes" she can find out who I am, as it seems.

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  • Zorax
    I agree with some of these statements, especially with number 4, 10 and 9.
    • Anonymous

      Good to see another guy being against glasses, since people think I'm crazy here.

    • Zorax

      Indeed, I'm surprised some guys like it, glasses were always a turn off for me.

  • LittleSally
    • Anonymous

      No absolute seriousness.

  • theanarchistjaguar
    lol actually "puking rainbows" was around way before snapchat
    • Anonymous

      Never heard about it, till recently.

  • MissMc3
    Maybe we don't give a fuck what you think
  • rgb008

    • Anonymous

      Anything smarter than "lololol" you post as usual?

  • _Gone_
    Some, I agree with. Others, not at all.
    • Anonymous

      With which ones do you agree?

    • _Gone_

      1, 7, 9, and maybe even 10.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah especially 9 and 10. They are so simple minded.

  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    Nice mytake, I mostly agree :)
  • themysterychick20
    cmon hot chicks with glasses are <3
    • Anonymous



  • mrfoox
    I'm crying 😂
  • JubJub_Hi
    Thank you for tips 👏🏻
  • Thora1
    Yeah, it's true, I totally agree
  • IceEverest
    I am guilty of many of them.
    • i have to confess, i imagine @takumii and @Polocrew makeout while they bend over for me

  • Anonymous
    Ok, this is really offensive. Your telling people with braces not to smile? That is extremely rude. And the glasses? Some people need them.
    Also the pets? No, it means they're an animal lover, and they can be any age.
  • Anonymous
    Lmao you giving away tips but you going to fap to the pictures regardless of what the girl looks like because I bet you just desperate to see a regular girl.

    How about 10 tips on why you should shut the fuck up
    • Anonymous

      And before you say anything I do not post in the how do I look section
      I only go there to laugh at the thirsty ass Men who post comments on there

    • Kytb0405

      That's kind of mean even if you don't agree 😕

  • Anonymous
    11) Don't act all surprised when your photo/s end up being used somewhere without permission, like say on a billboard in Australia (https://www. nytimes. com/2007/10/01/technology/01link. html?_r=0) ... or here on GAG ;)
    • Anonymous

      Come again?

  • Anonymous
    I love a good smile though! :) I believe smiling is the best thing a person can do & can literally make anyone look ten times more beautiful. Even people with braces look cute when they smile. It's just such a positive message and make you more approachable and friendly :)
  • Anonymous
    That's a complete bulshit