'Unladylike' Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For

Sometimes a woman just needs to be unapologetically unladylike.
Sometimes a woman just needs to be unapologetically unladylike.


Sometimes regular words just aren’t going to cut it. Cursing can be an effective form of expression when feeling intense emotions. While it’s usually not necessary to throw F-bombs into every other word in normal daily conversations, we need to curse at least now and then so we don’t act out in other ways that could be worse.

Choosing to not have kids

Opting out of motherhood for a child-free lifestyle has become shamed for turning your back on your femininity. Being a mother is a highly respectable position, but not every woman on the face of the planet needs to become one. Some women want to fulfill other important roles in society, which should be respected as well.

Having bodily functions

We’re all human. Sometimes our bodily functions arrive at inconvenient times; it happens. That doesn’t mean deliberately go fart in someone’s face – unless they deserve it.

Being sexually active

Society loves to try to make women feel like they should be sexual, but not too sexual. Sexy, but don’t flaunt it. Women shouldn’t have to apologize for how they have sex, who they have it with, or how many.

Forgetting to shave

Very few women actually want to shave every day. Many shave only a couple times a week. Some rarely shave. It’s personal choice and it’s natural. If ladies weren’t meant to have body hair, we wouldn’t be able to grow it, but we do so get over it.

Eat. Like, really eat

We’re not always about salad and kale. Some of us know how to put down a decent burger – or two. We love a good porterhouse steak (medium rare) and potatoes, and we’ll finish it off with a slice of cake too, thank you.

Drinking alcohol

Some women might want a fruity cocktail while others love beer or liquor just as well as any man does. It’s just the way it is.

Sitting “like a man”

Women like to be comfortable, too. You have to wonder about the people who still urge women to always sit with their legs crossed like it’s something that matters.

Dislike cooking

Some women like to cook and some don’t. It isn’t a woman’s thing any more than it is a man’s thing. A woman can’t help it if it’s just not something she enjoys doing.

Not smiling

A woman will smile when she has something to smile about. Demanding that she do so isn’t one of those things.

Preferring pants over dresses

Some women just aren’t comfortable wearing skirts or dresses, especially with that feeling of the extra breeze underneath. Pants sometimes feel much more natural.

Getting tattoos

We hear statements from some people about how they don’t like a lot of tattoos on women as if those women are supposed to care. Besides, for every one person who doesn’t like tattoos on women, there are ten people who are just fine with it.

Doing as you please, and not giving a damn what others think

Women are often made to feel like they should serve and please everyone else. We shouldn’t have to apologize for doing what we want as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. Some might say that’s selfish, but it’s really about self interest, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

'Unladylike' Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Britantic

    1. Cursing is really just bad manners and good manners to appologise for.
    2. I've never yet heard a childless spinster appologise for not having kids, it just doesn't happen.
    3. Loudly farting, bleaching, fanny farting or whatever else well it's just good manners to appologise.
    4. Soceity does nothing but encourage women to be sexually active from porn to films to tv shows to commercials. What soceity fails to encourage with women is self responsiblilty for being sexually active. I've never heard of a sexually active woman apologising.
    5. Apologising for not shaving, who are women apologising to for that?
    6. Who are urging women to sit like a man? Who are women apologising to for this one. I like to sit with my legs crossed or together because I like to wear skirts and dresses and I dont want everybody staring at my couche. Also I like to sit like a lady because I am a lady and not a man. Feminists give men such a hard time for "manspreading" when really they have their legs no wider than their shoulders so to avoid crushing their genitails
    7. Nobody likes cooking but it's a basic life skill. Again who are we apologising to? Unless it's ourselves for being unable to feed ourselves a meal that does not come out of a tin of baked beans.
    8. Why would you appologise for not smiling? Unless some guy is harrassing you but again why would you appologise to him? That simply doesn't happen.
    9. I dont like tattoos myself on guys or myself because I think they are tacky and gross and when asked I've been pretty honest about it and people with ratios male or female have never appologised to me so again this never happens. The only time women appologise over getting a tattoo is to themselves.
    10. If doing what you please means screwing someone over then you should appologise but other than that who would you be apologising for.

    I'm sorry but I really don't get the point of this mytake and dont see how saying sorry is a factor in most of the points you mention except if you are being unmannerly with another person.


    • Britantic

      11. Drinking alcohol? Who is apologising for that? Unless you make a complete fool out of yourself like drink drive, kiss a friend's boyfriend, cheat with another guy, commit property damage. With hangover the next day youve only yourself to blame and to appologise to.
      12 you might of added being fat but again being overweight you should not appologise to anyone but yourself for being so unhealthy unless your so big you take up two seats, break an elevator or fall on top of somebody.

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    • Britantic

      So in fact you do appologise for your bodily functions. Also eating less junk food will help with your gas problem 😉

    • MzAsh

      I really don’t have a gas problem lol.

  • PrincessJasmine4you

    Yep go ahead and act like a man. I’ll be a lady! I don’t curse, I am slim and eat very little, I have a beautiful smile, I don’t have tattoos and I don’t drink. And guess what? Men are attracted to me. It’s girls like me that most men want to date. Not you. If they want a man, then they’ll just go gay.

    • MzAsh

      Not everything is about what men want. This list wasn’t intended to be.

      But since you brought it up, men are attracted to a variety of women. I’ve actually been criticized by men for *not* having tattoos in my profile pic which was featured in a rock girl calendar for a radio station.

      Some men like them, some men don’t - just like with everything else in the list.

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    • @over_it
      Somebody's jealous
      Get over it

    • over_it

      @FragileSnowflake right, that's what it is, not basic health and medical standards, jealousy, nice one 🤣🤣

Most Helpful Guys

  • ThisIsMyOpinion

    What the fuck is wrong with everyone here?

    First, yes women do apologise! You guys really need to get better women. Maybe that is all you can get, I don't know. What you should also get is your head from your ass. Women can't drink, enjoy sex, curse, sit has they want that they are not women anymore? If they do that do their vaginas go away? The hell is all of the hate in this take for?

    These guys want a pure delicate flower, anything else and they feel immediatly their dick became smaller. "This is how to stay single forever". No this is how to scare wimps away 101! It comes down to have a personality and be a normal human being! She is not saying anything else in this take just that! That women are just human beings, so they have needs, desires and flaws. Seriously this always gets me worked up.

    Hey @MzAsh great take!

    • Love this 👌

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    • A dating and relationship blog? Cmon lol

    • MzAsh

      Did you not read the study?

  • QooLipBite

    By all means. Do what you want. No ones forcing you.

    Just don’t sit at alone home with 2 jars of Nutella with 7 cats, watching Netflix while crying “where are all the good men at?”

    They’re all out there with classy women who know how to conduct themselves.

    • MzAsh

      This seems to be the ultimate cookie cutter revenge fantasy response. Sorry to burst your bubble but I’ve got a man who is just fine with the way I am.

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    • QooLipBite

      I don't know what you’re saying about “revenge response”, this all has nothing to do with me, I’ve got nothing to avenge tf lmao 😂

    • QooLipBite

      Awwww so sweet. Sure is a nice guy! :))

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  • Edanurus

    This mytake is really hypocritical. You seem to saying you want people to respect you while you dont care what they think? Which to me is quite disrespectful in itself.

    Also isn't it contradictory to go on about what others should think then end with, you shouldn't care what others think?

    • Blightly

      Just a classic case of having your cake and eat it too.

      We guys must conform to her standards of living because this is the 21st century and god damn it having some self respect is oppression!

      She wants to be seen as beautiful by being a slob, go ahead and try. Guys won't give a fk

    • MzAsh

      Everyone is allowed to have their preferences. I’ve actually been told that certain ladylike behavior seems fake and put on. I’m not a slob but I’m not a Miss Priss either.

    • Edanurus

      Yay I finally got a dislike!

      Shame I dont know why, guess its someone who wants respect without giving it themselves.

  • ChurchOfIron

    This is why Western men are more and more looking at Eastern women. Or at least non-American women.

    It's fully you're right to be as masculine as you'd like. And it's fully men's right to think it's unattractive.

    You can choose your own actions, but you can't choose what other people can and cannot say or how others perceive you for doing what you want to do.

    • MzAsh

      No woman is perfectly feminine. I wouldn’t want a man who expects a woman to be a Stepford robot anyway.

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    • derek2017

      letting out your masculine side doesn't mean being a jerk!! thats what you women do wrong!! Men are relyable, they are protective and they excert dominance without offending the other person!

    • derek2017

      *real men!!

  • 3rdSrike

    I will keep it short and to the point.
    women are not men... the things on your lists and things that no one judges or cares about as long as they not done in extreme fashion (cant cook at all, drinks liters upon liters of alcohol, very hairy... etc ) ... men aren't really that strict as long as you look good, have good personal hyigene, decent, and act like a human being.

    with that being said, not smiling means way less men are gonna approach you, not cooking means a lot of men will pass on the opportunity to marry you, not wanting kids also means many men will avoid having anything serious with you , dressing, sitting and talking like a man while attractive to some is also unattractive to many... its not black and white, its a matter of : ARE YOU READY TO LOSE POINTS IN ORDER TO PROVE THAT YOU ARE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO CAN DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS WHENEVER SHE WANTS AND EXPECTS MEN TO JUST ACCEPT IT? (p. s: you already know many men won't accept certain behaviours , for me its being an alcoholic, smoking, sleeping around and cursing like a sailor)

    • MzAsh

      Many women have an abundance of men trying to get her attention so it’s not always a bad idea to lose those points in order to separate who is right for them and who isn’t.

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    • MzAsh

      I get what you’re saying Strike, but I think it’s silly that you are acting like my article is encouraging women to be evil dirty gremlins.

      I think any woman can refuse to apologize for the things on this list but still be a decent woman.

    • 3rdSrike

      Iam not saying your article is evil iam saying its encouraging women to be a certain way without taking into consideration thr consequences of such actions some things make sense some dont but what works for you will not work for most women mainly cause not all women look the same or come from the same background, some can afford to be a bit careless but most can't or they will be harshly judged for it and will suffer the cosnequences whether they like it or not its not really a matter of what we want its a matter of how things are... A lazy man with no job is a loser and isn't worth any womans time , a sl*ty woman with a hairy body and not an ounce of decency is not worth our time as men... Its really easy to be a great woman but so many choose to not be, brag about it then get mad when men Pass on the opportunity to date them...

      My ex was hot and from a great family and i loved her at some point she decided we won't work out (which i noticed too) so the relationship ended (she eanted to be friends and still talk bit i declined her offer politley ) but we remained on friendly terms then she did something to piss me off , a flat out insult , and acted like nothing happened... So i cut her out of my life i literally act like she does not exist and it pisses the sh*t out of her , but iam working on my career and building a future and iam a good looking guy whose in good shape and i have no shortage of female attention and iam rather poor imagine a hot accomplished guy, if a great girl like that who done something that average guys view as minor made me cut her out of my life, do you really think normal girls can actually get a decent guy if they do as your list says? Not a chance , if you want to be special then act special.

  • Grobmate

    You can always do what you want. You're the one who's going to enjoy the consequences. Just don't complain when you can't find a gentleman or ask where all the good Men are 🤷‍♂️

    • Grobmate

      Also the traits you listed are not those of a real woman... merely a girl.

    • MzAsh

      I still found a good man.

    • Grobmate


  • sadassad

    A simple guide on how to remain single and then blame the patriarchy. Follow these steps and you will start to manhating. See seriously nobody forces you to do these things. So yeah do what you like but don't expect men to like some of above. (Men don't sit with their legs open because its comfortable its because they have to balls being squished by their legs)

    • MlleCake

      1. Who said the goal was to get a man? ps. I do most of these things, have a man, and love men.
      2. Not siting on your balls is a matter of comfort. It's ok. We have our reasons for spreading too.

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    • ronaldo75

      @MlleCake I'm only 10 years younger than you so you know full well women today just as much if not more disgusting than men and no one says shit. Half the women I know are fall over alcoholics. They ALL curse up a storm, they live in filthy apartments and have the hygiene of your average plumber. No one complains. Men might avoid this shit but no one is out here telling women to apologize and i'm not sure if you notice but women don't apologize for ANYTHING. This whole post was a straw man to get the push back you're not getting in real life.

    • Oram52

      @MlleCake Just to keep it brief, there are always exceptions. Lets use something subjective, 'Dating Value'. Combination of many different factors which of course also depend on individual preferences. How many guys with high dating value would go for women like these? Yes men were more than happy to hook up, most men are. But if you are truly being HONEST how many of those men actually thought of you as a relationship material? Nothing with most of these in the list if not taken to extreme but being masculine in personality WILL put of most guys, same way women wouln't date less masculine guys.

  • Bluemax

    About body hair.

    Quite right. Women absolutely positively have every right to shave how often they want or at all.


    Men should absolutely positively have the right to reject a woman because of the amount of body hair and to be able to express his opinions/preferences on the matter.

    Do not equate rejecting and/or expressing opinions on the matter for saying women must somehow apologize.

    • Blightly

      Exactly. If you're going to go against what is attractive, she'll have no right to complain that no one finds her attractive.

      You reap what you sew

    • Gavyn

      @Blightly sow* for future reference. Sewing is the act that involves working with needles and thread.

  • EmbraceThePain

    ( 1 ) Cursing
    I’d agree

    ( 2 ) Choosing to not have kids
    I don’t want to say a woman who doesn’t want to have kids is unfeminine, because I don’t believe that to be true, but I think there few men & women who strictly want to devote all their time to “fulfill other important roles in society. . . “
    For the vast majority of people, family is the most important aspect of their life, when combined with their career, constitutes that person’s entire meaningful life. I question a woman who didn’t want to have children, as I’m curious if she’s truly making the right decision for herself

    ( 3 ) Having bodily functions

    ( 4 ) Being sexually active
    Women can do what they want, but that doesn’t mean society has to approve or like it. Just because you can do something doesn’t make it right or healthy. Sex is great, everyone loves it, BUT, the context is important. I can ramble on this one point alone, but not today.

    ( 5 ) Forgetting to shave

    ( 6 ) Eat. Like, really eat.

    ( 7 ) Drinking alcohol

    ( 8 ) Sitting “like a man”
    Agree. I sit like a woman sometimes actually (one leg over the other)

    ( 9 ) Dislike cooking

    ( 10 ) Not smiling

    ( 11 ) Preferring pants over dresses

    ( 12 ) Getting tattoos
    Agree, although I prefer a woman without

    ( 13 ) Doing as you please, and not giving a damn what others think

    Somewhat agree, depending on the specifics

    • Wow, apparently she put a spell on you with all your agreeing.

    • No spell needed, I was just being as honest as I could be.

  • JackSmy

    @MzAsh What idiots told you to apologize for ANY of those things? Just about every lady I have been with in any kind of relationship did many, even most, of those things, and I NEVER expected her to apologize!! That's probably a big part of why I liked them so much, and we got along so well!
    One thing you maybe forgot to add, was: Insisting on being the Dominant in bed, at least some times! :)

    • MzAsh

      Thank you for admitting this.

    • JackSmy

      Admitting the truth, and reality? Be who you are, and stop letting 'society' or others make you question what you really think, and feel! I have read some of the horrible sht some dckheaded guys have posted her, when women post, and I get angry!! I can't imagine what women might feel, reading that crap!!!
      I think you are on the tight track and just stop taking crap, and the old 'status quo' isn't anymore!!
      I love it, when women post things like this, and I support you all the way!
      When the haters reply, feel free to use those 'cursing words' telling them what you think of their hate! :) :)

  • MarketData

    All of this is fine if you're okay with living as a crazy cat lady.

    • Lol kinda

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    • MarketData

      It's not a threat, more a predicition. Because, you know, men have standards too.

    • MzAsh

      IF they can afford to.

  • Unit1

    Cursing - Regardless of gender, age, whatever. Cursing is fundamentally unattractive. Excessive cursing is for degenerates. I don't have respect for those, who curse excessively.

    Choosing to not have kids - Nothing unladylike about it. In fact I respect that.

    Having bodily functions + Being sexually active + Forgetting to shave + Eat. Like, really eat + Drinking alcohol + Sitting “like a man” - Nothing unladylike about it.

    Dislike cooking - Nothing unladylike about it - however gender has no matter in it because it's a life survival skill.

    Not smiling - Nothing unladylike about it - however gender has no matter in it.

    Preferring pants over dresses - Nothing unladylike about it

    Getting tattoos - Depends what tattoos they are

    Doing as you please, and not giving a damn what others think - I say this is literally a skill, that every self respecting individual MUST possess.


    Now on to UNMANLY things, that no man should apologize for

    1. Not liking beer... or alcohol

    2. Liking wearing colors - or even pink

    3. Using deodorants for women if they're cheaper


    4. Not wanting to earn tons of money

    There's much more to life than money and women

    5. Not watching porn

    It's OK. But that's all about it.

    6. Shaving the beard off

    It's acceptable and a preference in some guys. Nothing wrong about it.

  • Kaytiee

    I don't think women should be shamed or apologise for these things at all. But I used to be all of these things, but I want to be a bit more old fashioned feminine now wear some dresses which I haven't for years, and hoepfully clean up my language.

    I get called a conformist and weak for it, and I don't think I should be ashamed by that either. Women should choose what they want or do not want.

    Note that I said old fashioned feminine, I'm not calling women who wear trousers or have tattoos none feminine. The other day I saw a woman and a man In a leopard skirt she was beautiful model worthy with her handsome boyfriend me and my family were sitting outside a coffee shop.

    I'd never seen such a picture perfect couple, she had a well done beautiful tattoo down her arm almost a sleeve.

    The men next to us just said "Why the fuck do women get tattoos, she'd be alright without it."

    Honestly, It made me SICK. These men were fat lazy bastards sitting there smoking and judging people walking by, I thought she was one of the most feminine people I've seen for a long time. They're just mad that women are independant and that she had a gorgeous man to go along with her. Something they could never get.

    I almost walked over and gave them a slap, I didn't know men like that existed in 2019. It's fine If you prefer women without tattoos, but to shame them? wtf just ignore them HONESTLY.

    So yeah, I think being feminine comes from within, not from what you wear act or do. As this woman was stunning honestly.

  • MlleCake

    Good job Mz. Ash.

    It should be noted that doing the opposite of these things is ok too, or doing a combination of things.

    What's important is that a woman chooses her life herself, and lives it in the way that brings her the best life, as she imagines it. I want that for men too. For everyone.

    • over_it

      yes, omg thank you for being one of the only people who is actually being respectful in these comments

  • bamesjond0069

    Yeah. You shouldn't apologize for it. Just as men shouldn't have to apologize for thinking you are a nasty fat ho (literally if you dont shave and eat a ton and sleep around, literally a nasty fat ho). I wouldn't be sorry to say that about you.

    • MzAsh

      Oh, you 😏

      Body hair is natural. I shave but if I didn’t, it wouldn’t be the end of the world... to anyone worth a damn anyway.

      I don’t sleep around but before my man I’ve had my share of lovers, just as any being has.

      I work hard to stay at my current 98 lbs so if I have an occasional porter house steak with a loaded baked potato and a nice bowl of ice cream to wash it down with, that’s what imma gon do. I’ll work off the extra calories in bed at the end of the evening.

    • So you aren't nasty or fat. Maybe a ho though. Not every person has had their share of lovers but you can justify that to yourself all you like.

    • MzAsh

      It depends on your definition of ho. Not that it matters.

  • BrittBratt2416

    Cursing- Both sexes to it all the time, it's probably something none of us should do but we do, do it.
    Choosing not to have kids- There's plenty of people on both genders that don't want children. Man or woman if not wanting kids is something yo you want, then that's fine. Just be upfront about it with your potential partners and please for the love God don't be having irresponsible sex.
    Having bodily functions- Agreed. Everyone poops! yes even us ladies gotta take mudbudd every once in a while.
    Eat. Like, really eat- a lot guys actually like a woman who likes to eat meat.. unless their vegan or vegetarian.
    Dislike cooking- there are so many people who dislike cooking on both sexes, in fact a lot guys don't know how to and even if they do some of them just don't want to. So i do think it's odd that women get looked at side ways if they don't want to or know how to.
    sitting like a man- i guess that's fine, but i will only do it if im wearing some pants.
    Not smiling- yeah this one irks me! lol and that's when anybody asks me to smile, not just men. I like to smile when there's something to genuinely smile about not when it's forced.
    Preferring pants over dresses- I actually do wear pants more often than dresses but i don't mind wearing a dress.
    Getting tats- truth be told, i don't care much for tats myself and it can be an over kill on either sex. But that's just my opinion and this coming from a person with a tat lol
    Doing as you please, and not giving a damn what others think- sure. Everyone does this. I follow the gaming community on youtube, majority of them are men. They don't care if someone thinks their hobby is a waste of time and will still do it. They are putting their own interest first before the opinions of others.
    shaving- i missed this one. I don't mind shaving. both genders decide when they need to shave so it's not a big deal to me.

  • OlderAndWiser

    Women can do these things; that is their right. Most guys won't complain but some will; that is their right.

    What is the problem?

  • hahahmm

    Don’t complain when men don’t want your hairy ape hair covered, foul mouthed, man spreading, unskilled sisters. But hey, at least he can share his mustache wax with ya

  • TheContrarian

    I loathe articles that tell people what they "must do" or "should do". Fk you, why is the author right and everyone else wrong? Pure arrogance and dismissiveness on the part of the author.

    • MzAsh

      It's called a MyTake. Feel free to write your own.

  • BengalTigress

    I don’t have a problem with any of these things. It comes across as obnoxious and you shouldn’t expect everyone to accept you for doing these things. I certainly don’t. If you don’t care about acceptance than you wouldn’t write a myTake trying to convince others to accept you. We don’t have to.

  • Browneye57

    The more a woman tries to be like a man the less desirable she is to them.
    Never give up the opportunity to be a LADY.

    • MzAsh

      I think women can choose which ways she wants to be a lady. Some ways just aren’t worth it.

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    • You just contradicted yourself. Oh well.

    • MzAsh

      How so?

  • Massageman

    You are under no "obligation" to apologize. But on the other side of the argument, no one is under an "obligation:" to like you or your habits.

  • Not only is this not a thing, women are the most pampered group in existence. No woman has ever apologized for these things, ironic as men have to all the time. If a man is ungroomed he gets crap for it, he is told he is not suppose to swear in front of ladies etc. You can do what ever you want which you are fully aware of but that doesn't mean men are not going to judge you. If you want to be unhygienic, disgusting and self centered that is entirely your prerogative but don't whine and complain when men state what you are (you will of course because that's what women-babies do, bitch and moan when people hold them to the same standards every one else is held to).

    • MzAsh

      I’ve apologized for some of these things, and I regret it.

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    • HA HA HA! See! Your bitching about a mans preference when you have the same exact preference in men and you are such a sociopath you cannot even acknowledge being wrong. Man, your oblivious. To quote you, "Very few men actually want to shave every day. Many shave only a couple times a week. Some rarely shave. It’s personal choice and it’s natural. If gentleman weren’t meant to have body hair, we wouldn’t be able to grow it, but we do so get over it."

    • MzAsh

      Nothing wrong with swapping genders there. I agree with that too. Personal preference and expectations are different. I like the shaven look but I don’t expect men to be that. And I certainly don’t think they should apologize.

      My man knows I think he looks better shaven, but if he grew his beard out for a few weeks, I wouldn’t care. It’s not going to change my feelings or opinion of him.

  • Daniela1982

    Well I don't agree with the sex part as to how many you have slept with unless you are a nymphomaniac or something. I know I wouldn't be interested in a man who has slept with the whole cheerleading squad in high school and every year since, and I'm sure a lot of men don't want tramps who have slept with the whole team of every team in the conference. There has to be a limit between being sexually active and being a right out slut/Ho/cum dumpster/thot. Your opinion may vary.

    • Guess the down vote was from a member of the cheer squad. ha ha

  • standardguy

    I can understand that you want to get rid of social rules for men and women but this is part of our western culture and getting rid of them is destroying modern culture. We would turn animals or aborigines.

    • MzAsh

      How is getting rid of them destroying modern culture?

  • ClaircognizantEmpath

    hi there, you may appreciate a uk BBC drama series called Gentlemen Jack it is based on diaries of Anne Lister from 1791 to 1840 she was outstanding for her era and if one considers how she dared to live her life being true to herself in a time where she was eons ahead of her time and damn well stood up for everything she believed in... quite the inspiration xx

  • SueShe

    I basically agree to all those arguments except the first one.

    Regardless of men or women, cursing swearing and the use other lewd expressions should not be part of a regular vocabulary.

    To me, it shows a lack of education and respect towards the others that like a decent conversation without the need to use cursing words in every sentence.

    As for tattoos, I find most of them to be pieces of art but I would never have one myself.

  • TonyBologna25

    So in other words, you just want to act like a brute with no class?

    Cursing has a time and place, and if every other word is fuck and bitch, then I’m going to assume you’re a college dropout and be embarrassed to bring you places.

    Don’t want to have kids? Sure.

    You want to fart and burp in public? You’re a child lol. Have some damn class man.

    I don’t even want to go down the rest of the list lmao. Just go to some dive bar in the middle of butt fuck nowhere and maybe you’ll find a man who shares these same values. What the hell are women turning into these days. God

    finding a quality man lol.

  • icassidy

    there's a difference between being "ladylike" and "appropriate".

    • QooLipBite

      I’m seeing a 15 year old having a more rational thought pattern than a 34 year old. Wow.

    • icassidy

      @QooLipBite Seems 2 people don't agree lol. But it's TRUE.

    • QooLipBite

      Eh, Wouldn’t blame them, it’s cause they were put down in their past...

  • Smegskull

    Can men be self indulgent narcissists too and not have to apologize? That way we can get back to competing with each other properly without having to hold back to let a woman through for a damn quota.

  • OfDeath

    Ladies, please pay no attention to this nonsense. Don't be crazy.

    • MzAsh

      It’s worked well for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • derek2017

      these are just instructions on how to be a horrible person its got nothing to do with gender!

  • Twenty2

    1. Wouldn't be with a badmouthed girl who curses without any context.
    2. That's not unladylike, that's against female nature. I wouldn't be with her. If she can't have, then it's another issue.
    3. Don't care.
    4. Slut is a slut. I always say! Be a proud slut no matter what.
    5. I love bush😍
    6. Chubby is beautiful 😍 I like them more! But if you want 6 pack abs in your partner, you gotta have them yourself.
    7. That's not good for health. I don't like drunkards.
    8. Don't mind me if I stare! And don't tell me that's unmanlike😂
    9. This is bullshit and entitlement. I hate it in anyone and wouldn't be friends with them. Unless they are rich enough to order food everytime, they need to learn cooking at least something.
    10. Who the fuck came to your face and told you to smile?🙃
    11. Her choice, I don't care! I love everything the woman wears if it shows the right curves😍
    12. Mostly tattoos don't have meaning. If it doesn't have a meaning, I think it shows insecurity that you want to be cool or something and I don't like insecure people.
    13. I smell entitlement again. We are Human! We need to be social. Being an asshole is not good, unless you want a dick inside of it😉

  • gititboi

    You forgot a big one: Saying NO.

    Lots of women are so indoctrinated with the "maintaining harmony above all else" virus that they just can't bear to say NO.
    "I'm sorry but..."
    "Well, actually, [bullshit explanation intended to spare feelings that are too fragile already]..."

    A simple "No, thanks." will do.

    Oh, and let's get rid of that rising inflection at the end of sentences, too. It's like seeking approval for everything you say.
    Speak sentences that end with periods.

    • Kaytiee

      I agree, Im not sure what context you're relating to but In my context Im always worried about hurting others feelings or men that like me or so on. I eventually learnt so say no and it softens the blow a lot surprisingly then leading them on and such. Some though do get a bit pissed off at a No.

    • gititboi

      @Kaytiee Yes they do. Chicken and egg problem. Women don't say no often or confidently enough... so men develop a certain spoiled entitlement that's shook up when 'no' DOES come... which, if she's at all unsure of herself., may discourage future 'no's from the woman.

      It's the same thing that's enforced by the word "bitch". It's only not-okay for WOMEN to be "bitches". (For men in any situation that's even remotely high-stakes or competitive, "asshole" is primarily a compliment.)

      It sucks. Hopefully you've got someone you can throw it all off onto -- girlfriends, partner, etc. (Unfortunately, probably not mom, even if you're otherwise very close)

    • @Kaytiee I'm hoping things have changed considerably. But in my college days I once had to say I'm not interested, I don't want to... go out with this one guy three or four times... It was disturbing. He wasn't attractive, had bad breath and his insistence was equally unattractive. I never said NO because he seemed so desperate, and he was a foreigner and I didn't want to hurt his feelings... THIS is why women don't want to say NO. We know men are delicate creatures who more often are asking women out and more often are getting rejected... We are trying to be kind and compassionate.

  • CherryRoseChampange

    Tbh, I wouldn't apologize for any of this stuff but I also wouldn't do it. Except for swearing probably, because I'm a sailor. What can I say? But I know when to control it.

    Outside of that I just try to be some form of classy. Even if I'm rough around the edges everywhere else.

    • derek2017

      whoever does these things is a jerk and deserves a chair in the face it doesn't matter if its a man or a woman!!

  • QueenBreee

    Sorry, I don't want to be a trashy pig. I was raised to be a classy lady and to conduct myself with dignity.

    • MzAsh

      Including calling people pigs? That’s not very classy.

    • Show All
    • MzAsh


    • derek2017

      @MzAsh just check her likes!!

  • IeatChickenandFish

    Wanna play a man's role? You gotta earn it, that means you do those things listed above and prepare to be made fun of from all corners, don't ever ask for acceptance in what you do, just do it and live with it.

    Don't expect guys to like you though, lol.

    • MzAsh

      I don’t expect anyone to like me, but I appreciate the ones who do.

    • Show All
    • MzAsh

      They should know it but it seems too many don’t.

    • That's what I'm saying, you just have to get on with it and trust people regardless of what they do otherwise you seem abysmal.

  • Thatsamazing

    Lol okay.

    Well, sure, if a chick doesn't want to apologize for something, she doesn't have to-- and by the same token, if people around her or people who know her don't like that, and judge her for it, they're allowed to. The issue here is yelling "I CAN DO WHAT I WANT" at the world may receive an answer of "SURE, YOU CAN..." and then the followup immediately is also "... AND WE DON'T HAVE TO ACCEPT YOU FOR IT OR LIKE YOU!"

    You then have the option of sitting obstinately in the corner by yourself all alone and claiming that it's all everyone ELSE'S fault that you're not being accepted, if you want. Or... you can adapt. The choice is indeed yours. Note: I'm not saying that to YOU @MzAsh necessarily, I just mean "you" in the general sense.

    • MzAsh

      That’s understandable. Though, I’ve never sat in a corner by myself for doing any of these things.

  • Sonjita

    Ha? Who the fuck apologizes for these things? 😂 Male or female, these are personal choices, not something to apologize for. Sorry, I forgot to shave my legs? Who says that? Sorry I smoke? Sorry I had a cocktail? Lol

  • MackToday

    Remember women act lady like for a reason, traditional roles have a thread of truth in them , they evolved over a very long time according to human nature. Women that act like Marxist pigs end up lonely alcoholics wondering why muh feminism didn't produce the utopia they were promised.

  • AynonOMouse

    Being promiscuous, drinking alcohol, and having tattoos just makes me think she is trash and I would avoid her.

    • bailey11

      Would you think of a guy as trash if he drinks alcohol, is promiscuous, and has a tattoo?

      I've never heard of a guy referred to as trash but I've heard plenty of women called trash (for doing an ounce of what men do). I think that's the point MzAsh was trying to make.

    • @bailey11 I lose respect for guys too if they do that, except for the tattoos. If guys drink alcohol or do hook ups I lose respect for them though just like I do for women.
      Yeah I don't mind if guys have tattoos, but I lose respect for them if they have earrings and am fine with women having those.

    • MzAsh

      Why do you lose respect for people for just being themselves?

  • bigbang101

    The most shittiest and misguiding MyTake i have ever come across... May all feminists be damned to hell!

    • MzAsh

      Don’t hold your breath. Or do.

    • Show All
    • MzAsh

      Neither. Just saying that’s not going to happen.

    • Just wait... loool

  • RetroAlpha

    I have always laughed when women apologize for being humans. It's ridiculous. I tell them to relax and be themselves.

    • bailey11

      You'd find it hard to relax (and you wouldn't think it was funny) if you were judged unfairly.

      When women are themselves, they get criticized, judged, called names, etc. A lot more than men are.

    • @bailey11 Um... That's a pretty broad assumption. I'm a scarred up, muscular black man. People ALWAYS judge me unfairly at first glance.

  • Nadim171

    Drinking is not unladylike. But the rest are unlady like and are a huge turn off for me. I don't want to date a man. Then I don't want a girl that behaves like a man.
    As for disliking cooking that's fine, there might be servants doing it or personally I like cooking for women.

    • over_it

      what is "behaving like a man" though?

    • Nadim171

      Sitting like a man, talking like a man etc

  • SirRexington

    The only thing I disagree with the sex part. If you are woman who doesn't treat herself like a temple but instead let's any trash she wants into her simply because she can then no I'm not going to respect her, I'm not going to support her and I'm going to let the world know it.
    Be smart with who you have sex with. Pick and choose carefully. That goes for men too.

    • derek2017

      what no!! there's a lot of other things that are wrong there! like cursing doesn't make a woman manly it just makes her a jerk! she doesn't have the right to end an infants life with an abortion and i believe exercise of abortions should be banned everywhere!! And the others about alcohol and body image are just disgudsting!

  • Tannhauser

    It is a free country, you have the choice to be as lazy, disgusting, and rude as you want to be, just don't expect other people to like you

    • bailey11

      I'll remember that the next time I see a lazy, disgusting, rude guy.

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    • derek2017

      @bailey11 no they say that he is a jerk!!

    • derek2017

      *and an asshole!

  • yucychan

    I also have a preference for heavy metal and rock music. I like goth and skulls and anything of the horror genre. I also love video games and prefer DC to Marvel.
    I'm not apologizing for any of that.

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    a lot of these things, I think are just bad behavior, that both men and women shouldn't do!

    I do agree about shaving though. Just be natural! And the smiling, people are entitled to various emotions and your various states will reflect in your expressions. Oh and the food! I love food and sharing it! I hate when girls get salads on dates, like I am gonna spend money on you anyways, get the steak!

    Cursing is a bad habit, its not nice for men and women!

  • morrowlow

    i totally agree. i think all people should live their lives the way they want. women shouldn't apologize for doing any of these things, but the women who do these stuff shouldn't blame men for not being interested in them or even being disgusted by them. a man has freedom to choose his partner and if he doesn't like a woman who's sexually active then that his decision. same thing is true about girls with tattoos, not shaving, not cooking, farting etc.

  • Liam_Hayden

    You should not have to apologize, but neither should others apologize if they find some of the actions repulsive.

  • ManOnFire

    I don't like tattoos on women and I do judge women who can't or don't cook. Hell, I'm a man and even I can cook a 3-course meal. Did it last night.

    I do also get tired of the cry for women to be allowed to fuck when they want or how often. When men are horny and wanna go out and get laid we get labelled as desperate. When women are horny and wanna get laid most people actually do not judge them but instead say she can have sex any time she wants. A woman's sexual desperation is actually glorified and depicted as effective, while men wanting sex are usually degraded for it.

    The other things on here are not really a big deal to me.

    • Agreed. Women's impulses are touted as 'empowerment', while men's impulses are derided. It's more of an example of moral inversion than anything.

    • Show All
    • ManOnFire

      @MzAsh So do you believe that women who do want to be 'ladylike' should apologize for it?

    • MzAsh

      No. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t rewarded for it in the way many expect to be.

  • TallJanne

    Well said! All of it!
    I already had guys criticizing me for drinking socialy. Guys understand that to deal with you bullshit we need some liquid help.

    I think every girl in the world has been criticized for liking sex at some point in their lives. Usually by that guy that want to sleep with us for not wanting it with him.

    Also... Hey you don't like me cursing? Fuck you!

  • Sweatyotterr

    I’ve never heard a women apologize for any of these things expect maybe swearing which in some cases you should apologize for