'Unladylike' Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For

Sometimes a woman just needs to be unapologetically unladylike.
Sometimes a woman just needs to be unapologetically unladylike.


Sometimes regular words just aren’t going to cut it. Cursing can be an effective form of expression when feeling intense emotions. While it’s usually not necessary to throw F-bombs into every other word in normal daily conversations, we need to curse at least now and then so we don’t act out in other ways that could be worse.

Choosing to not have kids

Opting out of motherhood for a child-free lifestyle has become shamed for turning your back on your femininity. Being a mother is a highly respectable position, but not every woman on the face of the planet needs to become one. Some women want to fulfill other important roles in society, which should be respected as well.

Having bodily functions

We’re all human. Sometimes our bodily functions arrive at inconvenient times; it happens. That doesn’t mean deliberately go fart in someone’s face – unless they deserve it.

Being sexually active

Society loves to try to make women feel like they should be sexual, but not too sexual. Sexy, but don’t flaunt it. Women shouldn’t have to apologize for how they have sex, who they have it with, or how many.

Forgetting to shave

Very few women actually want to shave every day. Many shave only a couple times a week. Some rarely shave. It’s personal choice and it’s natural. If ladies weren’t meant to have body hair, we wouldn’t be able to grow it, but we do so get over it.

Eat. Like, really eat

We’re not always about salad and kale. Some of us know how to put down a decent burger – or two. We love a good porterhouse steak (medium rare) and potatoes, and we’ll finish it off with a slice of cake too, thank you.

Drinking alcohol

Some women might want a fruity cocktail while others love beer or liquor just as well as any man does. It’s just the way it is.

Sitting “like a man”

Women like to be comfortable, too. You have to wonder about the people who still urge women to always sit with their legs crossed like it’s something that matters.

Dislike cooking

Some women like to cook and some don’t. It isn’t a woman’s thing any more than it is a man’s thing. A woman can’t help it if it’s just not something she enjoys doing.

Not smiling

A woman will smile when she has something to smile about. Demanding that she do so isn’t one of those things.

Preferring pants over dresses

Some women just aren’t comfortable wearing skirts or dresses, especially with that feeling of the extra breeze underneath. Pants sometimes feel much more natural.

Getting tattoos

We hear statements from some people about how they don’t like a lot of tattoos on women as if those women are supposed to care. Besides, for every one person who doesn’t like tattoos on women, there are ten people who are just fine with it.

Doing as you please, and not giving a damn what others think

Women are often made to feel like they should serve and please everyone else. We shouldn’t have to apologize for doing what we want as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. Some might say that’s selfish, but it’s really about self interest, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

'Unladylike' Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Britantic

    1. Cursing is really just bad manners and good manners to appologise for.
    2. I've never yet heard a childless spinster appologise for not having kids, it just doesn't happen.
    3. Loudly farting, bleaching, fanny farting or whatever else well it's just good manners to appologise.
    4. Soceity does nothing but encourage women to be sexually active from porn to films to tv shows to commercials. What soceity fails to encourage with women is self responsiblilty for being sexually active. I've never heard of a sexually active woman apologising.
    5. Apologising for not shaving, who are women apologising to for that?
    6. Who are urging women to sit like a man? Who are women apologising to for this one. I like to sit with my legs crossed or together because I like to wear skirts and dresses and I dont want everybody staring at my couche. Also I like to sit like a lady because I am a lady and not a man. Feminists give men such a hard time for "manspreading" when really they have their legs no wider than their shoulders so to avoid crushing their genitails
    7. Nobody likes cooking but it's a basic life skill. Again who are we apologising to? Unless it's ourselves for being unable to feed ourselves a meal that does not come out of a tin of baked beans.
    8. Why would you appologise for not smiling? Unless some guy is harrassing you but again why would you appologise to him? That simply doesn't happen.
    9. I dont like tattoos myself on guys or myself because I think they are tacky and gross and when asked I've been pretty honest about it and people with ratios male or female have never appologised to me so again this never happens. The only time women appologise over getting a tattoo is to themselves.
    10. If doing what you please means screwing someone over then you should appologise but other than that who would you be apologising for.

    I'm sorry but I really don't get the point of this mytake and dont see how saying sorry is a factor in most of the points you mention except if you are being unmannerly with another person.


    • Britantic

      11. Drinking alcohol? Who is apologising for that? Unless you make a complete fool out of yourself like drink drive, kiss a friend's boyfriend, cheat with another guy, commit property damage. With hangover the next day youve only yourself to blame and to appologise to.
      12 you might of added being fat but again being overweight you should not appologise to anyone but yourself for being so unhealthy unless your so big you take up two seats, break an elevator or fall on top of somebody.

    • Britantic

      Preferring pants over dresses? Who are we women apologising too for that?

    • bailey11

      I think a lot of women apologize because they are criticized. But they are criticized for doing what men do (but men don't apologize because men generally aren't criticized).

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  • PrincessJasmine4you

    Yep go ahead and act like a man. I’ll be a lady! I don’t curse, I am slim and eat very little, I have a beautiful smile, I don’t have tattoos and I don’t drink. And guess what? Men are attracted to me. It’s girls like me that most men want to date. Not you. If they want a man, then they’ll just go gay.

    • MzAsh

      Not everything is about what men want. This list wasn’t intended to be.

      But since you brought it up, men are attracted to a variety of women. I’ve actually been criticized by men for *not* having tattoos in my profile pic which was featured in a rock girl calendar for a radio station.

      Some men like them, some men don’t - just like with everything else in the list.

    • over_it

      i love how you said you don't eat a lot and are very slim, A) those don't correlate and B) no one cares. i also love how you said you have a beautiful smile, WHO SAYS THAT ABOUT THEMSELVES HAHAHAHHAHAHA

    • MzAsh

      I eat a lot and I’m still 98 lbs. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Most Helpful Guys

  • ThisIsMyOpinion

    What the fuck is wrong with everyone here?

    First, yes women do apologise! You guys really need to get better women. Maybe that is all you can get, I don't know. What you should also get is your head from your ass. Women can't drink, enjoy sex, curse, sit has they want that they are not women anymore? If they do that do their vaginas go away? The hell is all of the hate in this take for?

    These guys want a pure delicate flower, anything else and they feel immediatly their dick became smaller. "This is how to stay single forever". No this is how to scare wimps away 101! It comes down to have a personality and be a normal human being! She is not saying anything else in this take just that! That women are just human beings, so they have needs, desires and flaws. Seriously this always gets me worked up.

    Hey @MzAsh great take!

    • Love this 👌

    • I bet you’re a male feminist

    • @PrincessJasmine4you actually no I am not. Egalitarian yes.

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  • QooLipBite

    By all means. Do what you want. No ones forcing you.

    Just don’t sit at alone home with 2 jars of Nutella with 7 cats, watching Netflix while crying “where are all the good men at?”

    They’re all out there with classy women who know how to conduct themselves.

    • MzAsh

      This seems to be the ultimate cookie cutter revenge fantasy response. Sorry to burst your bubble but I’ve got a man who is just fine with the way I am.

    • QooLipBite

      Congratulations! Let’s just hope he doesn’t end up having an affair or some shit lol

    • MzAsh

      He knows how lucky he is today have me.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • LogicBomber

    You never have to apologize for them, but you should also not whine when you are held accountable for them or they affect you negatively later on.

  • TonyMetal_86

    Are you a leader in a feminist group, your saying all this and expect real men to see you as a female...

    Now i know what your going to say, because you already have mentioned it in your take which is "i don't what people have to say about me", while this site is all of it about opinions and comments 😄

    If you don't care than we don't care too, your just a girl like any other girl, if your going to act like a man, the 1st thing that i'll do when i see you is squashing you and keep going on 😏

    Relax and calm down a little...

  • CoffeeWC

    She doesn't need to apologize for these things, but they generally make a woman less appealing to men.

  • Physics-Man

    I agree with some and disagree with some of the things in this list, but all in all, I think this MyTake was wholly cringe-inducing.

  • DWD94

    You have the right to do whatever you want. But dont complain if men aren't attracted to you as a result.

  • sasukeuchiha7

    Don't care about any of those. Do what you want.
    Although cooking is something everyone should know irrespective of your gender. You can't expect others to cook for you forever.

  • Harmseygrace

    I get in trouble by my mum for sitting with my legs open and then I get in trouble for sitting with my legs crossed because 'you're too young and it makes you look older than you are'.

  • Passinggas

    Just hang at a dive or biker bar and you will fit right in with this list today. I know plenty of women rougher than this list. Matter of fact print it out and post it in the bar restrooms.

    • The only thing I've seen on the bathroom wall in a girl's restroom and probably written by a janitor is:
      people who write on bathroom walls
      roll their shit into little balls
      whoever reads this bit of wit
      eats those little balls of shit

    • Passinggas

      @Daniela1982 You certainly are the poet/"limerist" on here aren't you. Good one..

    • Sonjita

      Ahahaha omg what a cute poem

  • This was an amazing mytake 😇 Thanks for posting 💚💜💙

  • Choosing not to have kids is disastrous to society and the reason why 'new blood' must be brought in from other countries to refill the population (not that it works).

  • SexyAshh

    Cursing and bodily functions is disgusting and not cute in either gender,😷

    Besides that, agree with the other 80%.

    Great mytake🎉❤️

    • Cursing isn't an issue for most people as there just words in a non offensive context but breaking wind in a confined space can definitely be unpleasant for everyone else.

    • SexyAshh

      Do you think your opinion that you think cussing is ok is going to change my mind,? It was mg opinion. Not go comment elsewhere to someone who cares.✌️

  • You don't have a say on what people think about what you do. Do whatever you want, but how people see it is their business, and they won't be sorry for not liking it.

  • BigSlice

    Literally no one makes women apologize for these things

    • bailey11

      Society does. And too many men criticize women for doing what a man does. But no one complains when a man does the same thing.

    • @bailey11 who is this society y'all talking about? like literally I've never heard anyone say these things although some of them are right!(because some of them are a disturbance to other people and you should apologize no matter if you're a boy or a girl!)

  • Drinking alcohol ( excessively ) :

    Men get blames aswell

    Getting tattoos :

    Again. I dislike them on either gender

    Doing as you please :

    Rude when done by either.

    Not smiling :

    I , a heterosexual male, have been told to smile more many more times than I can be asked to count


    Aslong as you stay in shape I won't say anything. Same applies for men

    Don't want to shave :


    Choosing not to have kids :

    Your problem. Not mine

    Cursing :

    I've never seen a women get told of for cursing

    • Also being a whore. I dissaprove of whores and fuckboys equally.

  • SwordShield

    I must agree with all these statements, but it is sad that some people think men should sit like a woman...

  • Giggletr0n

    Body hair. My SO is always making it a talking point but my response is always a "I don't care, it's just hair"

  • es20490446e

    In summary, anything that shows that you don't give a fuck about your image.

    Nevertheless I prefer hairy women.

  • pinkhoodie53

    If you’ve never experienced I don't know what to tell you. I have and it’s annoying.

  • pleasestopthis

    Also, smoking. I agree it's a very unhealthy habit and it also damages the environment. The point is, many look down upon a woman for smoking because it's "for men".

  • Women should apologize for these things

  • Vesta

    Not apologizing is wrong

    I always apologize if I realize I've done something wrong

  • JDavid25

    A lot of these ain't got nothin to do wit bein ladylike, they are just rude, and disgustin.. I don't curse, and I don't like when people curse a lot in every sentence, nobody wanna smell yo stank a$$ booty... But it's understandable that sometimes you can't hold it.. I try not to do it in public myself.. XD.. But other than that this ain't the 50's, society ain't tellin women what to do.. You got yo own choice and always have.. Lol.. Nobody is gettin on women for not bein what you call "ladylike"..

    • bailey11

      Some people (maybe just those who are sexist) are STILL criticizing women for doing a quarter of what a guy does, even though (as you said) it isn't the 1950's anymore.

    • JDavid25

      @bailey11 Yeah, well that maybe true, but I think that's probably other women criticizin women more than guys. But yeah I get that..

    • exactly!!

  • whitehide

    "Unladylike" women shouldn't apologize for being themselves. It's the people the judge them that deserve a chair across the face.

    • i dont see personally them like that! I see women as persons and if a person starts cursing out of thin air i will throw him/her a chair across the face!!

    • whitehide

      Cursing? The fuck are you talking about?

  • Kit_Kat88

    It’s sad how the majority of girls are like this in my city except they don’t pass gas in public, and they shave their body hair haha

  • PrestónÇ

    You should not apologize for any of those things but as with everything do it in moderation. However that applies to everybody not just women.

  • molonski2

    Who cares what you do or do apologise for ? Couldn't care less..
    But many of the things on that list are just super poor form , and would simply mean you are not worth engaging anyhow.
    Think well beyond your own Nation , there are vast cultural differences , and the certainly don't want wonderful US of A standards enforced on the world , enough poor influence on Asia already.
    Its a case of self respect , respect for your family and those around you , presentation is the first act of self respect.

    • ret04

      Poland wishes it could be great like the US of A.

    • molonski2

      ha ha ha , depends on the individuals circumstance.
      We are happy to listen to those with a passport , and world view.

  • wankiam

    its all about having the same choices as men. great take

    • just another old conservative guy supporting an ideology about making his life more miserable without realising it!

    • wankiam

      @derek2017 oh im far from conservative. dont pretend to know me

  • themomo84

    I think all people should do whatever they want to do. I don't label anyone and what someone else thinks about me is none of my business. Good take!

    • bailey11

      ..."what someone else thinks about me is none of my business." I like that. Well said!

    • themomo84


    • yeah just dont be a jerk to other people like this article prompts you to be! i dont care about men or women if someone does those in front of me and doesn't apologize he better have insurance!

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  • I think some of these things are just common sense, like bad words, etc. The others, I don't think anyone cares.

  • mycatsanoyingaf

    Yes, please stop apologizing for these. Because you're apologizing only to yourself.

  • Gedaria

    Yes , I see your point. But guys tend to forget there are things that are ungentlemanly...

  • Hurdleez-Swampede

    No difference between men and women getting tattooes. Marking your skin doesn‘t make you masculine.

  • Women should be ladylike

  • First world white woman problems

    • ManOnFire

      Yep my same thought.

    • bailey11

      What does a person's skin color have to do with anything? African-American and Asian-American women I know have the same problems. It's a gender thing, not a race or nationality thing.


    • MzAsh


    • i just dont understand how a person who is 34 years old acts like an immature 14 year old and writes about things that only an 18 year old girl would write! Thats beyond my comprehension!! Like didn't you grow up in these 34 years of life didn't you learn anything? It just surprises me!

    • MzAsh

      Instead of attacking me personally, why not the argument?

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  • Alpha09

    Great mytake:)

  • Kiran_Yagami

    Lol, women apologizing. Good joke.

  • Valualty19
  • tartaarsaus


  • I prefer ladies to laddies

  • Valnac

    I agree, women should not have to apologize.

    • Valnac

      By the way, your profile picture is beautiful.

    • MzAsh

      Thank you

  • lazermazer

    Lousy take.

  • AuroraRoseat

    100 percent agree. Excellent MyTake.

  • I agree with all except motherhood and smiling

    • bailey11

      But some women are insightful enough to know they don't feel they would be good mothers so those women should be praised for their wisdom.
      People, men and women, will only smile if they have cause to. Not because they're a particular gender.

  • Miss_Savanna_Dry

    Great mytake 👌

  • roaring20sman

    Who is saying women can't do these things?

  • I disagree with all of those

  • Dav1ss

    Thank you for this it was great very true too

  • elizamichale1

    You are absolutely right

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • brittslitt

    I love cursing

  • Nikki1096


  • jessicarosen

    Great take. I agree with them all!

  • robzombiessexfox

    I completely agree.

    • then you're an asshole!!

    • along with every person man/woman who does these things!

  • Pissing outside at a concert

  • Dfuk999


  • monkeynutts

    Yeah too right. If she farts, who cares.

  • Novaisdreaming


  • Anonymous

    unfortunately , these types of women are becoming more and more common. I feel sorry for western guys 😂

    • MzAsh

      I don’t. They’ve been doing these forever.

    • what guys are you hanging out with? oh no dont tell me i know the answer: assholes maybe?

  • Anonymous

    Couldn't have said it better myself. ;)

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