Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys
I suppose anyone can read this Take although it is more directed to guys to put this classic issue into a better perspective for them and to help them get a good understanding of what’s going on around them, especially with their female peers.

People usually say that guys who complain about women not wanting “nice guys” are just mad because she didn’t pick him, but there actually is some element of truth to women not really wanting nice guys. Or rather, decent guys.

Quick facts on females who like bad boys: race, country, and age…

Some will cry foul - “generalizations! Racism! Booooooo!” yah yah, but it doesn’t really matter; it is what it is, like it or not. And, yes, I am black for those who don’t know. And I’m talking about other races here too.

I won’t go as far as to say most, but many young women today - mainly in the Americas, the UK, and Europe - have a thing for bad boys, or just the tough, rough, streetsy types. And it isn’t just black females who are into them like a lot of people think but plenty of Latinas and white girls as well, and many of the bad boys are not just black either but also white and Hispanic, and some are Asian but I don’t see that often. I don’t include other races of women because to my knowledge this is mainly a simple-minded appeal young women have in America and in some demographics of the UK and Europe. I have NEVER known an Asian, direct African, or Indian girl to ever be interested in bad boys or want anything to do with them, though I have known some secular Arab girls who have been born and raised here who do. If other races do like bad boys, please fill me in. But to my knowledge this is usually an exclusive Western world thing.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys

And as I iterate, it is yes, mostly young females who are into this, in their teens and 20s. The vast majority of older adult women do not find any appeal in bad boys, especially since some of them did play around with them in youth but eventually grew up and got wise - or burned by them - and realized the senselessness in the thrill. However, some women in their 30s do still think bad boys are sexy, and I even have a co-worker who is 34 and makes it no secret that she likes such guys and sleeps with them.

The scoop...

The appeal that young women have in bad/wild boys is actually very similar to the so-called “Madonna-whore complex” that some guys have, in which a guy may have romantic feelings for a kind, decent girl but really is sexually attracted to promiscuous or slovenly females who have had many partners or have been known to please men in bed. These guys like the wildness of these women, her experienced sexual performance, and her willingness to do whatever they want.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys
In a very similar way, a lot of young women like the same thing in grungy guys but somewhat differently. They think tough/bad/hood/gangsta/streetsy/wild guys are the epitome of a real strong man, are thrilling and “fun,” and what they perceive as the kinds of guys who will fuck them like a real man or do all the stuff they like in bed. They think street-wise or socially rebellious studs are cool, especially if they have a way of talking shit flirtatiously that is charming to them. And they ignorantly think there is something smart or manly about a guy who breaks the rules, disobeys authority or his parents, or can out-think people with street smarts. Young females perceive these guys as having a confidence that others don’t, and they would rather take that over more intelligent men, who they in turn perceive as soft, nerdy, geeky, boring, annoying, less manly, or even virgin-y.

Although people try to teach young men that women want respectful gentlemen, a tough truth is that a lot of today’s young women do not really want gentlemen or soft, romantic type guys. Society tries to depict women’s desires in men as more pure and deep than they actually are. Many do not really like or appreciate those kinds of guys, especially in young womanhood.


Well, in a lot of my experience with them, young females who like these kinds of guys are just that - young. And stupid. Their hormonal minds somehow see sex appeal in the danger and confidence aspect of bad boys, until they end up somewhere dead on the side of the road or with a baby from a father who didn’t want to be the father.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys

And then other girls who like them often are empty inside and have little love for themselves. Some would tell me how untrue that is but if you’re sharp you know how to read people beyond what they can tell you. There is a very strong element of truth to the modern pop-cult saying that women love men who don’t respect them, especially when they don’t respect themselves. Subconsciously they are praying to be treated like shit and sexually used by a guy because they see no value in themselves.

Sometimes it’s poor background...

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys

In other cases, some women like streetsy bad boys because that’s what they’ve largely been exposed to, particularly with some black females and Latinas who grew up in the street life or the hood. Sometimes macho gangstas and Chicanos have been all they’ve really known, and were not educated to want any other kind of men. In their minds, these guys are what they perceive as real men who are strong and masculine and will take care of you and be fighters, yet overlook the very ironic facts that these guys often are socially crippled and disadvantaged themselves and by their own wayward choices, with little or no education, years of going in and out of prison, poor employment history or no employment history, having kids from different mothers they didn’t even stay with, and ultimately having no love or respect for their own selves. Yet somehow ethnic females growing up in the street life see men like these as desirable.

Some females don’t like decent guys because they feel like they’re out of their league...

And then other times, other females pick bad or stupid guys because they actually feel like they can’t compare to more intelligent, mature guys. They feel like these guys are out of their league. And you will know this is true by the way they act around you compared to how they act around other males.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys
Guys, have you ever taken the time to observe this? Maybe you are a smart dude who loves books, academics, or just intellectual things in general that most girls don’t really care about or think about. Maybe you’re a deep guy with a significant maturity level who likes to have deep conversations. Maybe you’re a very realistic person with serious views about life. Maybe you’ve met some girls and tried to chat with them, tried to have a serious conversation, but they either didn’t say much and just looked at you dumbly like a shy little kid, or they thought you were nerdy and annoying, even if they tried to hide it. And later did you observe the way she acted with other guys and even girls? She was all fun and giggles and chatty with them instead.

This is usually because your line of thought is just too big for them, and treating you as if you’re annoying is their way of minimizing you. They simply can’t relate to your level of intellectuality or even your maturity, or feel like you’re just too pure for them. They don’t think deep, or they don’t really care about themselves or anyone else like you do, so they’d rather stick with superficial people who don’t have to make life feel so scary or “serious” for them by getting deep or even showing them pure love that they haven’t really experienced.

Cut these girls out…

To be sure, I am not a wild kind of guy, and make no apologies for it. I grew up in the hood, but never became it. I can be gritty on sex. I can be quite colorful and amusing. And I am a hell of a flirt. But in general I am not a simpleton. Nor am I a shallow, fun-and-games type guy either that a lot of young females find to be entertaining. And it’s for these reasons that I’ve almost never done well with younger women growing up. To be fair, I've certainly met those who are surprising, deep, and mature, but most don’t really appreciate or respect guys like me, but to also be fair I don’t respect them either, and am not really attracted to them. We don't relate. They're not on my level. Which is why older women are almost all I ever go for.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys
Some guys have felt like they should try to become hip or hood for girls, or at least try to become something they think wildboy-loving girls will be interested in. I’ve seen it before, especially with white boys, and it’s sad, and I don’t mean that sarcastically either.

Do not become something just to get a girl’s attention, and more importantly don’t do or be something else just because these girls don’t like how you really are and think you’re goofy, nerdy, annoying, or soft. I actually advise that you don’t even associate with them anymore honestly. Keep it at a basic hello-goodbye in passing with a smile type thing, but don’t try to really talk to them or get their attention. Even I do that with my co-worker who I mentioned earlier.

If you are different, if you are not bad, wild, or hood, why would you want to get involved with girls who like all that stuff? Simply let them be, and continue to be who YOU are with no shame. There are still other girls out there who think guys like you are great company, and like your intelligence.


Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys
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  • Schrodingerscat
    I agree with the cultural premise of it. I'm Indian in India and no girl with some sense would go for a 'bad' boy'. Most girls here like smart, educated, funny and gentlemanly guys. The ones that can hold a decent conversation. Heck, I'm kinda sure that many would choose average guy with these qualities over a handsome jerk.

    Even I never saw appeal behind bad boys. I like guys I can I have some intelligent conversations with. The kind which makes me go 'wow' with his smartness. I don't like guys who sleep around, do drugs, have no aim in life and constantly put me down. Just no.

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    • ManOnFire

      Exactly. And it's probably because in your country men are jerks to women, so you girls want something good, not bad.

    • "Most girls here like smart, educated, funny and gentlemanly guys. The ones that can hold a decent conversation. Heck, I'm kinda sure that many would choose average guy with these qualities over a handsome jerk."

      Disagree 👎 (apart from the conversation thing)

    • @YourFutureEx Well thats what I have seen around me. :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • ThisDudeHere
    I agree with the premise. I don't see why guys complain about girls liking bad boys. Just don't date the ones who are like that. Simple.
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  • fabulouspancakes
    This is really an over-simplification of the issue. I wish there was such a thing as clear-cut "bad boys" and "good guys," but there's not. A lot of so-called "nice guys" aren't so nice. Same goes for girls. People are complicated and deeply flawed creatures.
    That being said, the final paragraph I agree with. Be yourself, and there's no point in getting involved with someone who clearly isn't into your type. I had a boyfriend who had a bit of Stockholm syndrome going on and apparently had a thing for girls who treated him like shit. I was very young and TOO nice back then, willing to do anything for him, and probably too clingy. Well it turned out he was still stuck on his emotionally abusive ex and not that into me. He tried to get me back later, probably thinking he missed his chance with someone who was theoretically a "catch" (compared to what he usually dated). I'd already moved on, and told him I didn't think we were right for each other anyway. Do I fault him? Not really. You can't control what you're attracted to, and clingy, obsequious behavior will never be attractive.
    • ManOnFire

      I think you're kind of over-complicating it. For most girls like this it really is that simple. Most men are not the same as women in this regard, and your ex with that situation I don't think is a very common thing for men.

      Sometimes it is true that we can't help what we're attracted to, and other times it is dictated by how we feel about ourselves inside or what we are inadvertently influenced to find is attractive.

    • Yeah it's something stereotypical of women, but it can happen to anyone with low self-esteem. You start to think you deserve to be treated that way. So I agree that women who consistently tolerate guys who treat them badly have a poor image of themselves. However, what I'm trying to point out is that guys who treat women badly do NOT always have the "bad boy" image and are NOT always so obvious. Many guys who call themselves nice are really rotten. I feel like in some way women have evolved not to trust "nice" men.

    • ManOnFire

      Some guys do pretend, no doubt. But regardless of it, the main point is that a lot of young women go seeking an obvious bad boy much more than really being into any nice guy, even if he is pretending. She won't know he's really bad until later, and when it's inconvenient for her.

  • Lumberman53
    • ManOnFire

      So true!!!

    • This does happen. Not every time, but it happens. But it goes both ways. You think guys don't go for flashy, alluring, or mysterious women, dressed in more revealing clothes, etc, even if that's not what's good for them? Think again.

    • @samhradh_leannan I'm not denying that guys do it too with girls it goes both ways and both are wrong

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  • This_is_my_username
    Bad boys.. bad boys Whatchya gonna do when they come for you.. bad boys bad boys. Whatchya gonna do when they come for you.

    Call ManOnFire. Obviously.

    Totally agree with you though.
  • Marsha003
    I married a bad boy... and divorced a bad boy. Now I'm totally in love with the introverted, shy intellectual type of man. Now that I've grown up that is
    • have you ever cheated on your introvert dude? Do you miss the thrill that you got from hot guys (bad boys)?

    • Marsha003

      @allwomenwantme nooo, I've nvr cheated on him. Even though we aren't bf/gf yet. It's been 4 years since either of us has had sex... neither of us date anyone else either... he is in introvert and shy, but a freak in the bedroom. Once that shyness is gone most of the time this type of man is way more attentive in the bedroom. Sexual drive and techie have nothing to do with being and introvert and shy after the line for shyness has been crossed

    • ManOnFire

      @Marsha003 Wowww. You guys haven't had sex in 4 years? Interesting.

  • Battooot
    Why don't you just be a good bad boy. Let me make something clear to you. It is not because they are 'bad boys' that make them attractive to girls. It is because the general traits that come with being a badboy are attractive. For example, being not afraid to say your mind, being courageously confident, not afraid of others, having the ability to bring out the naughty side of girls. All those traits are just embedded in the view of a "badboy" and it makes some girls wet.

    Why not be the good guy that you are, but also have those traits? like the case is with me? I am the most genuinely nice guy anyone can ever meet, and at the same time, i am pretty damn confident, i speak boldly, and not afraid of anyone no matter how bigger than me or intimidating they are (if you are wondering why then that's a whole another story but you can pm me about it). and... i definitely.. definitely can bring out the naughty side of women, which is by the way one of the most important key in all this.

    You see... just like you or others are nice, decent, respectable guys. I am pretty damn sure that you have your own naughty sides and thoughts. The only difference between you and badboys, is that you don't have the courage nor confidence to bring it out in public. It will stay inside you hidden in secret forever or until you actually get into a relationship. and because you hold it in for too long and too secretly, it could be the reason that you might seem creepy. Sometimes bringing out your naughty side like "Sorry Emily, but you look too hot in those tight pants and i won't be able to stop myself from occasionally staring at that ass... i am after all, a Man. so please forgive me" can change the entire situation upside down, but it all depends on her reaction when you say that and that's where you have to be super ovbservant weather it bothered her or not. I know that you just thinking to say that will seem to stupid and impossible to do, because you are scared of her reaction and maybe also not that confident (in other words, you are not a badboy). But at the same time if you said she is thinking: Omg... i can't believe how audacious and bold he is.

    One last point to make: you see the point i explained where no matter how decent or good guy you are, you are still damn naughty deep inside? Same principle applies to girls bro. No matter how decent or good she is, she will still have a naughty side. And by having those 'badboy' traits, it will be easier for her to bring itOut
    • ManOnFire

      Oh I agree with you about the naughty side, and my own personality is much like how you describe yours, but why would it have to be boxed into a badboy thing?

      As I said in the Take, much of the appeal is hormonal for these girls. Momentary thrills. They're not serious about life, themselves, or guys either.

    • Battooot

      Im saying, you can become both. The momentarily thrill (which can easily transfer to permenant thrill in this case) and at the same time the nice and kind guy that will display niceness and kindness when it's actually needed.

      So in an overall look: you will be known as a genuine confident nice guy who exerts a lot of charisma and attraction force by just being the open person that he is, not afraid to show his wants and needs with witty but naughty words coming out of his mouth. In other words: you can be the genuine kind and caring guy that can easily satisfy and fulfill every girl's desires and fantasies in bed, and she could even feel that she can't keep up with him in bed (but thats up to the guy and how much sexual energy they have, in my case... its over 9000). Its important to point out that im a virgin, who had easily over tens of opportunities to get laid. And i said the "keeping up in bed" even though im a virgin because it is a deduction i made from personal experience xD

  • RolandCuthbert
    I guess I get your mytake. It is okay. I just wish you would leave out a lot of rhetoric about why women make the choices they make. Who cares? And I don't understand lecturing them on their choices. Like you say about bad boys, they won't change. So why try and make these women? They do nothing but excuse their horrible choices. So to me, it comes off a bit whiny because of those two points. But it is better than other posts I have seen on the subject.

    Here is my response. Of course a lot of women are attracted to bad guys. But Manonfire (beautiful handle, btw), that's because they are horrible people!!! I don't understand why men don't get that. When I left my wife, I found what I thought was a good friend at work. I was going through my divorce. She had just been through hers. And we were both miserable. I thought after a few months of being together that we were a good fit. Well, she friendzoned me. And said she really valued our friendship. Then I got an understanding of why she had only dated jerks who physically abused her. Later, we met at our company's summer party. She was drunk as a skunk. And she was hugging me, kissing me and telling how much she liked me and how we could be a good couple. She invited me back to a bar at her hotel where a few "friends" were getting together.

    Then I realized, that this story sounded familiar. Almost all of her relationships began with drunk sex with some guy she knew. So I politely declined and did everything I could to distance myself from her going forward.

    There are a lot of women out there who are bad relationship material. I think your mytake should have been a warning to "nice guys". "We" need to stop chasing them around.

    1. If she is rude, maybe she isn't a good person.
    2. If she friendzones you after you ask her out, maybe she isn't worthy of your attention.
    3. If she has a history of dating horrible men, what is wrong with you? Put distance between you and her.
    4. If she is angry with men, maybe you shouldn't date her. . . seeing that you are a man.
    5. Stop projecting positive behaviors onto women just because you think they are hot!!!

    When I dated dating a better class of women, I found I became a much happier man.

    Try it out!!!

    Mila Kunis' character was so much better than Kristen Bell's in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".

    Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys
    • Righteous and evil don't mix just like water and oil don't see eye to eye.

    • ManOnFire

      @RolandCuthbert I actually never said anything about these women needing to change. I said guys need to distance themselves from them.

    • @RolandCuthbert

      "Mila Kunis' character was so much better than Kristen Bell's in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"."

      Yeah, but she was a fictional character. In real life single women like that are far and between and they certainly won't look like Mila Kunis or be as smart and mature as her character. There aren't enough of them to go around, many, many guys would be looking at years and years (maybe even decades) of being alone if they only held out for these decent women so I can't really blame them being tempted when some bad news skank "flirts" with them.

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  • Blonde401
    I don't like bad boys. I also don't like 'nice guys' because most are white knights or they're just push overs. A good balance is better.
    • ManOnFire

      I don't think you can balance good with bad. I think what you want is what I call a 'decent' guy.

    • Blonde401

      You can balance it by finding someone who's not a push over and someone who's exciting. Bad boys are always assholes. Sometimes they're exciting people.

    • ManOnFire

      And the excitement is what I said was ridiculous. Chicks get excited by these guys for all the wrong reasons.

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  • levantine99
    yeah generalisations and stereotypes could not be avoided but in general you are right. toxic ideals of masculinity are perpetuated in the media, by pop idols, and by society and families. men like you should avoid girls with such tastes but not bash them cause deep down they are ill. they need help. but you dont have to be the one to help them.
    • ManOnFire

      Trust me. I will not waste my time helping them, lol.

  • cafepuro504702
    some women won't get it.. or admit it. there are plenty of other code words that they use to describe guys who have a thing for riskier behavior. I've seen a number of comments and videos from women who suggested that nice guys just wait their turn.. Basically these women will grow old of those bad boys.. and want to settle down for a nice guy..

    In other words, when they are all used up and abused.. No thanks.. I am not the type of person to fault a woman for being into who or what she is into.. At the same time.. im not into women who want to play with fire.. and then complain when they get burned.. Good luck however,..
  • FunIt

    I get the gist of it though.

    I dated a "nice guy" because I was finally looking to settle down, but he ended up being an asshole. I think I have lost all hope in "happily ever after".

    He legitimately did seem like a nice guy. We were best friends for nearly 7 years, and he doted on me the entirety of our friendship like a sad little puppy. I guess he only wanted what he couldn't have.
    • FunIt

      @TheUsername27 you're rude. I'm sure you're the one who "ain't shit".

    • ManOnFire

      @Funlit If you did not read it in full you shouldn't comment.

    • Wwwyzzerdd


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  • KaylaJoy
    I don't like bad boys- I've always liked the good, smart even nerdy, guys because my biological mother liked bad boys and that led to her becoming a drug addict, prostitute, getting all of her 5 kids (each from a different bad boy) taken away from her and going in and out of jail. I've got no interest in following in her steps. Yep, just good boys for me...
    • dwiller943

      Same here. Sometimes being raised by bad examples teaches you what NOT to do.

  • Machiavelli
    Men really are all the same, they just act a part really.
    Most girls who like bad boys have low self esteem or being peer pressured. No one likes a boring personality, especially at a young age, girls want to have fun, same for young boys.

    A lot of self proclaimed good boys are creeps who will assault you, one tried to do it to me when I was 16 and hated me because I didn't like him, he was good looking but a fucking creep, he got baptized and probably is crapping on my name now.
    Stop with the good guy/bad guy because the lines are blurred.

    A lot of guys that thought I stayed with them because they treated me like shit were mistaken, I did because I didn't wanna be seen as a whore, now I don't give a shit and realized that men use that to control girls, find another dick bitch and ditch the asshole.
    • Men are NOT the same in the same way women are not all the same.

    • @ScottSummers Women have more variety than men do, men are basically all the same good day.

    • nah not really but whatever, have a good day too

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  • katyfenty
    I love men who have everything together.. men who work, who have a sense of humor, who appreciate a submissive woman...
  • prince1102
    Girls like confident, masculine guys who are opinionated and stand up for themselves. These traits are somewhat correlated with being a 'bad' boy but are the polar opposite of a 'nice' guy.

    Nice guys don't understand what woman really want. Nice guys believe they should get points for being nice and get rewarded sexually for being really nice and kind.

    The competition isn't to be the nicest guy, it's to be the guy who has the most to offer a woman.
    • ManOnFire

      I agree with you about those traits being good and attractive, but even still they are subjective, because you have intelligent men who are all those things but are not badboys.

      What women like really is the image of a bad, rebellious type. There are men as you described who women still don't want because the WAY they are confident and stand up for themselves is not in the badboy way that they like.

    • prince1102

      I don't really see any of my female friends dating this type of bad boy you describe...

      My female friends are all dating guys who are confident, secure in themselves, successful, attractive (relatively) and fun to be around.

    • Two of My uncles are really nice guys. But they'll put a stranger in check on the streets in a heartbeat.

      You're describing sissy nice guys, that have no courage, confidence and boldness. Those guys are lames.

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  • allwomenwantme
    bad boy = extremely good looking male with intimidating looks, usually perceived as a "bad boy" by women. It's the type of looks that women are attracted the most to. It's the type of looks that women sell their virginity for. It's the type of looks women would kill their family to get it. Women are attracted to masculinity and the bad boy image is the highest form of it. It's the type of genetic material that meets all requirements for a woman from biological perspective, or in other words, women are hardwired to fuck these guys with priority. While she might not date him, she'll gladly fuck him in matters of minutes.

    And it has to do nothing with personality. If it had to do anything with personality, then everybody would be a "bad boy", right? Just be a bad boy and women will drool over you, - sounds like a heaven for most males. As stated before, bad boy image is just a perception due to his looks, and that is also projected to a perceived personality. So if you will try to act like a bad boy without having the bad boy looks, you'll be seen by women as sth between wanna-be, idiot and a complete moron.

    typical bad boy looks, which women drool over:

    Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad BoysDistance Yourself From Girls Who Like Bad Boys
    • ManOnFire

      Omg they lokk like prettyboys!! You call that bad? LMFAO!!!

  • cth96190
    This is a good think piece, @ManOnFire.
    When I was a teenager and then a 20-something, it used to upset me that a lot that girls would reject me, then throw themselves at Harley MacBadBoy, Ivor Necktatto and Chad Thundercock.
    On a logical level, their choice did not make sense.
    It was not until much later that I learned enough about psychology and reproductive behaviour to understand why making a choice that was in direct opposition to logic and the observable facts made sense to females.
    About the age of 30, I realised that the girls had done me a huge favour. Imagine the nightmare that a date, or, worse, a relationship, with one of those females might have been.
    The bad boys can have the females who crave abusive relationships with men who are sociopathic, unstable and often mentally defective.
    If that is what gives you the crotch tingles, Sweetcheeks, go for it.
    I know that about the age of 30 most females pull their heads out of their collective arses and begin to be interested in men like me, but I am past caring.
    The psychological link between females and unspeakable pain became so strong that I began to recoil at the idea of interacting with women in anything outside of a strictly professional context.
    MGTOW monk.
  • samhradh_leannan
    Girls who go for bad boys either like trouble or they have a savior complex. Either way, it's bad news. Self-proclaimed nice guys are rarely much better though. People who truly are nice don't need to rely on labels in order for people to think well of them.
    • So if a girl asks me "are you a nice guy or a bad guy" what should i respond with?

    • @Armourdillo "I'll let you be the judge of that"

    • @Armourdillo I mean, in a situation where you are directly being asked, it's a little different. I think in that case, it would be reasonable to say that you are nice (or at least that you try to be nice, if you want to be humble about it). The men I'm referring to here as being "self-proclaimed nice guys" are the ones who go complaining "I'm such a nice guy, why can't I get a girlfriend?" But the reality is that their standards are way too high, they only want to date the most attractive women, and they get frustrated that those women won't date them, so they turn around and call women bitches and cunts for having standards of their own. Basically, they are bitter assholes who think the fact that they want to get married and settle down is enough to make them "nice". But NOT every guy is like this. I am referring to a very specific type here.

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  • NJ_Casanova
    Bad Boys are like slutty dress/easier girls to guys.

    You are drawn to them as they are exciting and wild... but you also know they aren't good for you and NOT marriage material.

    Sadly girls end up having kids with the "Bad Boys" and end up being single moms with no $$ No future for her and her kids... Story of the USA... Since the 60's feminist movement.

    • but what's funny is that , not all girls who are attracted to bad guys dress up as sluts, they are often pretty formal.

    • @lacorine197 "but what's funny is that , not all girls who are attracted to bad guys dress up as sluts".

      True... normally it's "OPPOSITES ATTRACT" The conservative girl wants the bad boy. Nerdy Guy is attracted to the dominate slut.

  • adamjanovic
    Maybe I'm a freak of nature, but I've never been attracted to bad boys.

    Bad boys are exactly that!
    • To emphasize my last point, my former hairdresser married an ex con and had two babies with him. Before the younger one was even two years old, he decided he was tired of all the responsibility, left her and skipped town. The police still can't find him to make him pay child support.

    • ManOnFire


  • RedMatch
    This was great. Personally i find it ridiculous all these girls who hang out with "bad boys" I tend to socialise with neither. I have a gentlemen of a boyfriend and wouldn't ask for any different.
  • backspinGA
    Today I read a post on Facebook. The woman put a long post asking if there were any sane, faithful, quality men in my city looking for an independent woman. As I read the comments, she remarked that she tends to choose badboys who she can fix. From that to witnessing women go right from talking to a decent man who is genuinely interested in them to the bed of the man looking to hit and quit. There are great women out there, but a frightening amount of women fall into this catergory. When I pretended to be something I wasn't ( destroying my life with drugs, alcohol, and partying) there were no shortage of females. With a fulltime job, going to school, and bettering myself... nothing. It's sad, but great material for a comedy.
    • ManOnFire

      Women can be very misguided about what kind of men they want or think they need.

    • backspinGA


  • TacosRAwesome
    Personally i dislike both bad boys and nice guys. First are rude and mean and second are sad ànd boring. I like those who treat me well, have a real sense of adventure and have good genes.
    • Asad1ONE1

      All kinds of personalities exist girl. Bad/nice are just words.

    • lol you are sad and boring. and a bit coockoo.

    • Asad1ONE1

      @levantine99 Nice doesn't mean "sad and boring". Bad doesn't mean "rude and mean" dummy. No wonder why cute boys like me avoid girls like you.

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  • dwboutit
    I like a guy with ambition, someone who knows what they want and gets it. Being prepared for your future is everything, I want someone who wants to be financially stable and responsible but also knows the right times to have fun.
    • yeah its important if you want to estabish a family. but for a mature person its like number 5+ in their priority list. a financial shark and alpha dude, thats violent, cheats on you, is secretive, is shallow, and whatever else, is still unbareable.

    • dwboutit

      @levantine99 well thankfully I'm in a pretty honest relationship as it is right now and I haven't seen any red flags just yet. Hoping it stays that way.

  • You know...
    I leave such girls to such boys because let's face it, they want
    • Unit1

      (stupid smartphone again...)

      They want each other. Since i am not that kind of guy i will leave them both to it. They probably even deserve each other.
      In the meantime i am still a single virgin, who never had a girlfriend but doesn't really mind. If i find a good woman, then that's great. If not then there is no harm.
      The way i see rejection is their loss, not mine.
      I just live my life the way it is.

    • Unit1

      Sure, it gets lonely at times and sometimes i get frustrated or sad but hey, that's life. I grow strong of all of that. Luckily porn is keeping me in check and holding me together as a substitute. It works at least.

    • Bingo.

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  • CollieWinters
    I agree with you, especially the bit about age. Dealing with women chasing the bad boys in high school, sure, that's just what it is in high school. It's part of the growing experience. Dealing with women my age that fall for the bad boys is just not worth my time. If you're a grown adult (living on your own, paying bills, have a job, etc.) and you fall for some bad boy, that's just not someone I need in my life. Bye girl.
  • pewdiepie_
    Bad Boy = Saturn.

    He will ruin your life. Nobody, likes bad things isn't it?

    A bad boy could harm you mentally and physically.

    A bad boy can have sex with many girls and women besides married to you.

    A bad guy can cheat you and can have an aggressive personality.

    Bad guys don't respect their girls because they are already having sex with other girls, then why he may be worried? lol.

  • Too long and winded. Didn't read everything.

    To put in short terms. Wicked people like other wicked people. Period.

    It has nothing to do with race at all man.

    In China and India are over billion people. Trust many women there like garbage men as well, because they are low value garbage themselves.
  • MikkiM
    Nice take, I hope you post in your next post,

    Why do men are wired to BAD GIRLS/BITCH lol. would love to see you post it :) haha
    • ManOnFire

      I don't think most men really like bitches, however I did want to write something on the Madonna-whore thing before.

    • This isn't a very good defense of men, but I don't think the majority of men really care about personality enough to be attracted to bitch traits. I think the bitches just know they're hot regardless of their personality, and can act any way they want and still get guys.

    • because those so called "Bad girls/bitch/nice girls" pretend to act nice to get what they want, ala opportunist. But it is hard to check how a girl fully is without getting to know her, which is why it's hard cause you know, we have to speak first and converse first.

  • Prof_Don
    I truly agree that the women who lust after bad boys, are just as damaged as the bad boy is himself.

    Let those "bad girls" have their bad boys and make a mess of each others' lives... and just watch on the sidelines with your popcorn.🍿
    • dwiller943

      I agree. Plus us girls/women are attracted to boys/men that remind us of ourselves. I also like to sit and watch them make a mess of their own life choices.

  • WhereAmI
    I never cared or let that get to me in any way. If that's not you, let go and move on. Dwelling on something your not is unproductive. Be confident in who you are and don't let people walk all over you... period.
  • reixun
    Bad boys are thrilling, wild and more confident than the "nice guys". All three of those traits are sexier in bed so I completely agree that bedding bad boys is a good time.

    I'd never get romantically involved with a someone more impulsive and risky than I am though.
  • ATuairiscean
    Enjoyable take - Yes I agree it is a phenomeon and I am not 100% sure of the physcology behind it - Lots of truth in your take but you can't help who you fall for on both sides, I have been attracted to a lot of girls who seemed to like bad guy type but I don't attach huge amount of blame to either myself or the girls, it is just the way they are - What have I noticed that some girls seem to have "Daddy Issues" in the sense that they were raised by a single mom or had a problematic relationship with their father and they want to be "Submissive" to a "Social/Sexual dominant" to somehow give a male power figure. I spoke to one "Good Girl" who said she was sick of attracting Mommas boys who were attracted to her maturity so it was like she made a conscious decision to go for "Bad boys". It is important to note I said "Some" because I honestly haven't a clue why and also agree that a lot will return to a very staid social life by their late 20s/30s.
    • ManOnFire

      Why did she not like that they were attracted to her maturity? That usually is great sex appeal in a lot of us men for women.

    • Those were her words - I think she felt like a replacement momma to them - She had a kid young so maybe all her "Responsibility" genes where taken up with the child and wanted to be taken care of herself for a change

    • ManOnFire

      Hm. I can understand that.

  • soulbabe
    Um can't say I ever liked bad boys when I was 14 I liked a boy who was sweet as can be his hair was 2 toned though and a few weeks later he shaved his head and Started ignoring me acting a real ass to everyone I was like um no we are done here I'm not dealing with a brat
  • AleDeEurope
    When a girl I'm interested in tells me about their exes and how much of an assholes they were, I tend to get turned off.
    It's usually one type of women who goes for bad boys, and that type of women I'm not interested in. That's why I've never dated a bad girl or anything like that because I simply stay away from them.

    One time I was close to dating one into bad boys and she fucked up before we even made things official, so that's when I said fuck it, and decided to stay away from that type of women.

    Like the saying goes: "tell me who you hang with, and I'll tell you who you are"
  • Ladyslipper
    I guess I'm more drawn to bad boys because they're not clingy and I'm not into the mushy romance crap
    • Tiger288

      Good luck for bad boy break ur heart.

    • ugly, fat nose, fat face... tiny upper lip = bad ageing.

    • Sorry we are all being honest her... upload a pic and im going to judge. I seriously doubt you get any of the ''good looking bad boys'' more the ''ugly chav types''

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  • WhistleForTheChoir
    Thank you for bringing up the cultural aspect of it. I don't quite agree with the racial component, but the cultural aspect definitely plays a role. I've had this discussion before. In Poland and the Nordic countries, for example, women actually prefer soft-spoken, sensible and considerate men, because those are sensible, reserved cultures. In Morocco and Algeria, women prefer serious, hard-working men. In Malawi women prefer gentle, friendly, optimistic men. And in the cut-throat West, women prefer opportunistic, cruel, narcissistic men. We're a culture of instant gratification, and as a result the women in our society don't do any long term planning and fail to look past the initial rush that a bad boy gives them. Men in our society do the same thing, except the trait they select for is the woman being an easy lay.
    • ManOnFire

      I like your analysis. I've noticed things like that in other cultures too. But I mention race because that is a big factor of the situation in this country (the U. S.)

  • ACupOfFrosting
    Umm do guys not like attractive girls?
    And (about a pic) *nice guys* are usually dicks who think they're *nice* but they just wine all the time about how they're in the *friend zone* and don't get any girls. Your fault my man.
    • ManOnFire

      You're 16. That would be the only way you look at it.

    • Dude you're 32? Someone that's 40 could say the same thing about you?
      Which is such a shitty excuse by the way. Stop.

    • ManOnFire

      A 40 year-old is far less likely to have the logic of a 16 year-old who's attracted to badasses. A 40 year-old is much more likely to understand what a decent man is and not sit here having the nerve to justify the idiocy and immaturity of loving a badass.

      Keep growing.

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  • musicbrain5
    Good take. I never understood the appeal of bad boys, jerks, etc.
  • slutsdontgetoral
    From the bottom of my heart I feel for women who like bad boys. 150 years ago you wanted a bad boy. He was the good hunter. He was the good fighter to defend the house. Today he is obsolete and can't stay out of his own way. All "Bad Boys" are good for is making babies they can't take care of. Women who still like them are behind the evolutionary curve. Probability of them having a stable life together is low.
  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    I didn't really read any of this, but I got the gist. Stay away from girls who like bad boys. i. e., stay away from girls. Got it.
  • hero-hero
    I distance my self from this type of girls at once.. even deep inside me , i don't respect them.. I see them as shallow immature girls who will end up having a shitty life.. You reap what you saw ! That is always what i see.. I blocked a girl like that today. we were talking for a while now , but i knew that about her and I just felt disgusted and not interested at all to have her as a friend of me
  • IHaveLists
    If he's hot, he's hot. It doesn't matter how bad he is.
    • ManOnFire

      Aaaaaand you prove the point of this Take, lol.

    • Unit1

      Well, this is actually true if you just think about it for just a minute.

    • TheSniper

      Okay so you'd marry a hot jerk. Looks is all that matters to you.

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  • NerdInDenial
    Those women who have grown up just hit the wall and have to find those "nice guys" to provide them resources. It's the cycle of Western women.
  • Heartcrusher
    I'm black and young I don't like bad boys because they really only talk about themselves and it's true that they don't have much in their brains. Some people confuse witty with smart. Smart means that one has a lot of information in there head and can think logically and analytically. Witty is being charming and doing the unexpected. I noticed that my crushes aren't genially considered attractive but they are to me and are nice and they have unique ideas that I injoy listening to. My only problem with intelligent guys is that there mostly arrogant and treat everyone like their below them. But bad boys are worse they care more about what everyone thinks of them and what's considered cool. They will only have a girlfriend or five because it makes them look attractive. So I don't like a certain type but I evaluate based on personal preferences
  • DairyCow
    I love This perspective: you touched on a lot more that just "she only wants a bad boy!"
    Great take.
    I'm not into bad boys. I like them youthful. Not to say I like younger guys but I like them to have a boyish charm. I want to baby him. But I also want him to be responsible and to be able to take charge. Yet, I want to baby him when he's sick and have him depend on me for hugs and affection, if you get what I mean? Boyish boys are fun.
    I think that's what's attractive about bad boys. They seem fun, but still manly and strong. Every "bad boy" gangster type I've ever dated however, has always turned out to be some idiot who lives with his parents with no plans of moving out, who watches rap videos
    • SuitAndTie

      What is your definition of boyish charm?

  • That_Indian_Girl
    Completely agreed. Just like how guys go for dumb girls.
  • TheOtakuMaid
    code word for fucking stupid and the epitome of an IQ of 100
  • KnightCross
    i think that type of girl is just a moron. only a moron would be attracted to a guy who has some doubtful character.

    And i'm not into moronic type of girls
  • TheSniper
    Good take mate. This is certainly going to trigger some.
    • ManOnFire

      Oh it already has lol.

    • TheSniper

      By the looks of it, I can already see that many girls here are butthurt because they've slept with at least one stupid jerk in their life.

    • ManOnFire

      Yeah, what I was thinking too, lol.

  • DizzyAster
    Yeah, you're wrong.
    women like real men.
    girls like boys.
    Unfortunately, dudes in the early 20's are not men anymore, they're more like grown boys.
    A real man is a mix of a nice guy's (honest) caring nature and generosity and a bad boy's dominant persevering attitude.
    That's why I get all the women, romantically or not.

    Plus, being good looking doesn't hurt. :P
    • Unfortunately dude's that's 27 are not men anymore. they're little boys.

    • DizzyAster

      @lacorine197 too bad for them.