5 Reasons Why Feminism Makes Women Weak

5 Reasons Why Feminism Makes Women Weak

If there's one thing i can't stand in any individual it's not just weakness, but willful weakness. The kind of person why insists on staying dependent on something or someone solely because they feel it gives them some sort of advantage and refuses to improve themselves, and to be honest i don't think that could be summed up more perfectly then with modern day feminism.

Now let's get one thing perfectly clear, I love women, i think women can be capable of doing many great things, i think women if given the opportunity can demonstrate true strength and honor. Which is exactly why i hate modern day feminism as in my eyes it encourages the exact opposite. It honestly feels like modern day feminism wants women to go backwards and embrace being damsels in distress that not only that women are these helpless little angels that are exempt from any personal responsibility, but are completely incapable of doing anything by themselves and need everyone to help them get ahead.

So I wanna go over what i feel are the core issues, here are 5 reason why i feel modern day feminism is detrimental to women and in fact holding them back from being truly great.

Let's be honest there is the faintest ring of truth to this.
Let's be honest there is the faintest ring of truth to this.

5. Double Standards

When asked what feminism is, most people will give you the text book definition which is, the advocacy of women's rights on the basis men and women are equal, and to an extent i agree. See when you demand equality that generally implies that you are willing to accept true equality and the good and bad that comes with it. That means expected to me talked to and approached the same way a man would approach another man.

Some women are fine with this(and are basically tomboys), some wish to be treated like a traditional woman(or in some cases a princess) And some seem to want it both ways which leads to this mess. Look if you wanna be treated like an equal, I'll give you that. You wanna be treated like a woman I'll give you that too. But make sure make it clear to yourself and everyone else what it is you want, and not flip flop between the 2 whenever it's convenient for you. That makes you an unlikable hypocrite.

5 Reasons Why Feminism Makes Women Weak

4. Abusing sex and abortion for power

Oscar Wilde famously once said “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” And i don't think that's too far from the truth. Now lets get this clear, I am not full anti abortion. Having said that to me, abortion can only be justified in 1 of 3 situations, either the woman was raped(cause let's be honest some people just can't deal with looking at their kid and being reminded of such trauma), the baby wouldn't survive outside the womb anyway, or the mother would die due to complications, anything else would just come off as petty and selfish.

For a while, i never quite understood why so many women were so obsessed about reproductive rights, and then it just kind of hit me that it was never about actual abortion but the power it gives. In a way you could argue that as a woman you basically have control and power over life itself, over whether someone gets to live or not, and you can imagine how some people would get a rise out of the idea of having control over someone else's life.

Look I get that abortion is a complicated issue and the answer isn't so cut and dry, But when you got people saying that it should be ok to get an abortion just days before it's due, Ruth Bader Ginsburg going on record admitting that not only was roe v wade unconstitutional but has likely set women's reproductive rights back several decades http://time.com/5354490/ruth-bader-ginsburg-roe-v-wade/

AND this infamous clip that has actually managed to make pro choice people rubber band the other way

It might be a good idea to look inside and understand whether or not you are pro choice, or just pro abortion, cause believe it or not they aren't the same thing.

5 Reasons Why Feminism Makes Women Weak

3. Getting a high off of being underhanded and deceitful

If there's one thing that has been made abundantly clear it's that people seem to enjoy jumping the gun. Latching on the latest outrage to justify their stance and pretending it never happened once it comes out it's complete bubkus. But it turns out that it's very possible that the intent behind most of these cases are...a lot more narcissistic.

About a week ago the New York Times, released an opinion piece called "The Cruelty of Call-Out Culture"https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/14/opinion/call-out-social-justice.html . In it the writer talks about this woman named Emily who was a member of the hard-core punk music scene in Richmond, Va.

One day some random lady showed up and accused her best friend of sending her a sexually explicit photograph, and rather then side with her friend that she had known and been around for years, she decided to believe this random woman that she never even met before and drug her friends name in the mud. Afterwards her friend was forced to leave the punk scene, got fired from his job, was kicked out of his apartment and was generally just miserable. Needless to say she had no sympathy at all.

2 years later she ended up getting the same treatment, as it came out that she once mocked a nude photo of a female student, which ended up exposing a massive history of cyberbullying. She was then banned from the punk rock scene and everyone abandoned her without a second thought. She was basically unpersoned. But that's not the scary part, it turns out that the person who called her out actually admitted he got a massive rush of pleasure like an orgasm from doing it and had absolutely zero sympathy for her. I can only imagine that this is common among outrage culture(and feminism by proxy) with many of them not caring about whether something is true or not and just wanna get that high.

You could argue that this has nothing to do with feminism, between this, the glorified peer pressure machine that is twitter and a desperate desire to fit in. It does make an already existing problem that much worse.

5 Reasons Why Feminism Makes Women Weak

2. Women can only shine if men are rendered incompetent

No I am in no way saying this as absolute fact but rather how a lot of media lately has been handled. If you are a gamer, a comic book aficionado or familiar in anyway with nerd culture, then surely you must have noticed a lot of shows and media trying to prop up women at the expense of men.

By that i mean in so many female centric bits of media any male supporting cast member is either rendered incompetent, made an unlikable jackass, is straight up the bad guy, or a combination of all 3.

I could give a number of examples. Multiple Netflix originals(including the new She-ra), Disney making captain marvel come off as if she was way stronger then she ever was in the comics, wanting her to be the center hero of the MCU despite being rather unlikable in the comics(She's the one who started the civil war between superheroes), pretty much all of the recent marvel comic titles, and so much more.

But i don't think this example could be summed up more perfectly then with 2016 Ghostbusters, which did so abysmally bad that any notion of a sequel for that movie was actually sacked in a week, because frankly the movie was less about ghost busting and more about ball busting.

If you want women to be respected as equals to men, you don't force men down just so you can look good, you show that you are just as capable of standing on the same level playing field as a man by playing by their rules. Otherwise, you are basically admitting that women are inferior and need men to be under your heel or you would never be able to compete otherwise, and i don't think any self respecting woman wants that. Speaking of which....

5 Reasons Why Feminism Makes Women Weak

1. Not believing in oneself

Now look, I will concede that to a certain extent that when it comes to physical strength men will generally out do women, that said i don't think it's fair to claim that this gap is so hopelessly insurmountable that women just shouldn't even bother trying, as it's this same mindset that gives women justification to claim that the only way women can get ahead is if men remove themselves from the equation entirely. It also gives the impression that women are inferior and can only be successful if men are put beneath them, which as stated above no self respecting woman would want.

Now i could talk about Russian Female snipers in WW2, How women actually have advantages in sports like acrobatics and Long Distance Swimming, or even go into Grace Hopper who actually laid the ground work for the Programing Language COBAL, which would basically make her the progenitor of modern day programing.

But i actually wanna bring up one of my favorite stories about the Female Samurai Warrior Tomoe Gozen. While accounts vary on exactly what happened in her life, what IS known however was that she was considered one of the best even among other men and was heavily involved in the Gempei War where she performed many amazing deeds such as defending a bridge from dozens of attackers or consecutively defeating multiple opponents in single combat. Sadly in the end she ended up being on the losing side of the war and told by her master to flee the battlefield and no one really knows what happened to her afterwards.

Some say she was captured and forced to be the concubine of the enemy leader, others say she went back to the battlefield retrieved the head of her master before killing herself. Whatever the case may be she existed and was one of the most successful warriors in Japanese history.

Intimidating to be sure, but that's not the point. It's less of never being able to do it and more being something everyone should strive for and proves that being a woman doesn't mean you are weak, inferior or need special treatment to get ahead, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through your teeth.

So i don't think it's sexist or hateful to hold women to such a high standard....do you? Never let anyone tell you, you can't compete, and don't settle for a handout. If what you want is respect, then show you can get the job done just as well on equal footing.

And on a side note to those who are going to review this my take, for some reason the topic tag just seems to default to sexual behavior for some reason. If you could take care of that ahead of time and find out why it's doing that, that would be great. Please and Thank you.

5 Reasons Why Feminism Makes Women Weak
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Most Helpful Guys

  • RolandCuthbert

    5. To all that I just say "tough luck". Women are as different as men. Some want to be treated like a lady. Some want to submit and let their men be the lead. Others want an equal partnership. Then others would rather run things and have a submissive man. I am not the type to submit. I don't think I even want that whole co-equal partner thing. So i must date women who have that kind of outlook. It is all about choices, my friend. If you don't like women who flip back and forth. Don't date them. Be up front about what you prefer and what you are looking for. Its weird, you state in your first paragraph how you don't like weakness. It seems kind of weak to not put your foot down about what you want and what you need in a relationship. Its like you are at the mercy of a feminist.

    You are not.

    You are a man.

    4. I totally have no idea what you are talking about here. You do know that some women believe in the whole reproductive rights thing. Some value life as you do. My ex would never agree to an abortion. Neither would my current girlfriend. Why do you continually believe that you are the mercy of women? All you have to do is state your beliefs when you are getting serious. And if she cannot understand your beliefs or refuses to talk seriously about them, why would you continue to see her?

    You have to say goodbye.

    3. Why would a guy blame his poor choice in friends or in dating on feminism? Date good people. What the freak?

    2. As long as your idea of masculinity is dependent upon the power or the lack thereof of the women around you, you will be an unhappy, angry person. If 90% of CEOs become women tomorrow. You are still a man. I hope. If there is a woman President, you still can be masculine. If women become the majority of military personnel, they cannot define you or define what should be important to you as a man.

    I actually, think if you feel they do, that is probably about un-masculine as a man can get.

    1. Again, I have no idea where you are going. Women's rights, feminism and that whole thing about defining womanhood is a woman's thing.

    I don't know much about it. I don't think I care much about it, if it does not affect me and how I define my masculinity.

    Too many guys here are too concerned about what women are doing. I don't get it, because we all know many women will bend over backwards to attract men, to please us, and/or just want to be around us.

    I guess I don't get it.

    Is this still revelant?
    • TayTay21

      You didn't really address anything the OP wrote in his take, though. He was talking about feminism as a social movement, not his own personal dating choices.

    • @TayTay21 You didn't read my responses. And I address everything he writes point by point. He claims feminism makes women weak. He didn't say feminists. He didn't say certain women.

      He said women.


      That is stupid backwards upside down logic. I don't judge women by feminism. I don't even judge feminists by feminists I dislike.

      I just people based upon their "personal" beliefs.

      To do otherwise is just plain dumb. You don't have to like feminism. But you don't have to make excuses for it either.

    • TayTay21

      You addressed things that aren't related to what he wrote. He said women are made weaker by feminism, and your responses to each question was, essentially, "Why do you care? Worry about yourself." That wasn't what he was saying at all. He's talking about women, not how they relate to men or his life in specific.

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  • Anonymous

    You are deliberately mistaking feminazis for feminists.
    Feminism makes women strong.
    Feminazism makes them stupid and hateful - Mgtow does the same to men.

    Is this still revelant?
    • Malik00

      Honestly it gets harder to tell the difference between the 2 as the days go by. It's like feminazism is slowly corrupting feminism making it nigh unrecognizable.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed, feminazis are quite numerous, that's very unfortunate for all of us.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for MHO

Most Helpful Girl

  • xxcandyxxcanes

    I can definitely agree with a lot of your points and media really is hurting a lot just as much as it helps. Daily feminists I hardly see this radical. If you do, sorry, but a lot of the worst of a group gets hold of a microphone too much and it sucks that it’s hurting real progress.

    However, I don’t like that bad feminists deter people from supporting women that need rights. Not saying you are, but that really disappoints me how a lot of women and men choose not to stand up because they don’t want to be “one of the bad ones” or associated with femiNazis and all of the terms.

    Is this still revelant?
    • Whoops post cut off. To continue yes, bad feminists exist but it seems to trigger people as if bad apples in every group haven’t existed in history. What does that have to do with how you respect and treat a woman? How can you yourself contribute to what feminism should be? And I think the abortion argument needs to stop. Wanting to criteria and make exceptions is the same thing people feel bad feminists are doing when they change their minds.

    • Malik00

      Well the first thing you need to do, is ask yourself do you stand for equality? and i mean true equality? Meaning if one day the US demanded that women signed up for the draft you would be fine with that. If your answer is yes you might want to consider distancing yourself from the term feminist as it has been tainted by those who seem to thrive off double standards.

      and second you also have to ask yourself do you wanna be treated like an equal or like a woman and stick with whatever you choose.

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  • sageevalentine

    I can agree with a few points, but consider that the first on is not necessarily something you can fix, and it's true for both men and women. If a gorgeous girl hits you on you'd most likely respond positively, opposed to an ugly girl doing it. But this is human nature, good-looking people have an advantage, and there's not much we can do about it.

    • Malik00

      Not sure i agree with that, even the most motley looking woman will still get hit on more then an ugly man.

    • Tilin29

      Can confirm that is true. That includes good looking athletic guys don't get hit up as much as average looking girls. And it's not uncommon to get unsolicited dick pics (Some guys think this is how to get a girlfriend I guess?)

      Not talking about myself, rather my friends. They rarely get messaged by girls, because I guess they expect to be messaged first.

  • 9teen

    You're amazing, I wholeheartedly agree with your take.

  • TayTay21

    Feminism helps no one, literally no one. It vilifies men and makes them angry at the movement, and it treats women as helpless children who are incapable of navigating the modern world without daddy helping us.

  • GamerKitty

    I am pro-choice regardless the reason because it is their choice, Double standard issues come from both men and women. Women who put men down to shine aren't really shining. Women who like the whole underhanded and deceit stuff tend to be drama queens. Nobody likes them except themselves and their followers. Women should believe in themselves without having to rely on feminism as a crutch. I am an egalitarian though.

  • slatyb

    That is a picture of an 8-month-old baby. Terminating a pregnancy doesn't kill a baby. Why don't you show an actual size picture of a 10-week fetus instead?

  • I knew there was some Christian agenda crap in there, I just had to keep reading.
    A person who reads such a sexist book and takes it literally is the main reason why feminism is still needed. it's not needed for the whining crap about double standards, it's needed because there are still people who believe that a woman belongs in the kitchen or that a woman is the property of a man. Even in first world countries that still goes on.

  • Gedaria

    Why is it men get so insecure when women want to do what they enjoy doing. As if they need permission from men to do this, as for me I'm totally behind them !!!

  • CasaNorba

    kick ass mytake bro, glad to see more people are waking up!

    I always asked myself, how is bitching and complaining about their problems (especially imaginary ones) make that person "strong and independent?"

  • Poppykate

    I don’t think about it too much. I find it easier to just set my goals and go after then. Do whatever makes you happy.

  • HikerDude

    Feminists and the women who secretly buy into feminism are mostly garbage people. They're venal, angry, bitter people, and mostly they hate men because of bad experiences in their pasts.

  • 11110000bbbb

    Hold up, If I'm Pro-Life, I'm Anti-Woman?
    I'm a Female myself like srsly.
    How can I be against my own gender.

    • Malik00

      I'm afraid I don't Follow.

    • What she was saying in that one video:

    • Malik00

      Oh yeah that's the mentality these people are going in, If you don't support unregulated abortion for any trivial reason, Then you are subject to internalized misogyny and hate women despite being one.

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  • Browneye57

    TLDR. But sure. Third wave feminism serves no 'cept the dipshits purporting it, and the vast majority, both genders, are not buying it. It's a fail.

  • mgtowisfreedom

    i definitely agree but infact that feminism only causes destruction and the mainstream media on fuels it

  • InTimoreDei

    Couldn't have said it better. Absolute truth.

  • Anoi4

    Interesting MyTake

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good mytake

  • Swimmerdude2013

    Very interesting mytake.

  • Rangers

    Good take

  • Lance1965

    Well said, great take.

  • Anonymous

    So... If feminism makes them weak what does that makes all of the males who constantly cry and get triggered by them?

    Sounds a lot weaker to me.

    • Malik00

      That's a catch 22 and you know it. It's a roundabout way of basically telling men to shut up.
      Besides when you got these same people who call themselves feminists supporting laws that would allow women to kill babies long after they have been born, i think it's reasonable to start complaining.

    • Anonymous

      No... it's a way to tell the people that bitch about it on here 3 days a week to shut up. It is not going to change anything. I feel exactly the same way about women who cry about being at 40 after rejecting hundreds of men citing "having standards" while demanding men have none.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you showing that meme of the rape baby and then saying you're for women getting an abortion if they were raped.

    That picture is literally propaganda for saying women shouldn't be allowed abortions including instances of rape.

  • Anonymous

    Hardline feminists are the only ones who strongly believe they're stronger when in fact they're actually divided and weaker.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that posts like this bring the women with blue GAG accounts out of the woodwork?

  • Anonymous

    You come off as a bit angry and hateful...

    • Malik00

      And you come off as a male feminist who likely has a few rapes under his belt.

    • Anonymous

      Wow... you're not psychic either... or very bright. Don't worry though! You can probably find a woman with low self-esteem who will buy your bullshit...

    • CasaNorba

      opinion owner you shouldn't be talking about "woman with low self-esteem" since you're basically being a white knight in shiny armor to these types of women.

      till then defending these types of women isn't gonna get you the pussies you are so desperately fetching

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