Tragedy at the Falls: Women and Emotions!

Men, this is for you, it's about women's emotions and a part of your value to them. Women, enjoy this true story!

First time at the falls!
First time at the falls!

We met on GAG! Our 2nd date was going nicely, perfect summer weather, I had fun adventures planned for the whole weekend! On the way, I made a quick decision to check out a waterfall that I thought she'd enjoy and was on the way. Just a brief stop, we had some time constraints!

But First....

The Fall of Man!
The Fall of Man!

Lets go back in time first 10,000 years or so! The Bible tells a story of the “Fall of Man”. Someone a long time ago crafted this story to convey some important info. Wasn’t easy to write when chiseling into rocks, so they must have felt it was important. What would you chisel into rock to communicate?

Here's the story, NIV Version.

Genesis 2:16 And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” [Adam was informed what not to do!]

Genesis 2:25 Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame. [emotional state was pure ao dar...]

The Fall of Man

Genesis 3 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden,3 but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’” [the woman knew the LOGICAL facts!]

4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” [how easily she lead astray...]

6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye [do you see her emotions kick in?], and also desirable for gaining wisdom [temptation], she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her [knuckle dragger standing right next to her, didn't stop her did he?], and he ate it [followed her lead, is that how dancing works folks?]. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; [shame sets in!] so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

This story, so easily glossed over, is choc full of the of juicy tidbits to the keen eye! The Bible writer was genius, had prior stories to pull from, or maybe God? Here’s what I got out of it. Women are easily lead astray by their emotions. Friends with benefits ladies? Go for the players ladies...they are attractive aren't they? How about that powerful narcissist, he looks good? F-buddies are awsome aren’t they? Women are emotional beings, they were designed that way, assumably for the nurturing of offspring to pull those offspring out of their shells and into social connection. But those emotions blind them sometimes and you gotta be aware like the Alpha male is of his troop!

Protect the Woman
Protect the Woman


The “Man” was standing right next to her and he let her screw herself over! Big mistake! The man has a job to do, which is to protect the woman from harm, including self inflicted harm. Pay attention EMOTIONALLY and protect her!

Protect her by distraction and leading! So what could “Adam” have done instead of letting her decide and follow her lead? How about: “No, that is not good. Lets go over here [distract her], there is better fruits there.” Don't ask her permission, lead her! You will hear this from dating coaches. Can't tell you how many times I've had to learn to use this, and it works. Distract the woman from the poison, redirect her to a better emotional place! Lead!

Men, have you experienced how women sometimes want us to take power when they are emotionally off and provide a force to control them? This is in a loving, but powerful way. It's like dealing with a child at times, if that makes sense.

Animal Kingdom

Alpha Male Stair!
Alpha Male Stair!

There is balance here! We aren't always controlling or constricting. Look at the Alpha male in the gorilla kingdom. He lets the women in his troop roam about, and forage and live life. When there is a threat, like another male comes along causing trouble, he smacks him down, with confidence, his stair, his smarts, or physically. If a female is in trouble with a predator, he will come to her aid and protect her! Otherwise, he leaves them be to go shopping and do their nails! He will put his life on the line for his women, he will fight to the death won’t he? protect! He will also mate with her, that's his reward! Don't forget about your reward:)

You can learn a lot for your relationships from the Bible and from nature!

Back to our 2nd Date:

Wish I had realized all that and had it in my head, it would have come in handy.

The Falls in Summer Time, notice the railing on the right
The Falls in Summer Time, notice the railing on the right

So we went to this waterfall, and she was elated.. She climbed up on the railing on the right side like the gymnast she used to be and looked happy as a child at play! She wanted on the other side to climb on the rocks. I looked closer at that railing and said to do you get over that without getting hurt? That's a long ways down! I was studying it myself. I was in my logical problem solving mind, not my emotional protective one...BIG MISTAKE!

Before I could react, she did a gymnast dismount! F@#$@K


A beautiful and perfect dismount and she stuck the landing...and I was reaching for my phone before she hit the ground!

I still can hear the screams right after she landed! Her ankle was badly broken. Emergency crew had a hard time getting her out of there. It looked something like this after the first surgery...and there was another.

Multiple fractures
Multiple fractures

Weekend fun came to an end fast! What ensued was hospital, doctors visits, pain killers, figuring out how to get her home for another surgery, what my role was...we were not GF/BF yet. It was months of healing. We ended up dating for 2 years after that with many wonderful memories, and some pain too. She fully recovered!


Anyone can make a bad decision. But, I'm talking about women's emotions here! As I look back, I realized she was at the peak of her hormonal cycle at that time.

Timing is everything sometimes!
Timing is everything sometimes!

She was always upbeat and really ..beyond positive at that time. Other times, she was way low emotionally. Timing is a factor for women! Keep an eye out for her moods. If she was sweet one day and 2 weeks later is cold, this may be a reason why. If you young men are getting confused by women's behavior, you might consider that her moods swing quite drastically, so don't take her mood changes so personally. It gets worse after the 2nd child too!

Women make emotional decisions (as do men), sometimes they are not good ones. When I see something I don't agree with, I speak my mind! Women respect this, even if they complain! If you watch dating coach videos, they will tell you over and over, be decisive, be emotionally strong, etc.. Do you see some reason why women want that?

I wonder how many women have died at the Grand Canyon or rocky cliffs or on Cruise ships doing crazy stunts when her hormones are off? How many bad relationship decisions they make, based upon moods? Alcohol would be another contributor. I don’t blame myself for what happened. But I took what I could from it and learned so I'm better next time for her sake. I hope you do as well.

Death at the Falls

If you notice the flowers in the pic/video, those are for the girl who died there. Quite a few teens died there over the years, taking some bad chances. Not long after my girlfriend made her jump, a young woman committed suicide in the same area...depressed for reasons we don’t know, she ended her life. How sad, such a beautiful girl too, healthy, and full of life.

Men, stay alert emotionally to what is going on...your female wants you, and she needs you too! a 180!

Thank you for listening!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think the take away that a partner will st times need their partner to step up- is very solid. But I do not think this is aboit women’s hormones. Everyone has hormones this hormone fluctuation And everyone will be on the verge of making a bad decision where they need a steady hand at some point.

    . Some people have more practice being calm during a crisis but that is training not gender. And what is a crisis will be different for different people.

    I am almost always the calm person in a storm and if I let someone lead me just bc he was a man, we would both be in trouble. This does not mean I never need help , nor that I have never needed help from a man , not that I would nlt like to be able to rely on a partner - whether a man or woman.

    I simply think taking control of a situation sometimes require one person or many people and is based on exieriehce and construct and frame of mind others trust in you- not gender.

    I’ve had to manage volatile emotions from enough guys -that I say that with no doubt whatsoever.

    I think you have maybe had similar experience with women or a special woman and it caused you to seek out ways to be prepared , which I can understand. I do think it is helpful to many more people to discuss being supportive of a partner when they are struggling or in danger. Cuts out a lot of people and options and opportunity to learn if we reduce it to gender.

    I still think overall it is a very helpful post that people should be Intune with their partners. And be ready to lend a hand or a better suggestion 😊

    • Valid points, men can be emotional, out of control, and be risk takers.
      My view of her leap was based upon seeing her go up and down emotionally and at her peak, she was pure positive and could not see negative in anything. I drew an association to why she was so over confident to take the risk.
      I think you are possibly more "even keep" emotionally, keep an eye out for these women as you get into the workforce. You will experience them, and men, but men hide it more.

      I definitely learned from this to be more assertive, a quality a lot of women value. One can overstep their bounds easily, so it is a balance. But it is better to be assertive than a life lost. She could have died easy with just one little slip.

      Thank you!:)

    • I forgot to say I absolutely love all the work you put into your posts! They are interesting and fun to read and alwars thoight provoking and rarely short/ which I appreciate bc I like deity 😊😊

    • More coming, maybe even better I hope! I need graphic artists for pics:) I love writing and conveying thoughts! I appreciate that you appreciate!

Most Helpful Guy

  • This was a good read. I was looking for the happily ever after ending. Thngs sounded so perfect in the beginning. That is cool you met her from this site. The waterfall setting sounded like a lot of fun before the accident happened. I hope things worked out between you and her.

    • Thanknyou. I need an editor... i should have an ending! It ended not lomg ago but was quite an experience.

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    • I'll try to edit it and add the ending...
      Emotionally painful. I don't want to call her out. I'll say more offline.

    • That is cool if you add an ending. Yes inbox message me please on what happened?

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  • But they're all so strong and independent and need men like fish need bicycles, so no protection from me, no leadership nothing, they get nothing they deserve nothing they like me have to earn everything and learn it for themselves, they have to fall and like me and all the men out there they have to pick themselves back up.

    • you weren't born with that view, it was gained from pain right? I understand you, those creatures can rip a hole in your soul. I'm writing a mytake on that as well, I hope by Valentines. I think there is a better view, but I know that pain... that's where I learned all this.

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    • I'm sorry, I know where you are coming from. There is a part of me that sees what is happening, the disintegration of society, as a PLAN. It's a way to mess up society and drop the birth rate to control population. If so, it is working.
      I talk to quite a few men, men who committed and do their best, and too many are suffering. Add to it, there is minmal if any social support for me. If the woman pushes his buttons with her emotions and he gets physical, he looses under the laws! IF she abuses him emotionally,... there's not much law against that. Men don't reach out or find support very well. It is F'd to hell, I don't blame you. But my passion is finding some way to do this better. If not, we are going to be replaced by robots. It may be hopeless, I'm trying to have hope.
      I have seen really really good relationships/marriages. It's a beautiful thing! But there is way too much craziness. I hope to find and propagate, better. It is tough though for sure. Seems the worst of times for men.
      I got to church and I see it there, it's feminized... women get support for their needs, men are cast out, could show you a video on that... made me ill, but that's where we are at in society. No wonder MGTOW has traction.

    • Yeap I hear you, not on the church bit but each to his own.

  • now i wish i had came to this forums months before to read all this stuff , but now i have to wait for my girl to get back with me coz he got a new retard -_-

  • What? You were swinging from side-to-side in this story. What's your message?

    • Women have emotions, they will make emotional mistakes, men can be there as a counterbalance to protect them.

      I'm not suggesting women need us, but that we men add benefit in this realm being more emotionally stable, or we are supposed to be.

  • Wow... thats a great take! I completely understand your thoughts! So you're single now? Can we date?
    Ok ok... see i know i am nice and sweet, but yes my hormones jump from one to the next, i even sometimes dont know why i made that particular decision... it was a bad one, and then i suffer the consequences. Man are awesome, and i only wish we could turn back time where the males were the man of the house and woman went along with what their husband said no questions asked. I rather have my man do the decision and me just follow them... bc i know at times i make my mistakes when it could of been prevented in the first place. I like your take, and i understand it very well too. Thats just me though.

    • haha! Thanks for keeping me honest. I'm sure it may rub some people wrong. I'm trying to kick guys in the pants if you see that message. Maybe it's a bit harsh on women. Maybe I need a woman editor before I publish... lol
      That was how it was to a degree... there were defined roles, dictated by magazines and media. It's all up in the air now. I'm all good with diff roles, but society is suffering...
      Thank you for your honesty.
      I'm single since Oct.

    • You are so right!! Lol!!

  • That was a great read! Thanks for sharing.

    I lean towards agreeing with this.

    I have figured how generally women are followers and men are the leaders. It was said often times. Someone even said, that the woman follows his lead in such a way, that she does what he does.
    For instance if the man treats his relationship like a transaction (giving her money and gifts to show her his "love"), so will she. She may start adopting into the gold digger mentality in the relationship. Not to mention she'll be unhappy unless she's an actual gold digger.

    Another example would be if the guy is doing everything she says and wants without thinking it through. He just does what she tells him she wants and he doesn't stand his ground and just does it even if it's a terrible idea and has consequences. The trick here is the woman's emotions as mentioned in your bible example. Quite some women only want want want and that's all that matters. They just want and don't care about it's possible outcomes. I have personally witnessed this myself.

    Then There are also the losers, who don't do anything to build their life. Somehow some women are attracted to those kinds of male humans, who express hatred towards races/members of a nation, school class skippers (failing academically), alcoholics, aggressive or freaky overgrown boys. But they do have the looks. That's how i guess. This is what some women also sign up for.

    Whether guys know it or not but quite often women follow their man. That is not to say, that women can't be leaders.
    And if an overgrown girl ghosts on her boyfriend... Likely that isn't a mature Woman but a bish shaped as one.

    • You are wise for your age and thank you for the positive thoughts!

      Yes women can be great leaders! We have them at church, Admiral Gracy Murray Hopper, etc..

      I fully understand the attraction of girls to those bad boys. if you want me to explain it, I will... it is not looks, looks help always, but that's not it.

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    • I read your profile a bit, so you are bombing out with girls is that right? I have a lot of insight on how to fix that. To answer your question:
      We're dealing with a hormonally activated emotional system. The hormones kick in, she can't turn them off... but they do fluctuate and maker her more or less vulnerable at times and horney as heck at others.
      Assume there is conscious mind and sub conscious (emotion). Girls should really be drawn to nerdy computer guys who can fix their routers and make good $. But it doesn't work that way... they. Attraction is out of the sub conscious mind which was built up over thousands of years of selection. The woman has 9 months of child bearing where she is vulnerable.. then 10 years or so for each kid. She needs protector. The greatest thing she looks for is emotional strength... the emobdiement that says he won't run when I'm bitchy, he'll not only fight to protect but be creative and crafty. If food is scarce, he won't get depressed at the problem, he will get motivated and creative... even in the face of her and kids complaining. Physical capability also desired, but less so. Course, she wants attractive kids, but that is less as well. I think he can expose vulnerability to her in certain ways, but as long as it concludes with confidence, not weakness (I'm not pos on this yet). Attributes: He doesn't bow emotionally to others (Strength of character).. e. g. his emotion stays up when challenged, challenge doesn't phase him, he's capable physically. Confidence.

      So these Fboys, players, narcissists, self centered users... they project these things. She can't really differentiate, she's emotional and she sees emotional strength... he doesn't take her BS, lies and tests, he gets through. The rest is his skill on how to take advantage of her, which she is willing becuase he cut through her defenses. Girls w strong self esteem, will hold up, many won't.. cause it feels right. there's another piece to thsi which is her attraction

    • ... which is built up in her childhood. that can be totally F'd to hell. if her dad was a womanizing drunk that faught with mom... guess what she is going to naviate right to... what she is familiar with. And the cycle repeats until she can resolve the wounds within.
      So... for you, your job is to embody the attributes you need. you don't have to be a horrible person, in all honesty, you just have to learn to grow into the man you are supposed to be, before the world mis-informed you.
      hope that helps!

  • He was also emotionally making bad decisions if he was easily influenced to eat the apple...

    • Exceptional observation! And how does it make a female feel when the male is easily lead along and doesn't have a strong sense of his decisions, values, she can lead him? :)

    • The same way it makes the man feel when the woman is easily led along.

  • Good take

  • Good morning read, thanks for sharing!

  • Where is the happily every after!! And that your children will be a gymnast too!
    So sweet, romantic the way you guys met...
    You can continue to protect her and love her :)

    • Aw, I know. It didn't happen, I bailed out. But thank you.

    • Oh no... why?
      Sounds like you really loved her, took care of her after the fall and had so much fun together. Call her up and say I'm sorry and work it out. Thats how relationships work. No one said its easy. Running away is not a solution. Since she is a great woman. Hard to find good people nowadays. Was she in her 20s? So flexible and jumped off like that?
      I met too many idiots, now they just want hookups. I am fed up and about to give up.

    • I'll answer that offline more if you want to know. It was only a few years ago, I was like 49 she around 40. Poured myself in, took 3 weeks, traveled to her city, to care for her and we went from there. She didn't have support. I wasn't perfect, but I gave a lot. she was good then too, just injured. An interesting way to start a relationship. But it was emotionally abusive, not sustainable.

      yes, women your age, I'm sorry to say, have spoiled the bunch of brats. If he can get cheap hookup, he wanst more of that. men rarely want to commit to obligation... they have made your job harder. you feed a kid candy they will demand it for dinner. I don' have the solution yet other than I do see guys out here saying the same, so find them in your area, they must exist.

  • You made that story up.

    ... Snakes don't talk.

    • snake story is Bible... it was a serpent:) Rest of story true!

  • Fantastic story! Great date spot too! Given her mood and hormones and how cool a date spot you picked I'm guessing had you played your cards differently, not only would you have managed to keep her safe that day but you very well may have been "rewarded" that same day as well.

    • Thank you! Good point, possible. It hadn't yet, we were taking slow.

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    • Oh so pretty recent. The story read like a young love sort of thing, so I kind of assumed that's what was going on.

    • good point, I missed cnoveying that... good it's mysterious for her sake...

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