Chug that Potion of Courage!

This is kind of a rant My Take but I feel the community can benefit from it.

I see these kind of posts all the time "does he/she like me" and all the opinions usually say something along the lines of gather up your courage, stop beating around the bush and JUST ASK THEM!!

Chug that Potion of Courage!

I know the traditional thing is for the man to make the first move and ask the woman out but c'mon people... its 2018 and women have just as much rights and power as men do.

Ladies us men are dense and 95% of the time we can't tell if you like us. You can try flirting but again we are dense and don't understand your body language and tells/flirting. A guy may think your attractive as a shining gems mesmerising gleam but, due to that he may think you are out of his league and won't engage you, so guess what... You may have to engage with him and tell him you like him. Also there are plenty of great guys out there wanting a relationship but are shy and afraid of rejection and as most people know rejection hurts. If your not afraid of rejection JUST ASK HIM!

Trust me I know it takes a lot of nerve to speak to a someone you find attractive... I still kind of struggle with this myself but if you want to be happy and stop being single you need to leave your zone of comfort and do something that is most likely going to be uncomfortable. You will probably be glad you did!! :)

Chug that Potion of Courage!


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  • Anything with a Picard gif has my vote!

    I would generally agree and say that both parties need to be a little more adventurous and take a little risk. The ladies need to show up but the guys do too and take the initiative.

    • Your absolutely right. Sadly though some guys put barriers up from being rejected and so it kinda blinds them so it's going to be up to the ladies to help break down said barrier.

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  • That's why I've always wondered why some women WAIT for things to happen to them rather than actively doing things to make a difference in their lives. Everyone should go after what they want and make things happen rather than wait around for things to them.

    As the quote goes:

    Life begins where your comfort zone ends.

  • Yeah... I'm tired of approaching to be honest. When I approach strangers it's so common to hear "I have a boyfriend."

    There was even one time where a girl said she had a boyfriend when I barely said anything.

    Now I just don't think it's really worth that much effort.

  • for real...


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