I'm done trying to be the perfect girl!

I have always tried to be perfect for a man, for him to love me. After being battered and bruised ...all my blood,sweat and tears, I've decided to say fuck it. My hair ...gone ,my nails...super long, My clothes ...fucking edgy. I've decided that I will go with the path my heart tells me and never conform to what a man wants because it brings me tears in all accounts. I'm done being the perfect girl ...Your perfect potential girlfriend. That femininity inside me ...gone . I'm done hiding in the safety of what I want. It's like I'm going for the throne I'm ruling alone and I don't need a man. I'm done crying . It's time to be happy.

I'm done trying to be the perfect girl!
I'm done trying to be the perfect girl!
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  • Different guys want different things. I can't tell if you're saying you're going to stop doing the things you've stated above or start doing the things you've stated above to be honest. Either way I'd say you've only just now hit the point where you'll actually find the type that is right for you... because you've only now decided to just be yourself.

    To give it more perspective, I could dress up in a suit and trade in my Police Interceptor for a Mustang, and yeah I might attract that type that wants to get taken to wine and dine, and play dress up herself with all the fixins. But would that girl really work for me or make me happy? No... I like getting dirty in the woods, cargo pants, and my no mid back length metal hair. That's me, and all I would get for being fake, is a fake girl too.

  • jirwin7979

    damn i been down that road of being beat down and wishing i was dead... i still feel that way due to my past and now being 39 and alone cuz iam over weight and act like a child when i get super happy and hyper.. i have adhd badly but i look at my life and by all rigjts shud be dead but i push on to help make people happy not with money or items i try to make people happy with happy emotions evem tho iam a train wreck emotional wise i am super empithatic

    • pm me if you want to just chat iam here for you even tho iam in california i can try to cheer u up... hugs

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  • mitz86

    Maybe you're just giving the best of yourself to men that dont deserve it. there's men out there that will appreciate you for you. Every man and relationship u go through is a lesson learned and a precaution for the next one. Little by little you learn more about yourself and your standards, what you can and can't handle and what is healthy for you or not. As you get older it becomes easier to face these pains in life. But what is life without these twists and turns. Right?

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  • Badballie

    I am sad for you, I treat my lovely wife like I would expect her to treat me. You are possibly not seeing the wood for the trees. there are a lot of shitty men out there. The men will lie and tell you anything to get into your panties. So when you go out appear aloof for sometime. You are not pump and dump material. Did your father, abuse your mom, how did he treat them?

  • Sensmind

    You know what now you are more perfect that when you were "Perfect" - Be yourself, love and accept yourself - If a man doesn't love that version of you, it is his loss

  • markscott

    It might have worked well for you, in the long run, if instead of trying to be perfect, which is impossible to achieve, you just tried to be a good version of yourself.

  • How about you just concentrate on not be in being a dumb slut? Hell, all some chicks gotta do to be perfect is avoid cheating then lying about it...

  • ElvenMr

    Not sure i follow 100%, but do what you think is good for you.
    I would also say don't give up on guys. There are a lot of idiots, but there are good people too.

  • JustJen

    Are you aware that you are now some other type of guy´s perfect potential girlfriend?

  • AircraftCarrier

    Good on you for your choice, just know the consequences and take ownership.

  • Jayden01

    You shouldn't have to try to be the perfect girl, if a person truly loves you the attraction should come naturally

  • Intraluminal

    Nooooo! Don't stop being perfect! We need perfect girls! Perfeeeeection!

  • Texaskid1

    Then be the bad , dirty girl who gets into trouble🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Do it.

  • Vesta

    No such thing as perfect, we don't expect it from you, you shouldn't expect it from us!

  • Jackblue

    ok, well I am sorry you have had it rough, good luck to you

  • ROCKS128

    But you shld tell these to those who made you frustrated...

  • Mightbehelpful

    Just do you, best way to attract someone who will end up being a keeper.

  • Steve4783

    Dont worry about being the perfect girl, Concentrate on that person who thinks you already are.

  • Andremoso

    You never were one because there are no perfect girls to begin with. ..

    • why does everyone say that?
      I've met a girl who was perfect and has absolutely nothing wrong with her

    • Andremoso

      @UglyestGuyEver where is your perfect girl now, if you don't mind me asking?

    • i've been avoiding her for friendzoning me

  • Mamamialetmego

    You will come around baby. You are in depression right now.

  • GenesisnSymphony

    You should be who you think you are not what other people think you are

  • hellacray

    So... You're a feminist now or something?

    • Anonymous

      Momentary insanity. I guess I was just tired of not being seen by guys. I have a boyfriend now, I feel better.

    • hellacray

      Wow you found a boyfriend already? That was fast.

  • Yeah me too

  • UglyestGuyEver

    good for u

  • Gedaria

    Most women do eventually...

  • Dont care

    • Anonymous

      You do care enough to comment , by the way how you been gag was boring without the old members like you. Do you work now.

    • Whut? Who is this?

    • Anonymous

      Your secret admirer 😉... are you Puerto Rican descent cause you have that look.

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  • That's good, just be you

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares

  • Anonymous

    And so another feminist is born. In the time it took you to be butt hurt enough to swear off guys, some butt hurt guy became a MGTOW. And so it goes. Bitterness kills.

  • Anonymous

    Boo fucking hoo, go have a big cry

    • Anonymous

      Boo your mother not me